Opera 47.0 Build 2631.55

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Version 47.0 Build 2631.55
Date Released August 15, 2017 5:11 am
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Opera 47 is a popular web browser that is available for desktop as well as mobile device. It is a freeware that was developed by Telenor and was later acquired by Opera Software in April 1995. It makes use of Blink and V8 engines for running on supported operating systems. It has been optimized by the developers for working efficiently at a very fast speed even on slow internet connection and traditional computers. It is an ad free browser and lets you sync your personalization by logging into your account.


Opera offers is unmatched by any other web browser. When it comes to web browsers, the main concern regarding them is speed. Although the Internet connections are now getting faster and reliable everyday, this still stays as the most debated and essential topic concerning the web browsers. Other than speed, security and stability provided by the browser also seems to be the concern that makes it hard for people to choose which one they should use. There are so many web browsers are available such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many more but many web developers declare that the Opera is the best browser available right now.


They believe the kind of features Opera offers are unmatchable by any other. Opera is the second oldest web browser that was first developed in 1995. And after all these years, it is still highly suggested on the review websites. Opera handles all the common web based job like sending and receiving emails, reading web feeds and displaying web pages very smoothly without taking much of a processing speed that others take.


This browser is available on Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. It is completely free and comes in 47 languages with over million of people using it satisfactory. It contains a built in email client and an RSS feed reader. Users will be able to choose a tile or cascade tabbed window as per their preference. When it comes to rendering the HTML or CSS, this browser is the fastest out there.


Opera 47 is one of the initial browsers to use tabbed browsing, visual tabs and tab preview. It offers advanced bookmarking tools, drag and drop function, mouse over preview, customizable search bars and keyboard shortcuts. The features Opera offers to its users are mentioned below:


Fast Browsing:
Opera web browser searches for the entered query in lesser time as compared to many other browsers. It has been improvised to make changes that were slowing down the processes slower. Now its additional opera turbo compresses the content of heavy webpages to load them in a shorter time. With this technique the web browsing has been made quicker for its users who want to save their time.


Secure Browsing:
Opera web browser keeps you updated about the security status of webpages that you are currently visiting by displaying a lock in the address bar. This lock has specific color code for each security status. When this lock is clicked, it will show the information and details about security level of current website. It will warn you if you are visiting a potentially harmful webpage that may affect your system.


Opera features:
• Bookmarks.
• Web notifications.
• Integrated PDF viewer.
• The Heart button.
• Sync open tabs between computers.
• Syncing Bookmarks with Android.
• Support for H.264 and MP3.


Speed Dial:
The home page of the browser has a speed dial that enables you to add all the websites that you visit frequently. It saves you from entering URL in the address bar each time you want to go to that website and saves your time. You can open the speed dial from the menu and left click on the icon for particular website. It will direct you to the URL immediately.


Opera web browser includes a built-in theme catalog where many themes are present. You can choose any of these that you like for your home page. The theme option is added for making your browser screen look attractive, but if you wish you can disable it.


You can bookmark your favorite webpages to access them quickly. The bookmarked pages can be sorted and imported from other browsers. You can enable the display of bookmark bar to view all webpages below title bar and click them anywhere to visit these.


You can get aware of all the latest news of your region by going to this option. You can view top stories for checking general news or view particular news by selecting any category from arts, business, entertainment, food, health, lifestyle, living, travel, technology, sports, science and many more.


More Features:
Opera 47 web browser supports opening multiple tabs at a time. It also maintains your web history and lets you clear whole list or selected records. The Private mode does not keep track of your visited webpages and lets you browse internet securely. You can synchronize theme and other settings of the browser at multiple devices. The download manager categorizes all the downloaded files on the basis of status and file types.


1. The Turbo Mode: This is a vital feature of Opera that speeds up the slow Internet connections. This is one of the rare features you see in any other web browser. With the help of this, web pages with videos and graphics will be loaded in no time. This is a great feature for those people who are still using dial up connection or have a poor WI-FI connection.


2. Zoom Function: People who have poor eyesight often face difficulty in browsing the website with small font size. It can cause a headache but with the help of this Zoom function, users will be able to zoom the web page as per their privilege.


3. Security: This is considered the most important feature in any web browser. While browsing the web pages, the browser should allow the user to know the harmful websites. In Opera Browser, this security function is called Security badge. This security badge prevents you from any dangerous situation that can occur while you shop online or doing a transaction.


4. Private Browsing: Another function that comes very handy while using Opera browser. You never know what kinds of malicious files and cookies you collect when you visit any website. If you are concerned about your privacy then you can always try private browsing in Opera. You can open a private tab by simply right clicking on the tab bar and choose New Private Tab.


5. Speed Dial: This is like a live bookmark page, which appears when you open Opera. There are nine boxes available where you can place your most visited websites. It is completely customizable so you will be able to access your favorite websites easily.


6. Tabbed browsing: Tabbed browsing is liked by most of the user and Opera has this feature on a different level. You can put your tabs both horizontally and vertically. You can rearrange, cascade and pin the tabs to prevent accidental closings. And if you get lost in the tabs, all you need to do is just place the mouse on each tab to show its preview.


7. Voice command: If you are using Window XP and have a microphone then you can control your Opera browser with your voice. With the help of your speakers and sound card, you can generate speeches from any text on a web page.


With all these features Opera 47 has to offer, no wonder why people are still continually employing it. Opera web browser is the most advanced, effective and user friendly web browser out there. It is simple, safe, fast and contains all kinds of powerful extension and handy widgets with support. So download Opera browser now and get started.





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