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Adobe Premiere Elements Review


Adobe Premiere Elements

Premiere Elements is an accessible alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro designed specifically for home moviemakers looking for casual video editing solutions. The software comes equipped with basic editing tools as well as tutorials in its Guided Edit mode for effortless home movie making.

This program also enables users to create dynamic and professional-looking titles using various font styles, formatting options and animations. Furthermore, this software features powerful video stabilization features.

Capture options

Adobe Premiere Elements supports many of the same types of video capture devices consumers have been using for decades. For instance, this program works well with analog VCRs and camcorders as well as various DV bridge hardware that converts analog information to digital data for processing by your computer. Furthermore, Adobe Premiere Elements works with high-definition HDV camcorders, DVD cameras and mobile phone video recorders.

Premiere Elements allows you to quickly import digital files from various devices as well as video captured with webcams or stop-motion animation cameras, and trim clips down to exactly the lengths necessary for each project. Plus, its Storyboard view makes planning projects faster.

Premiere Elements can also assist with organizing and managing all of your video clips, photos and audio. When combined with Adobe Revel cloud storage you gain access to Mobile Albums as well as Guided Edits that lead you step-by-step through operations.

Enhance your videos even further with artistic effects with Power Tools from this program, such as Close-up, Tilt Shift, Mosaic and Face-off effects.

Adobe offers an assortment of templates to choose from, which you can personalize by adding text and music of your own choosing. Furthermore, this program automatically adds title and credit information for you. Should any issues arise regarding capturing devices or the program interface itself, consult Adobe’s user guide for helpful solutions and troubleshooting tips.

Customization options

Adobe has added several customization features to Premiere Elements that make the program simpler for newcomers. One such customization feature, “Custom Setup,” allows you to choose which windows will open when launching the program – Elements Organizer, video editor or both can all be chosen here, plus whether or not there will be a welcome screen displayed upon startup.

Smart Trim, powered by Sensei AI technology, saves time when trimming videos for social media sharing by automatically identifying the key parts. This feature works particularly well when working with Go Pro footage. Premiere Elements also has Auto Reframe which automatically crops video to its proper aspect ratio – perfect for people shooting various formats or old film clips!

The program includes an advanced new feature called ‘Clear and Sweeten Audio,’ which makes adjusting background music and dialog easier than ever. You can reduce noise, enhance bass, compress your clips further, add compression effects, reverb and compression effects – this feature can truly make your videos professional sounding as it improves audio quality!

Premiere Elements introduces one of its more exciting new features – “Animated Overlays”, which allows you to add animated effects such as snowfall, leaves falling or confetti explosions – as one way of making videos more creative and adding a personal touch to home movies.

This program also boasts a new “Narration” feature, enabling you to record voiceover narration for your clips directly into Quick View or Expert view timelines – this way it appears in your clip’s soundtrack as soon as you upload. While initially this may be intimidating or complex for use, guided Edit mode offers on-screen tutorials which will walk you through this process step-by-step.

Speedy video editing

Premiere Elements provides users with an array of speedy video editing tools for quick video creation. Specifically tailored for beginners, step-by-step creation wizards make editing footage into polished movies simple. Furthermore, its flexible workspace can accommodate various video devices including camcorders and smartphones as well as many common file formats and can export directly to devices with specific aspect ratios.

Adobe Premiere Elements’ latest release brings with it several additional features designed to improve usability, including adding text and photos to DVD menus, using custom clip art library graphics in projects, faster rendering performance and a new Auto Reframe feature that automatically crops your video for the correct aspect ratio; additional helpful tools include video compression previews as well as support for iPhone footage.

Touch-friendly user interface enhancements have been implemented for easier use on tablets. The Organizer is now easier to navigate and sports a fresh new look; users can drag-and-drop media effortlessly. Quick Edit mode also features touch functionality with an easy interface designed to help newcomers get up-and-running quickly.

The program includes new guided edits – interactive tutorials that assist users in performing basic video editing tasks. These guides are especially beneficial to beginners unfamiliar with the interface or tools, and can help create all sorts of videos from simple slideshows to animated titles.

Multi-page DVD menus

Premiere Elements provides consumers looking to delve into video editing a lot of benefits. From its ease-of-use for beginners to advanced users, Premiere Elements boasts powerful tools for DVD menu creation and conversion as well as exporting files directly into various video formats such as QuickTime, MPEG-4 or Windows Media – not forgetting burning DVDs or exporting directly onto iPods PSPs or websites!

Premiere Elements was initially an impressive offering in consumer video editing software, offering import, editing, and burning of videos to DVD or Blu-ray discs with great efficiency. Unfortunately, two issues soon surfaced: first was its apparent lack of focus against increasingly advanced programs; and secondly was Adobe’s focus on its pro market instead of Premiere Elements with all development resources going towards Premiere Pro instead.

The program makes it possible to create DVDs featuring multiple scenes, audio tracks and text titles, menus, music, transitions and transition effects – perfect for uploading them directly to YouTube for example! Furthermore, this application supports most popular video formats including HD.

Premiere Elements also features the Instant Movie feature, making creating movies easier than ever by selecting clips you like and selecting themes before letting the program do all the hard work for you. However, to use this function successfully, at least four minutes worth of footage must be captured to use this function effectively.

Animated titles

Adobe Premiere Elements makes adding rolling credits a simple process by simply dragging titles from its Titles menu onto your video clip’s timeline in its main window.

Premiere Elements provides an impressive array of text effects, which can help create the ideal title for your movie. Some options are still titles while others move with visual fluidity across screen. Premiere Elements makes animating titles simple by dragging files from their respective locations into the Titles track of your main timeline and editing with the Adjustments panel to modify font, size and effects such as shadows and transparency.

Adobe Premiere Elements (2023) now provides expanded titling options with the addition of “movement titles”, an additional text effect which offers simple scrolling text as an opening or closing credit, plus more complex effects like fades and crawls.

Another useful aspect of this program is the capability of automatically resizing videos for sharing on social media sites. You can do this using one of many automated tools, such as auto reframe, or by selecting part of your video and applying effects such as background blur.

Premiere Elements provides instant templates and fast edit functions to quickly get you editing, such as 18 step-by-step guided functions like Freeze Frame with Motion Titles and Bounce Back effects, to get started editing footage quickly. Premiere Elements is an entry-level video editing program capable of turning raw footage into edited programs quickly. In its current iteration, Premiere Elements boasts several automated features like auto reframe and selection tracking to further ease editing your footage.

Core FTP


Core FTP

Core FTP is an efficient software tool that allows users to seamlessly link their hard drive with a Web server. It features encryption files, zip support, thumbnail view of remote directories and the option for scheduling transfers.

Its free version offers features like drag-and-drop support, browser integration and remote file searching while its Pro edition offers extra functions like htaccess editing and transfer bandwidth control.


Core FTP is an intuitive, dependable and feature-packed FTP client for Windows that’s user-friendly and full-featured. Supporting FTP, FTPS, SSL/SSH/HTTPS protocols as well as proxy servers and firewall connectivity make this software ideal for uploading large files or keeping an eye on multiple websites simultaneously.

Downloading and running the program are free; however, to take advantage of its more advanced features such as command line transfers (both GUI version and command line version), advanced file synchronization and file transfer bandwidth control a Pro license may be necessary. In addition, this version comes equipped with tools for generating SSH keys as well as ZIP file compression mode.

One useful aspect of the software is its capability of connecting to multiple sites at once and changing your password and server address from within the application. You can also rename, move, copy and delete files as well as set permissions on files and folders – it even comes equipped with its own browser that makes site navigation much simpler!

This application can also create a desktop shortcut, saving time when using it again later on. Furthermore, its search function enables you to locate files both locally and remotely; you can customize its search option using specific file extensions or wildcard systems.

The program can pause and resume the transfer of data, as well as being set up to run automatically at specific times. Furthermore, emails can be sent notifying the user about successful or failed transfers as well as being used to retry failed ones; additionally, ping or trace route tests can be run to assess connectivity – the drag-and-drop function makes file moving easy! Moreover, accounts and data transferred between clients and servers can also be encrypted using this method.


Core FTP is an intuitive file upload and management system for websites. With simple yet advanced features ideal for experienced users, Core FTP makes the task of uploading and updating files on websites much simpler. Webmasters managing multiple domains will find this tool especially beneficial as it synchronizes files between servers to avoid duplication and save time. Notable functions of Core FTP include preview of remote directories as thumbnails; scheduled FTP transfers; encryption/decryption capabilities, file compression capability and password protection among many others.

This program stands out from similar software tools due to its extensive list of unique and interesting features. It supports numerous FTP protocols – SFTP and SSL among them – along with IPv6 addresses. Users can select their bandwidth allocation per transfer as well as pause, resume or stop it at any time without disrupting it later; moreover, when resumed from an interrupted transfer it will continue from where it left off!

Core FTP Pro and LE are two versions of Core FTP available to you; LE is free while Pro provides additional features, such as HIPAA compliance security and file compression with full Zip support. Both options allow you to easily update and maintain your website using FTP services such as SFTP, SSL/TLS encryption, IDN support browser integration drag n’ drop site to site transfers firewall support command line transfer capabilities command line support etc. The paid version also adds extra synchronization features synchronization between computers HIPAA compliance security full Zip compression support plus other extras like HIPAA compliant security plus full Zip file compression etc.

Core FTP installation takes only seconds and only consumes 2.5MB of hard drive space. Furthermore, it adds an exception to Windows Firewall to ensure seamless Internet connectivity. Like other FTP programs, its user interface offers six menus – File View Sites Managed Tools Help; once connected you will see both folders on your computer as well as those hosted by web servers side-by-side in a split window; you can easily move, delete or rename files using left button selection followed by right click of mouse – you can easily move, delete rename or download files effortlessly using left/right button actions of mouse/right button click/left button respectively allowing easy movement between them allowing quick actions and quick file transfers.


This application offers an efficient means to connect your computer hard drive and Web server. Files can be quickly transferred between them using this software, while files can also be encrypted to prevent hacker attacks. In addition, its user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind to accommodate users of all experience levels.

This program is extremely easy to setup, requiring no extra services or subscriptions. Once installed, the program runs in the background automatically logging onto your FTP domain and linking directly with it. From there you can access your Web site files, delete unwanted ones as well as transfer files between websites easily using this software.

Core FTP downloads as an executable file and requires no further installations to use. Once downloaded, double-clicking on it will launch it; and its main window contains three subsections with Start, Setup, Access Rules buttons in one section; current active servers listed under another and Site Manager functions in yet another – as well as various useful utilities in its bottom section.

The Site Manager allows you to easily organize all of your connection details in one central place. To add new sites, click on the first button in the toolbar with an up/down arrow icon – once added it will appear in your quick connect window! You can also change read, write and execute permissions per site according to Users (Login Account), Groups or World settings.

You have the option of changing the port used for SFTP connections and this program also supports HTTP and SMTP protocols, SSL/SSH encryption to protect data integrity when transferring, automatic backups to local drives for lost or damaged files and more!


FTP security measures for servers include authentication mechanisms that require users to present valid credentials when connecting, helping reduce risks of unauthorized access and safeguard sensitive information. FTP servers can also implement account lockout mechanisms to thwart brute force attacks by restricting login attempts by specific users within a set time period.

FTP encryption is an essential security measure that helps keep data private when transferred over networks, especially when used via unsecure connections like FTP that don’t utilize encryption like regular FTP transfers do. Unfortunately, regular FTP transfers don’t utilize encryption and thus leave their content vulnerable to being intercepted by attackers; but when used with SFTP or SSL connections data transmission over networks is secured and privacy can be maintained.

Core FTP also incorporates additional security measures into its software, including restricting the number of accounts that can be created on a server, setting password complexity requirements and allocating user quotas for user accounts. Some FTP servers offer file permission settings which enable administrators to specify which directories and files may be accessed by certain accounts.

Set file integrity checks as another defense mechanism against FTP servers to make sure the content of transferred files has not been altered in transit, thereby discouraging attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities or uploading infected files to FTP.

Users looking to transfer large files can streamline the process with Core FTP by choosing SSL or SFTP instead of standard FTP for connecting. Both options can be selected through the domain setup screen in Core FTP; with SFTP offering greater firewall flexibility than SSL as only one port needs be opened during transfers.

Core FTP features an intuitive user interface that makes managing and downloading files from a website or remote server simple and effortless. Free for home and school usage, licensing must be purchased for use in business environments; while its Pro version boasts additional features such as scheduling file transfers at predetermined times as well as email alerts regarding transfer statuses.

McAfee Security Scan Plus Review


McAfee Security Scan Plus

McAfee Security Scan Plus is free software designed to ensure cybersecurity on devices. This lightweight tool runs periodically to check for threats on the system, keeping an eye out for potential dangers on your devices.

McAfee Security Essentials may come bundled with other McAfee products and may come preinstalled on your computer, making uninstalling relatively straightforward. If you wish to delete or uninstall this program from your system, uninstallation should be straightforward and painless.

It Only Provides Basic Protection

McAfee Security Scan Plus is a free computer tool designed to detect vulnerabilities in antivirus, firewall and other security software programs on your system. Additionally, it warns if any protection apps have become outdated and recommends updates for them. However, McAfee Security Scan Plus cannot protect against malicious files and can consume significant system resources before slowing down your computer significantly.

McAfee Security Scan Plus is an ideal program for newcomers to computer security, but may not offer all of the features experienced users require. Consider Avast or BitDefender instead for comprehensive protection – they feature advanced detection, real-time protection and other advanced features not found within McAfee Security Scan Plus.

McAfee Security Scan plus does not include Personal Data Cleanup, an additional feature which scans online directories for your personal data to prevent data brokers from exploiting it and remove unwanted tracking cookies from your computer. If you prefer protecting all your devices with one subscription service such as McAfee LiveSafe or McAfee Total Protection products could provide this much-needed protection.

McAfee offers various technical support services to assist users in troubleshooting PC issues. Their community forum can be an excellent source for finding answers to common computer issues; and customer service will always be there if any inquiries arise. You can even pay extra to access Techmaster to remotely resolve issues remotely.

Although McAfee Security Scan Plus poses no danger to your computer, some users prefer other antivirus programs or have specific reasons for uninstalling it. Furthermore, uninstalling can free up system resources and enhance PC performance.

McAfee Security Scan Plus should only be manually deleted from a Windows computer if it is no longer functioning as intended or has become corrupt. Deleting it can be accomplished easily using either the Control Panel or Settings app, depending on your operating system version. After deletion of this program it is highly advised that you reboot your system before continuing.

It Consumes System Resources

McAfee Security Scan Plus is a diagnostic tool designed to scan your system for antivirus software, firewall protection and web security features as well as scanning currently running objects and web history for malware. Although operating silently in the background without causing any harm to your PC, McAfee Security Scan Plus consumes many system resources – something many in the industry refer to as “bloatware or junkware.”

The free version of the software doesn’t include advanced features like safe family parental controls or True Key password manager license, dual way firewall and file shredding; however, it provides free system optimization services, ransomware protection, crypto jacking defense as well as protection from hacking threats to both PCs and mobile devices.

McAfee Security Scan Plus software was found to cause significant performance penalties on systems we tested, with full scans slowing CPU usage by approximately half while quick scans were only slightly slower than before the installation. Furthermore, on another system this test showed that McAfee consumed over 96% of available memory.

McAfee Security Scan Plus often comes bundled with other McAfee products or comes preinstalled on certain computers, making its removal more complex. To uninstall it properly without third-party assistance, open Control Panel and then “Programs and Features”, if the program still appears then select it and click “Uninstall”.

Once the program has been uninstalled, it is important to check whether any files or entries remain in your Windows Registry. If any exist, use a registry cleaner such as CCleaner to remove these. After this step has been taken, run McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCRP), located under Programs and Features in Control Panel, in order to completely uninstall this software from your system. If manual uninstallation does not work as desired, try manually uninstalling by running application followed by using MCRP to delete associated files/folders before uninstalling with all associated files/folders manually before running it again MCRP to uninstall all associated files/folders manually before running McAfee Consumer Product Removal from Control Panel under “Programs and Features”. If that fails then manually uninstallation might help.

It Is Unwanted Bundling

McAfee Security Scan Plus is a potentially unwanted program often included with Adobe products during software installation. If this bloatware program is no longer desired by its user, uninstalling can free up system resources and improve computer performance. To uninstall this bloatware from their computer they should go to their Start Menu > Control Panel > Uninstall Program and search “McAfee Security Scan Plus” then follow prompts for removal.

McAfee acquired by Intel has developed this free diagnostic tool. It scans your computer for active threats and checks the protection status of antivirus, firewall and web security software; examines computer history and processes running in memory to detect potential issues; inspects potential security holes when running applications in memory to detect possible security risks; advertises McAfee products to reduce potential future issues when detected; recommends their purchase as necessary to stay protected.

Antivirus programs do not consider PUPs to be malware, which makes it important that people remain aware when downloading software, reading end-user license agreements and choosing advanced or custom installation settings can help prevent unwanted programs from gaining entry to their computers.

McAfee may be one of the leading anti-malware programs, yet it still falls short in protecting against some common threats and providing real-time protection for your computer. Furthermore, its lack of real-time protection causes significant slowdown. Therefore, for enhanced protection it may be wiser to opt for a comprehensive security suite such as Windows Defender instead.

To reduce the chance of installing unwanted programs on your computer, create a system restore point before installing any new software. This will allow you to restore to an earlier state and uninstall any programs interfering with its performance. Furthermore, use malware scanners like Malwarebytes or Bitdefender to identify any suspicious files and delete them as soon as they appear.

It Is Not Considered Malware

McAfee Security Scan Plus is an intuitive diagnostic program developed and provided by McAfee, one of the premier internet security suite companies. This diagnostic tool scans your computer for vulnerabilities in security programs you have installed and reports its findings and recommends solutions accordingly. Furthermore, McAfee also monitors for adsware/PUP/browser history which has long been monitored with this free diagnostic tool now owned by Intel.

As it does not require technical knowledge to use, this simple tool does not pose any threat of infection and has no destructive capabilities like other malware programs do. But still, its presence should be avoided since bloatware such as this program are unnecessary on any computer if full-featured internet security suite is already installed – thus rendering this one unnecessary as a piece of unnecessary bloatware on your machine.

Removal is straightforward and can be accomplished simply by opening the Control Panel and choosing Uninstall a Program from within it. This will display all software currently installed on your PC; simply choose McAfee Security Scan Plus from this list and follow its on-screen instructions to uninstall it. It would also be wise to perform a full system scan once uninstalling has taken place to make sure all files have been deleted successfully.

McAfee offers full-featured internet security suites for individuals and families to protect multiple devices with perfect malware detection rates and extra features such as password managers and secure VPN services. Furthermore, they have exceptional customer support as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee!

As a rule, the best way to safeguard against viruses and malware on your computer is through an anti-malware program with a strong detection rate that constantly updates its threat database – two such examples being Avast and McAfee which boast excellent detection rates at an economical price tag.

If you want to save money, opt for Total Protection instead of Security Scan Plus as it will provide more comprehensive protection and ongoing updates while Security Scan Plus may only serve as a supplement to existing protection solutions.

Freemake Video Converter


Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a user-friendly program for converting media files between file formats, as well as changing their size, rotation, and adding effects.

However, this software has its limitations; for example it doesn’t support all advanced video files like AVCHD, DVD or TIVO.


Freemake Video Converter is an award-winning, free video conversion software offering numerous features. Users can convert videos and DVDs to various formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP and more; as well as download online video content directly. Furthermore, Freemake supports high definition (HD) formats such as 4K and 1080p HD and can add subtitles with customized font size and style settings for video files containing them; using DXVA/CUDA technologies it uses less CPU usage thus increasing conversion speed significantly!

Freemake Video Converter’s interface is user-friendly and user-friendly for beginners to use, making it ideal for the task at hand. Simply drag-and-drop files onto the program or use its file list at the bottom to select them; once added to Freemake, users can customize its settings by clicking on an arrow beside its image: video encoder, quality level, frame rate and sample rate can all be selected; furthermore you can add audio tracks or create DVD menus as needed.

Freemake Video Converter may be an attractive option for many users, but it has some drawbacks that could prevent its full potential use. Converting large files may take too much time; in addition, installing malware could pose a security risk that paid alternatives do not. Finally, advertisements may become distracting in certain circumstances.

HandBrake is another powerful and fast video converter, capable of converting nearly all video file formats, such as AVI, MP4, MKV and OGG. Furthermore, its built-in library of preset resolutions for mobile phones and tablets helps customize video quality accordingly; you can even rip DVDs!

Freemake Video Converter may cost a bit more than its rivals, but its premium version offers many additional features. In addition to faster conversion speed and no ads or support for multiple languages, Freemake offers lifetime licenses for personal and family editions so it can be installed on multiple computers at the same time.

Compatible with Windows

Freemake Video Converter for Windows is an elegantly simple conversion tool with support for an array of video formats. Its intuitive user interface makes it accessible even to beginners, enabling you to add multiple files at the same time and convert them in one step – as well as trimming, rotating or subtitling videos before screen resolution settings optimize them to any particular device and CUDA and NVENC technology for a speedier conversion process.

This program supports many popular file formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV and DVD. You can use it to edit video clips and make photo slideshows. Furthermore, the software is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP through to 11 and features an integrated media player and file browser for easy organization and accessing of files – not forgetting its one-click YouTube downloader!

Freemake Video Converter’s other key benefit lies in its ability to compress video files without losing quality – an essential feature for users with limited storage space. Freemake’s conversion engine uses a lossless algorithm so you can be assured your files won’t experience a degradation in quality during conversion.

It’s great that this video converter is free, enabling anyone to enjoy using it immediately! Download and start using it from its official website; convert 500+ video and audio formats, edit videos, rip & burn DVDs, create photo slideshows and much more – but be aware that output files may contain watermarks of Freemake logo. If this bothers you, upgrading to paid version may help remove them altogether.

Freemake’s free version offers an effective solution for those needing to convert videos for mobile devices, as it supports HEVC – the new video format introduced with iPhone Xs and other HD cameras – easily. Furthermore, this converter comes equipped with features not found elsewhere such as cutting out video parts, rotating 90 or 180 degrees and joining clips into one file.

Compatible with Mac

Freemake Video Converter for Mac is a versatile video conversion application capable of transforming files to numerous formats, as well as editing videos and creating DVDs from them. It is user-friendly, compatible with most operating systems and boasts easy operation; however it does have some drawbacks, including its inability to create multiple audio and subtitle tracks for movies and attempting to install additional software during its installation process.

Wondershare UniConverter provides another reliable method for video conversion on Mac, with a host of functions at no cost and fast conversion speeds that up to 120X faster than average video converter programs – plus support for more formats! In addition, its built-in toolbox allows for cropping, rotating, cutting videos as well as adjusting video settings or adding subtitles – among many other functions.

This software’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it suitable for novice users. Uploading files is as straightforward as dragging and dropping them from Finder or choosing “File > Load Files,” with thumbnail previews showing their size and format on the interface. Furthermore, its top menu allows for selecting an output folder and format selection.

Apart from video converting, this program can also rip and burn DVDs, convert audio files, make slideshows with music, reduce video size and quality and preview its output before converting it. Plus, it helps download YouTube and other online video sites!

Handbrake, with its simple interface and features comparable to Freemake’s, provides another solution for Mac video conversion. Support for various video formats are offered, with adjustable codec, resolution, frame rate, bitrate settings to best match your device – it even offers presets specifically tailored for playback on iOS devices!

Compatible with Linux

Freemake Video Converter supports many popular video formats and is compatible with a range of devices. Furthermore, it lets you convert between audio formats as well as extract and save video soundtracks – making it one of the most versatile and reliable video converters on the market.

This program boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is accessible even for novice computer users. With its drag-and-drop capability, adding files to the conversion queue is quick and painless. Once added, real-time updates in the taskbar allow you to track its progress – once complete you can access your output file by browsing to its folder of choice.

Notable feature of this video converter is its automatic selection of the highest quality output for any given device, using preset device profiles tailored specifically to smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles. These preset profiles ensure your final product will playback flawlessly on any of these platforms.

This software not only supports multiple file formats, but it also boasts advanced video editing tools to facilitate video cut and trimming as well as visual effects and watermark insertion. Furthermore, a paid version offers extra features like batch conversion and support for up to 4K resolution resolution.

Freemake Video Converter not only converts videos, but it can also download online videos from over 50 popular websites like Vimeo and Dailymotion. Furthermore, its batch downloading functionality enables you to copy multiple videos simultaneously for downloading at once. Furthermore, its built-in CUDA and DXVA technologies enhance performance allowing for high-quality videos at faster speeds than ever.

Though Freemake Video Converter is an efficient and dependable video converter, there are some limitations. First and foremost, Linux users should know it does not support its software or some of the more recent codecs like HEVC and VP9. While Freemake’s many features make it an attractive choice, it is essential that your provider supports your OS operating system to get optimal video conversion performance.

CrystalDiskInfo Review



CrystalDiskInfo is an advanced hard disk drive diagnostic tool, capable of extracting an abundance of information about your drives. Furthermore, it can detect early warnings of impending failure and warn users accordingly – providing an early alert should something go amis.

Its intuitive user interface presents you with complete information on your hard drives, including their SMART attributes and temperature conditions that could negatively impact performance. Furthermore, this software also keeps an eye on other factors which could compromise its effectiveness such as temperature.


CrystalDiskInfo is a Windows application designed to monitor the health of hard disk drives, detecting issues that could potentially lead to data loss. This program can detect issues like overheating and bad sectors before they become serious issues; its SMART capability offers even further insight.

CrystalDiskInfo goes far beyond other programs by providing detailed analysis of your drives’ status and performance. This enables it to predict potential failures before they happen, lessening the chance of losing valuable data. Furthermore, it supports multiple hard drives as well as internal SSDs – making it a particularly handy solution for users who own multiple devices.

This program can be run as a resident service, which monitors your hard drive’s status in the background and immediately detects any problems as soon as they arise. External hard drives may also benefit from using it; its utility will show information such as its temperature to help avoid overheating, while you can set threshold alerts so backups can be created before any irreparable damage is done to their data.

This program is an excellent option for monitoring the health of hard disks, suitable for both novices and experts alike. With its intuitive user interface and customization features, as well as numerous configuration options to meet individual requirements, this free software offers great benefits in keeping an eye on hard drive health.

CrystalDiskInfo does have some drawbacks; while its user interface (UI) is well-organized and clear, its lack of explanations or support makes it less suitable for beginners. Nonetheless, CrystalDiskInfo remains an outstanding option for hard disk monitoring in Windows.


CrystalDiskInfo is a utility program that informs you about the performance and likely demise of your hard disk drive. It does this by taking advantage of the SMART system found on many recent hard drives; using its data about current temperature of discs, failed read or write attempts, usage duration etc.. to deliver this insight.

There are numerous advantages to using this application, including its ability to detect an impending hard drive failure early and recommend backups be created. Furthermore, it can reduce power consumption and noise as well as provide you with a comprehensive report about your hard drive performance and usage. In addition, it offers basic tools to tune up hard drives for enhanced performance; although this would likely best suit those with advanced computer knowledge.

One drawback of this software is its inability to offer any explanations for what the data it displays means; you will require knowledge of computer hardware in order to comprehend many of its values. On the upside, however, this program is completely free and doesn’t require installation compared with similar offerings.

CrystalDiskInfo is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Server 2012 but does not support Mac OS. You can download it directly from its official website free of cost without incurring any cost for installation or registration – its latest version boasting a 100% clean VirusTotal record is completely safe to use, multiple languages are supported for downloads as well. Though initially challenging to set up and navigate its interface is straightforward once mastered and doesn’t take up resources on your PC – even for monitoring USB sticks or external HDDs connected.


CrystalDiskInfo is an intelligent disk monitoring software that will assist in keeping tabs on the health of your hard drive. This free program offers detailed analysis of key metrics to quickly spot potential problems before they worsen and real-time performance monitoring for real-time anomaly detection – providing a straightforward yet straightforward tool to track hard drive health. CrystalDiskInfo makes an ideal addition to any business’s monitoring arsenal!

One thing that sets this tool apart from its competitors is its unique ability to interpret SMART data. While its competitors may provide more contemporary interfaces, few can match its depth and reliability of SMART analysis – making this an excellent option for IT professionals looking for a comprehensive understanding of their hardware’s health and performance.

Though its interface could be improved for those unfamiliar with hardware, this tool provides an excellent overview of your disk’s status and performance. In addition to basic information about a hard drive, SMART attributes, temperature, and even warnings when temperatures rise too quickly which could indicate impending failure are displayed on its dashboard.

Although this application can be used on any computer, it’s essential to keep in mind that it only works with HDD and SSD drives – external hard drives included – and doesn’t support other types of drives such as flash memory. Furthermore, this tool should only be seen as diagnostic and not recovery; therefore it would be prudent to backup any important files prior to using this application.

This software comes with an MIT license and is free for anyone to use and modify freely. Compatible with all major versions of Windows from XP to the most recent release, multilingual support and keyboard shortcuts are among its many other advantages.

This tool also comes in a portable edition, making it possible to run it without installing first. This version can be found on its official website and works across both 32-bit and 64-bit systems – offering an affordable alternative to more costly commercial options with features that make life more convenient.


CrystalDiskInfo, a free program used to evaluate SSDs and HDDs, is an invaluable tool for monitoring disk performance and spotting problems before they worsen. Furthermore, users can optimize their storage devices by comparing performance results between storage devices. In addition, errors can be detected as well as temperatures monitored to help prolong longevity of storage devices.

Users who utilize CrystalDiskInfo should remember that the number of tests runs is key to the accuracy of results; an ideal amount would be ten. Furthermore, selecting an appropriate type of test for their drive could impact its overall performance negatively; additionally they must ensure they use the latest version as older versions may not provide accurate benchmark results.

GSmartControl, another free program used for testing SSD and hard drives, can also be a popular alternative to CrystalDiskInfo. By running short tests to assess how well each drive performs and identify any potential issues before they lead to costly damage, GSmartControl provides valuable insight into its health as an SSD or hard drive. Furthermore, this tool displays SMART data as well as additional details regarding each drive’s health.

While there are various tools for testing SSDs and HDDs, few provide as much customization and reliability as CrystalDiskInfo. With its user-friendly design and comprehensive range of features, CrystalDiskInfo makes an excellent choice for both novices and experts alike – both Windows and Mac operating systems compatible make this tool highly accessible; moreover it works in tandem with HD Tune or Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic to provide benchmark analysis data.

Mozilla Firefox 63 – What’s New in Version 63?


Mozilla Firefox 63

Mozilla Firefox 63 is now available on Windows, Linux and Mac systems and features an update with enhanced Tracking Protection enabled by default in 2019.

This feature blocks cookies and storage access for tracking technologies without damaging websites or revenue streams, protecting against harmful practices like fingerprinting and cryptomining scripts.

Enhanced Tracking Protection

Mozilla is rolling out Enhanced Tracking Protection to Firefox users, a feature which blocks harmful scripts and trackers for faster page loads while protecting privacy. To enable it, head into the Enhanced Tracking Protection section of Firefox and choose one of three options – Standard, Strict or Custom. Though strict Enhanced Tracking Protection may cause certain websites to break; such as stopping pages from loading correctly – be wary.

Tracking Protection was initially introduced as an optional feature for Private Browsing sessions in Firefox 42, following rules established by anti-tracking company Disconnect. Starting in Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57), however, its scope has been expanded so as to be available to all users regardless of browsing mode or privacy status.

In addition to ads trackers, the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature also blocks social media tracking scripts, analytics services and fingerprinters that companies use to create unique user profiles. By default, Standard setting blocks all of these types of information while “Strict” goes further by only permitting third party trackers that possess valid SSL certificates access your browser or device.

The Custom option gives you control over which types of content to block. Selecting “All Windows” will block all tracks and scripts; selecting “Fingerprinters” will prevent websites from collecting your operating system, screen resolution, or other settings that could identify you online; while “Cryptominers” prevent malicious individuals from mining cryptocurrency on your machine invisibly while you browse.

If a website becomes problematic due to blocked trackers and scripts, simply clicking the shield icon in the address bar can quickly and easily alter tracking protection settings. A list will open showing you which trackers and scripts have been blocked – unblock them as necessary or add them to an Exceptions list for easier management in Firefox 63. In addition, various improvements and bug fixes were introduced with this release as well as warnings when closing Firefox with multiple tabs or windows open (example).

Dark Mode

Dark mode is one of the hottest screen settings today, yet does it truly reduce eye strain? Many apps and websites have adopted it; some even claim it can improve sleep and save battery power on devices.

Mozilla is joining in the trend with Firefox 63’s inclusion of dark theme support and variable fonts on desktop systems, easing transitioning away from monochrome browsing environments on macOS Mojave while respecting Windows 10’s dark app mode setting for its dark app mode setting. Furthermore, variable fonts enable multiple variations of one typeface to be combined into a single file to reduce HTTP requests and data download (around 20k per variation).

Dark themes may help reduce screen time by decreasing the amount of glaring white light that hits your eyes and thus helping prevent eye strain and strain. Unfortunately, no studies exist which prove the darker mode actually improves reading or prevents eye strain.

One major improvement for desktop users is the new Home tab, which allows you to display up to four rows of Top Sites, highlights and Pocket stories. Additionally, this new Home tab adds a “Reopen in Container” menu option for those using Firefox’s Container feature. Furthermore, Firefox will make websites using Adobe Flash run more securely by using process sandboxing on macOS and improving graphics rendering without acceleration hardware on Windows.

On Windows, Firefox 63 beta and its updates will use Clang toolchain, which is expected to bring performance improvements. You can experience these updates either by downloading Firefox 63 beta or upgrading to the latest stable release version – we welcome your thoughts below on what you think about these additions and hope for feedback in comments below – for an even more secure browsing experience, take a look at our guide of best VPN services of 2019 for even more privacy news and follow us on Twitter for even more privacy news!

WebGL Power Preferences

Mozilla continues to equip developers with the tools needed to take full advantage of WebGL 2.0 features, with Firefox 63 adding support for WebGL 2.0 drawArray() which enables users to display 2D images such as maps or graphs directly onto the screen without depending on HTML pages for rendering the image. Mozilla states this enables more efficient creation of interactive elements like scrollable regions that display data or animated content, as well as scrollable regions used as clickable regions for scrolling or clicking purposes.

Developer improvements also include a new API that enables websites to use multiple GPUs when running in the browser, intended to enhance performance of complex 3D apps and games where one GPU may not suffice; in addition, multiple user interface threads can run simultaneously – something useful when used for games using WebGL to present complex scenes and objects.

Firefox 63 provides several user-oriented enhancements, such as an alert when trying to close multiple tabs and windows at once. Ctrl+Tab now displays thumbnail previews for all recently used tabs – this behavior can be changed in preferences.

The browser now reflects the dark or light theme set on an operating system and adjusts animations accordingly. A problem with Safari’s WebRTC implementation that caused duplicate letters in some Latin keyboards has also been fixed, while another bug that prevented Firefox from opening URLs when Siri on iOS asked, has also been addressed.

Firefox 63 for Android introduces picture-in-picture mode that enables users to keep watching videos even after switching away from the browser, a video subtitle feature for Prime Video and Netflix content on devices that support WebVTT subtitles and an auto check to ensure that its language settings match those on first start-up; otherwise prompts are sent out asking the user what language setting to select from if their settings differ significantly from your operating system settings.

Out-of-process Extensions

Firefox users on Windows first experienced the advantages of out-of-process extensions with last year’s pre-Quantum release, and now this feature is also available on Linux systems via Firefox 63. When activated, this ensures that an extension crashing or experiencing memory leakage won’t bring down their entire browser.

As part of these new features, a warning now appears when trying to close Firefox with multiple windows or tabs open when quitting from its main menu. Furthermore, non-performance-critical applications and applets now can request low-power GPUs instead of high-powered ones on multi-GPU systems; and Firefox users in the US will now have access to search shortcuts for Google and Amazon that add them directly into their list of Top Sites tiles on the Home page; selecting one will switch focus onto the address bar to initiate searching.

Other notable changes include the implementation of the Media Capabilities API with support for the mp4/mov/avformat video codec, as well as adding Element.toggleAttribute() method and preference settings allowing sites to disable browser-provided security status icon in URL bar by websites. Furthermore, deprecations measures were introduced including limited support for Doppler effects on PannerNode via AudioListener properties dopplerFactor and speedOfSound as well as deprecations measures including those implemented via AudioListener properties dopplerFactor and speedOfSound properties or properties such as Symbol.prototype.description property as well as offset-block-start, offset-block-end, offset-inline-start attributes which were all deprecated previously.

As with previous updates to Firefox, these new features will gradually roll out over time; however, users can download the Nightly release now from Mozilla website so they can experience them immediately. Anyone wanting to participate can join the Firefox Nightly Tester Program; alternatively check out GitHub repository for further information. With an estimated market share estimated to be approximately one fifth globally and numerous user-friendly security features that keep them protected against online dangers daily – Firefox remains one of the top choices among security-minded consumers around the globe.

What Is Telegram?



Telegram is a free messaging and voice call app with an emphasis on security, privacy and customization that has become popular with a range of groups – such as marginalized populations and political activists.

Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the same brothers responsible for creating VK in Russia, created it out of concerns over government spying on social networks.

It’s free

Telegram is a free messaging and voice calling app with many useful features, such as supporting multiple platforms and allowing users to create groups of up to 200,000 members; sharing files of any type; end-to-end encryption for chats except group voice calls which do not. Furthermore, this application provides delete messages sent by other users across devices.

To use Telegram, first create an account with username and password – you can do this either through its website or app itself. Having done that, you can begin sending messages and making audio or video calls – even adding bots for an enhanced experience! You can upload photos directly from your camera/gallery, customize wallpaper to personalize the experience further still!

Edit a message after sending it if necessary – for instance if an accidental message went to an incorrect person or you have changed your mind about what has been written. Simply long press any message you’ve written and select “Edit.” Additionally, editing your own avatar adds another nice feature.

Telegram features include the ability to pin messages and search words/phrases using hashtags, as well as a download manager which lets you view all your downloaded files and manage them, including pausing or prioritizing a file before downloading, as well as choosing where you would like it stored. Additionally, you have access to select where your downloaded files should go to be saved on the phone.

Apps such as WhatsApp are often used by conspiracy theorists and hate groups as a platform to organize. While WhatsApp can provide excellent messaging services, some might prefer not using it to discuss politics or sensitive material.

It’s secure

Telegram is one of the most acclaimed messaging apps for smartphones, offering group chats with up to 200,000 participants and video calls with 1,000 people at once. Customizable options like night mode, emojis and colors can easily be applied by groups, channels or private chats as notifications can also be easily customized easily for each group or channel – in addition to supporting bots for bot-powered messaging as well as custom sticker creation capabilities.

Telegram may have a great reputation for security, yet its shortcomings remain undisputable. Technology experts have pointed out that its encryption method remains untested and insecure; furthermore, many interactions on Telegram other than secret chats do not use end-to-end encryption (E2EE), meaning anyone with access to its server could read users’ conversations.

Telegram’s functionality also presents potential security concerns when users create and join bots that read messages and respond automatically, collect user information or process payments for businesses. Although these features add another level of convenience and efficiency, misuse could present security threats.

Telegram remains an ideal option for those seeking greater privacy while sending messages, as you can take extra measures to protect both privacy and security, such as setting two-factor authentication (2FA). You can achieve this by clicking Menu then Settings before going into Privacy and Security tab and turning Two Step Verification ON (by going Menu, selecting Settings then Privacy & Security Tab then Two-Step Verification ON).

Telegram’s encryption and other security measures have made it vulnerable to numerous cyber attacks that result in data breaches and can result in unwarranted access to user’s accounts. Terrorists and extremists also utilize Telegram for communicating among themselves and encouraging violence; on some occasions Telegram has even given user data over to authorities.

Another major concern with Telegram is that it stores user data such as IP addresses and device details for up to one year; their privacy policy states this as essential for proper functioning of their service.

It’s easy to use

Telegram is a messaging app with an emphasis on privacy. Through encryption and cloud technology, all your messages remain safe from prying eyes – you alone have access to them! In addition to secure messaging capabilities, this user-friendly messaging platform also features the capability of sending and receiving large files – ideal for personal as well as professional use alike! Its user-friendly interface makes Telegram an accessible option even for newcomers.

End-to-end encryption, its signature feature, is designed to keep outsiders from hearing your conversations without permission from both participants. This provides protection from governments, hackers and others trying to listen in on conversations that occur between you and someone else. Other security features include file sharing for up to 200,000 people at once as well as being able to find contacts by username. You can even share photos and videos of any size or type.

As soon as you first use Telegram, it collects basic contact details – including your name, email address and phone number – stored on your phone. Telegram uses this data to notify you when one of your contacts begins using its services as well as display their names within its app; it does not share this data with third-parties.

While data is collected and stored on servers globally, its encryption keys are strategically distributed among multiple jurisdictions – making it more difficult for governments to force Telegram to hand over your information; although, this doesn’t make the system completely foolproof as access may still be possible in some circumstances.

Telegram stands out from its competition in several ways, yet lacks features found in other messaging apps such as being unable to use different phone numbers when signing up and being unable to delete accounts as easily when not needed, unlike some apps do. Telegram offers many features that set it apart, yet has some notable gaps compared to its competition – for example not allowing multiple phone numbers when signing up is an inconvenience for many users, or being unable to delete your account when no longer needed when ceasing its usage is another drawback when using it as opposed to similar apps that do allow this capability – however.

One unique aspect of DocuSign is the ability to organize various topics into folders for easier organization and sifting through them when working in teams. Another cool feature is adding animated stickers directly onto images and videos by tapping on the sticker icon; just be aware that any media converted into GIFs might suffer quality losses in conversion.

It’s customizable

Telegram stands out from other messaging apps with its range of features that set it apart, from instant messaging and file sending/sharing, audio/video calling, group chats/broadcast channels for large audiences as well as private connection encryption with E2E encryption ensuring messages stay safe while its ease of use and customization with themes make Telegram an appealing messaging app choice.

Slow Mode is another convenient feature that lets admins limit how often each member can post in an interval, helping to prevent spam and keep discussions flowing smoothly. To activate it, go into the group settings and select “Slow Mode”.

Telegram’s latest update brings customizable wallpaper options into individual chats. Choose an image from your gallery or upload your own. Adjust text size and the color theme according to your personal preferences – or share your theme with other users!

Telegram now features a video editor to allow users to edit videos before sending them, offering tools that allow you to adjust colors, contrast, saturation and exposure before blurring or dimming and adding an RGB curve if needed. It’s an invaluable asset for anyone needing more control of their images!

Another useful feature is Telegram’s ability to let users erase messages sent by other people, across all devices. While some may consider this controversial, it provides a handy way of keeping communications private and is particularly beneficial if using group chats or communicating with someone who uses Telegram more than you.

If you’re looking to customize Telegram further, its new feature set makes it easier than ever. Some key upgrades include an improved interface for creating groups without adding members; reduced taps needed to initiate Send When Online; improved animation when sliding into dynamic islands on iPhones; as well as the ability to keep an eye on active sessions across both Android and iOS.

What is the Windows Update Assistant?


Windows Update Assistant

Windows Update Assistant is an efficient way of quickly downloading and installing feature updates on Windows 10 computers, as well as checking compatibility of programs and devices with newer versions of Windows.

Installation is straightforward, even for newcomers; just run its EXE file. Once it has been set up, the tool begins searching for updates and automatically downloading them to devices.

Detects problems

While Windows Update Assistant provides an easy way to download and install features, it also has some drawbacks. Some users have removed it due to its inconvenient installation times or because updates sometimes interrupt active sessions without their permission – even when no new one was begun at that moment!

To remedy the problem, run the Microsoft troubleshooter to delete temporary files which may be contributing to it. However, create a system restore point first if this issue continues. Alternatively, two built-in Windows utilities can help delete files preventing updates from installing; to do this open an elevated command prompt and type these commands:

Another solution is to restart the computer in Safe Mode; this will reset the Software Distribution folder and remove any corrupt files. For even greater stability, use Media Creation Tool when upgrading to newer versions of Windows; this method doesn’t perform compatibility checks so is best used with legacy hardware issues.

Use a third-party program to manage updates instead. This will stop Windows Update from overwriting files on your hard drive, as well as automatically rebooting after software upgrades are applied. In addition, this allows you to control updates with less intrusive notifications of availability as well as set a specific time and date when downloading occurs.

This application is available for both Windows and Mac computers, making it simple and user-friendly. Download and installation are free; settings can be tailored specifically to meet your needs; it even supports multiple languages – making this an excellent solution for international users.

Microsoft issued an update in October 2019 to patch a security hole in the Windows Update Assistant, which consisted of a local privilege escalation flaw which allowed attackers to gain system privileges by running programs with privileges elevated above those available to regular users. While this exploit wasn’t exploited directly in the wild, it remains important that updates are kept current and security guidelines adhered to.

Downloads updates

The Windows Update Assistant is an application that enables PC users to upgrade their computers to the latest operating system version. It will check whether a computer meets all requirements for installing it, download files necessary for installing, and begin installation process – sometimes taking several restarts of computer during this timeframe. Furthermore, users can create backup copies of current system in case anything goes wrong during upgrading process or restore to previous state if something goes amiss during installation process.

Windows Update Assistant’s primary purpose is to download updates. It can help your Windows computer remain up-to-date and protected against viruses and malware, providing security patches and feature upgrades as well as offering regular upgrades based on user input or automated downloads. Note: Be cautious which updates you install as they could potentially cause system issues.

Download Microsoft’s update assistant free of charge from their website and use it on any desktop or laptop – whether new to Windows 10, upgrading from previous versions, or just for general maintenance and security updates. Just download and install it – this update assistant works across all versions of Windows 10.

Once installed, open and follow its instructions for use. When done so, Windows Update Assistant will begin downloading updates for your Windows 10 device, while also conducting compatibility tests to ensure it will run as intended. Eventually, a message may prompt you to reboot in order to download all necessary files necessary for an upgrade and prepare your PC accordingly.

If your Internet access is metered, Windows Update Assistant updates can be stopped with just a simple configuration setting. By restricting how much bandwidth the program uses, this feature is ideal for home and business users with limited data plans or those using public Wi-Fi networks.

Installs updates

The Windows Update Assistant is an essential tool that will keep your computer up-to-date and ensure its smooth running. It will download any required feature updates and then install them, ensuring smooth performance as well as protecting against security threats or bugs in the OS. Downloading is free from Microsoft’s website – simply follow their prompts until the process completes; restarting may be required at various points throughout.

Once the installation process is completed, you will be ready to use your device and customize its settings or functionality as you please. Furthermore, compatibility checks between devices and programs should also be carried out here. It is strongly advised to create a backup before installing updates; also bear in mind that updates require significant bandwidth usage; this could pose issues for metered connections if used without limitation by Windows Update Assistant; however luckily the latter has ways of detecting metered connections so it can limit its usage accordingly.

As soon as the Windows Update Assistant starts up, it will conduct a compatibility test to see if your PC is ready for an update. When complete, a window will appear asking you to approve this process, which may take several minutes so it is best left alone while doing other work while this app downloads files – it shows its progress as a percentage value.

To expedite the process, enable Power Saving Mode. This will reduce the number of processes running on your computer, thus decreasing CPU usage and speeding up download and installation processes. Furthermore, Update Assistant may suggest other options to enhance performance and stability as part of its recommendations; but please keep in mind that Power Saving Mode won’t apply to all updates.

Resets your computer

Windows Update Assistant is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting when your computer refuses to download updates you desire. Available free on Microsoft’s website, this user-friendly tool makes updating to the latest operating system version an effortless process and will help your system remain protected against malware or viruses.

Even though programs are usually reliable, sometimes they get stuck and cause your PC to slow down significantly. If this is happening to you, knowing how to resolve it quickly is vital if it involves downloading updates and installing them manually. One solution would be rebooting your computer; another way would be running Command Prompt as administrator to restore control over your machine and solve the issue; finally disabling antivirus software may prevent future updates from being downloaded automatically and installed as planned.

If your computer won’t restart properly, the best course of action may be to create an advanced system restore point. This allows you to temporarily teleport back in time before any problems arose; simply press Windows Key + R + TRU I followed by entering “rstrui”. Follow instructions provided to select and restore point before running Windows Update again without issues.

Your antivirus software could cause Windows Update Assistant to become stuck at a certain percentage, creating an easily fixable situation – reboot your PC to see if that helps!

Resetting Windows update settings may also help solve this issue; doing so will address various installation and update related problems, as well as potential files being deleted during this process. As this action will permanently delete personal files and programs, be aware that resetting them could result in loss of personal files/programs/system restore points before taking this route.

MiniTool Movie Maker Review


MiniTool Movie Maker

MiniTool Movie Maker is an intuitive video editing program tailored to novice video editors, providing easy-to-use templates that enable them to quickly create invitation videos, memory videos and photo slideshows.

This software is user-friendly and offers many features to quickly create eye-catching videos quickly. These features include transitions, effects, text/titles/captions/credits.

It’s easy to use

MiniTool Movie Maker is a Windows program that makes creating and editing videos simple and straightforward. Featuring pre-made movie templates to quickly get you going, and providing easy ways to enhance photos and video clips. Plus it includes text effects, music composition features and much more – plus its compatibility with various video file types! MiniTool Movie Maker can even help create your very own animated GIF! The program can even import YouTube video into it for editing as well as compatible formats like MP4, FLV or 3GP!

To use this software, first launch the application and click “Import Media Files.” Next, choose which files you’d like to import by dragging them onto the timeline; once imported, video previews will be created automatically for improved playback quality and editing can commence immediately after importing them.

Once your video is completed, it can be exported in various formats using the built-in video converter of the program. Choose which format best fits your project before selecting your destination folder and adjusting resolution or trimming the length of your clip – everything is straightforward without needing additional software downloads!

The software is easy to use with an intuitive user interface and clean layout. The toolbar features sections for Media, Transitions, Effects, Text, and Motion features. Media lets you upload photos, videos and music files while Effects features black-and-white, vintage filters as well as vivid and black-and-white colors filters for an assortment of effects such as black-and-white. Text contains various variations while Motion adds movement effects for still photos or text.

MiniTool MovieMaker 6.0 also boasts several advanced features to assist in producing professional-looking videos quickly. This includes being able to split and trim videos, add various audio effects, transition between scenes easily, as well as saving both time and effort with its batch processing option.

This software boasts many features and is suitable for any type of video production, supporting numerous formats while being extremely fast. Perfect for beginners as well as experienced users alike. Plus it is free, safe and contains no malware or spyware! Not forgetting its large selection of music clips and video clips available as a library!

It’s powerful

MiniTool Movie Maker is a free video editing software with all of the tools and features necessary for video editing, perfect for beginners. Its intuitive user interface is user-friendly; making this ideal for first time editors. MiniTool also provides advanced options like green screen effects and motion tracking that help create professional-looking films or videos for YouTube or Facebook profiles.

Your media files can easily be imported into the program using drag-and-drop or by clicking “Import.” It supports various video formats and offers a timeline-based editing system to easily organize footage – even 4K resolution footage can be edited with this app! Additionally, photos and audio can also be imported directly into your video project along with various effects and transitions as well as captions, titles and end credits to add an artistic finishing touch to the final product.

This video editing software also allows you to export videos in various formats. Customize the settings for your output such as renaming your file, selecting an output folder and altering video quality and bitrate settings as well as whether or not to include audio tracks for the video audio tracks.

Video editing software also comes equipped with numerous templates and is fully compatible with popular audio/visual formats, making its intuitive and easy to use interface perfect for creating films or video clips for any special event. Furthermore, there are advanced features such as 3D LUTs and animation available through this program.

MiniTool MovieMaker is an award-winning, free video editing software perfect for home users and professionals. With powerful features and an easy user interface, MiniTool MovieMaker makes video creation fast and affordable – ideal for social media use or other purposes. Plus it comes in various languages with no watermark restrictions on usage! This makes MiniTool MovieMaker an affordable yet versatile solution.

It’s affordable

MiniTool Movie Maker is an inexpensive video editing software with simple user controls that makes creating movies an effortless process. Featuring a library of templates to quickly get you underway, you can make movies quickly. Import music and images, customize subtitles, add or mute background sounds of original videos (if supported), slow them down/speed them up or reverse them as needed – plus more! Compatible with modern browsers and available free.

Once downloaded, the program allows you to begin immediately using its interface. It features tabbed sections for media (your files), transitions, effects, text and elements – each tabbed section offering trendy filters like Instagram-inspired ones as well as pan simulation and zoom effects that add depth to videos. Text allows for the creation of titles, captions and credits; font and color customization of text also exist within text section while elements has over 70 cartoon animated graphics to add life and dimension to videos.

Another wonderful aspect of this software is its support for multiple file formats, including MP4, AVI, and WMV. This enables you to use your chosen video editor for optimal results when editing footage captured with this software. In addition, speed controls enable you to easily adjust videos before converting them to new formats if necessary.

This feature is ideal for users who need to conserve computer storage space. Furthermore, it enables you to edit and upload songs created specifically for this program – perfect for sharing them with family and friends – making videos truly stand out in terms of creativity!

Contrasting with other video editing software, this version is easy and free for anyone to use, yet can help create high-quality videos in no time. Choose from templates, trim clips and add music – it even has all of the features necessary for professional-looking movies!

It’s fun

MiniTool Movie Maker is a free yet powerful video editing software application for Windows that enables you to quickly create Hollywood-style movie trailers or films in record time. Additionally, this versatile program can edit video clips, add music or pictures and more – plus support most video formats! Compatible with beginners of all skill levels, MiniTool Movie Maker offers many features such as trimming/cut/merge/rotate capabilities; stylish effects to video; speed adjustments of videos etc.

This video editor offers an intuitive user experience. The three-pane window provides access to your source media on the left, preview of finished product on the right and a timeline at the bottom. Using this timeline, you can place photos and videos into video sections; audio files into music sections and text into text sections – then simply drag-drop them around as needed or drop effects onto them for seamless transitions or changes!

This software is an ideal option for beginning vloggers and YouTubers, offering all the essential features necessary to begin producing professional-looking videos quickly. Plus, its lightweight nature means less computer resources are consumed during use – you can download it for free directly from its official website, plus access helpful help pages and guides that explain its functionality.

The software is easy to install and does not present any issues for your system. Neither malware-based, nor does it collect personal information, and many positive reviews can be found online regarding this program. Several users reported issues when trying to use older versions of Windows but this issue has since been addressed in updates released since.

Its greatest advantage lies in being free. You can create unlimited video projects and share them on social media sites, as well as download and save them in various formats – you can even turn your video into GIF animation!

BWMeter by DeskSoft Review



BWMeter is a network bandwidth monitor and traffic controller designed for Windows operating systems as a shareware offering. Compatible with both LAN and Internet connections, this software helps ensure optimal network performance.

Users can prioritize applications, set limits on certain connections and block unwanted traffic with this program. Furthermore, its customizable interface and advanced monitoring features add further value.

Real-time bandwidth monitoring

Real-time bandwidth monitoring is essential to business networks, providing an invaluable way of monitoring performance and identifying any issues with the network. You can use it to prevent bottlenecks in bandwidth usage and improve overall network efficiency while avoiding going beyond your Internet speed limit or incurring additional charges from your ISP.

Software that monitors network traffic between your computer and other computers in real-time. You can see exactly how much data is being transferred across networks, which programs are using the most bandwidth, and the current average transfer rate. Furthermore, its built-in speeds stopwatch allows you to test download/upload speeds of your network connection while its user-friendly interface makes setting up and managing network bandwidth monitoring straightforward.

BWMeter provides real-time bandwidth monitoring as well as statistics for individual computers and groups of users, creating custom graphs to show bandwidth usage over specific time periods. You can customize monitoring settings, set filters and get alerts based on specific thresholds – with its easy install process you won’t have to worry about installing additional drivers or risking your system in any way!

NetFlow Analyzer is an excellent bandwidth monitoring tool, capable of quickly identifying who, when and what your bandwidth usage is. Additionally, its dashboard gives an overview of top applications and protocols using bandwidth while its extensive analytics provide insights for capacity planning.

This software makes it possible to monitor bandwidth from various network devices such as switches, routers and servers. It analyzes SNMP data to assess traffic levels and detect potential problems; its intuitive graphical display makes use simple for both novice and experienced administrators alike; plus its lightweight nature means less storage requirements compared to similar programs in Networking category – an attractive feature for small and midsized businesses who need to monitor bandwidth effectively in their networks.

Data traffic analysis

BWMeter is an easy and powerful network bandwidth monitoring software. It helps prevent slow connection speeds and unwanted network connections with clear visual reporting of data usage. Its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set make BWMeter an excellent choice for both novice users and experts.

This program monitors all traffic between your computer and Internet sites in real-time, offering detailed data traffic analysis as well as the option of setting limits on maximum download/upload speeds for specific websites. Furthermore, it detects and reports on illegal P2P applications while offering other features like network performance monitoring and protocol analyzer.

Configuring BWMeter to monitor your network can be done easily by choosing an adapter in the Options menu and then viewing all traffic accumulated for all selected networks on your computer, and creating reports per network adapter. Furthermore, filters and alerts can also be customized according to personal preference.

One great feature of this software is its ability to detect and block unauthorised traffic sources like BitTorrent. Furthermore, this tool can track usage for individual applications, hosts, or conversations over a set period – this feature is particularly beneficial for users with limited monthly Internet traffic or metered plans.

Network bandwidth monitoring and control tools are essential in protecting against data breaches and malware attacks. An ideal monitoring and control solution should include a strong firewall, support for multiple networking adapters, comprehensive reporting/analytics capabilities as well as seamless integration into existing IT systems and third-party security solutions.

This software can be found for free and downloaded from its official website, supporting most versions of Windows from XP to 10. As a dynamic bandwidth meter, this program measures both internal and Internet transfer speeds simultaneously. Furthermore, the data packets analysed can show where they came from as well as where they’re headed to; plus it even differentiates between local and Internet traffic so you can monitor specific IP addresses during transfers.

Customizable interface

BWMeter is an effective bandwidth monitor and traffic controller that lets you monitor, analyze, and manage network data traffic on your network. Featuring a customizable user interface and advanced reporting features, it enables you to identify slow connection speeds or unwanted network connections through clear visual reporting of bandwidth usage on your network.

This software application monitors your bandwidth usage and notifies you if you are exceeding your available limit. Filters allow you to track specific data traffic, creating reports and alerts. In addition, this application displays your network traffic over time through a graph display – this feature can especially helpful if sharing an internet connection with multiple users as it identifies when someone is abusing it.

BWMeter stands out among similar apps by being able to analyze data packets; where they originate and where they travel as well as which port and protocol they utilize. Furthermore, you can distinguish between local and internet traffic allowing you to monitor each computer individually as well as set speed limits on specific types of connections for added control over network access.

This program also helps identify IP addresses of devices on your network, which can help determine whether or not your ISP is violating your privacy. Furthermore, it identifies applications using up the most bandwidth and notifies you if your monthly quota has been exceeded.

BWMeter supports multiple languages and features a customizable dashboard that enables you to view various data at a glance, making it particularly helpful for companies with diverse workforces as it allows you to monitor groups of users at once. Furthermore, you can adjust default settings based on personal preference for an enhanced user experience.

BWMeter stands out by supporting multiple network adapters. This enables you to monitor multiple types of connections – such as WAN and VPN connections – simultaneously. Furthermore, you can adjust the size of the bandwidth display, set alerts and create your own custom ping tool – all great features that make BWMeter truly incredible.


BWMeter by DeskSoft is an all-in-one network bandwidth monitoring solution ideal for home and business users alike, featuring an extensive set of features and an intuitive user interface that make it user friendly for both beginners and experts. Plus, its price point starts at $30 for personal use – you can download a free trial version here to see if BWMeter fits with Windows 10, previous versions of Windows OS as well as Linux operating systems!