Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a multiplayer, real-time battle game where players use cards to attack and defend against one another’s towers, trying to destroy each opponent’s King Tower and gain victory in battle.

Supercell’s Clash of Clans has long been one of the most successful videogames ever, but without its base-building and asynchronous gameplay components. Free to play but designed largely to avoid big spenders buying competitive advantages – which may occur.


Clash Royale, created by Supercell, is an interactive real-time strategy mobile game featuring quick, intense battles as well as long-term progression. Players earn rewards such as chests and gold depending on their performance in battles – this can help strengthen card levels to make future battles stronger; additionally, rewards can also be used to acquire emote decks or tower skins for future battles!

Players deploying eight-card decks onto a battlefield in real time to attack opponent towers while protecting their own. Each card carries an elixir cost that must be managed during battle; once depleted, towers will start taking damage. A battle winner is defined by one who destroys all enemy towers.

Battle is where players can collect cards and gold from their opponent’s towers to upgrade cards and build stronger decks. Gold serves as the primary in-game currency used to upgrade cards and improve deck strength; players can collect it by winning battles, opening chests or donating cards to clanmates; alternatively gems (the premium currency) can also be used instantly to open chests instantly or purchase it.

Players not only upgrade cards but can also unlock card masteries and increase their player level to boost overall deck power. Furthermore, clanmates may donate or request cards from them in order to fast-track advancement in the game. Various challenges and events throughout its lifespan offer extra rewards and elixir.

The game is regularly updated with fresh content, such as new features and balance changes. Tournaments provide players with a chance to win real cash prizes; additionally, 2023 roadmap shows some exciting gameplay changes such as unlocking level 15 cards with powerful abilities.


Decks in Clash Royale are collections of cards used by players to attack opponents’ towers while protecting their own. Each card in your deck has unique effects and you must carefully choose which ones you include in it; there are currently 109 available cards with various advantages and disadvantages that could make up a viable deck strategy.

The game’s cards can be divided into five rarities: common, rare, epic, legendary and champion. These rarities represent their difficulty of acquisition and power level. Each card also carries an individual elixir cost that should be taken into consideration when creating your deck.

While elixir costs should not be disregarded, it is also vitally important that players pay attention to how the cards interact. A well-crafted deck should feature an appropriate mix of ground units, flying units, buildings and spells with reliable win conditions being an integral component.

To maximize the potential of your deck, it is advisable to place the most powerful cards near the top of your library – these S-tier cards offer exceptional power and versatility.

Enhancing star levels on cards will not have any bearing on their stats; rather, it will add visual flair and give your collection some added visual interest.

Donating cards to clanmates for experience and gold can be an excellent way to assist fellow players and earn some extra elixir for battle. Just make sure that any donation includes cards you no longer want or require as otherwise it may take some time before it is accepted.


Clash Royale players know gold to be one of the most vital resources, used for upgrading cards and building decks. As Supercell frequently releases new cards that need upgrading, players will need to invest a significant amount in gold in order to stay ahead.

To earn gold quickly and efficiently, opening free chests available throughout the day is the simplest solution. Each chest contains a certain amount of gold depending on its rarity; and since new chests appear every few hours, players can quickly accumulate an ample supply of it each day.

Other methods for earning gold include donating cards to other clan members and winning multiplayer battles. A player may receive a small amount of gold per card donated, depending on its rarity, while victories in Ladder, Ranked or Party Mode battles can bring Victory Gold that varies based on arena and league the player is competing in.

Enter Event Challenges. These challenges offer thousands of coins as prizes and can be entered multiple times; plus players can always buy gold from the Shop using gems!


Gems in Clash Royale serve as premium currency that can be used instantly to open chests instantly, purchase cards from the shop, and more. Free-to-Play players only begin the game with 100 gems; to increase that total and earn more isn’t easy – the best ways are through opening free chests, completing achievements, challenges and quests, donating clan wars to clans or winning them yourself as well as purchasing special offers such as value packs, tower skin deals or emote bundles.

Earn free gems by participating in in-game events like challenges and Trophy Road, which provide great rewards such as gold and other items. Alternatively, the game allows users to purchase gems with real money but this option should be used sparingly.

One of the main mistakes newcomers to Clash Royale make is investing their gems on chests from the in-game shop, without being certain whether they contain cards they require. Instead, try saving your gems for those earned through winning matches as this will provide better value and prevent being gem broke!

Clash Royale Hacking can lead to account bans and other serious consequences; but there are legal ways of getting gems legally, such as through SEAGM. SEAGM provides players with an easy and safe method for topping up their gems safely – players can select their payment method of choice, and purchase bulk amounts at once to quickly gain the resources necessary for dominance in Clash Royale.


Clash Royale tournaments provide an ideal way to put your skills against those of other players in friendly competition. Hosted by Supercell, these events feature prize pools and rewards of all sorts. Tournaments also provide an excellent way to meet new people while expanding your social circle – all you have to do to join one is navigate into your game and select “Play Tournaments.”

Clash Royale allows players to engage in both official and player-hosted tournaments. While official tournaments feature structured formats with specific rules that make them highly competitive and prestigious, well-established organizers host these renowned events that draw some of the best players worldwide. Player-hosted tournaments can be open to all players; prizes typically surpass regular chests!

Each tournament has a default starting time and must continue until completion. Teams may submit requests for forfeit wins if they cannot finish the match by its scheduled start time; however, final decisions on such requests lie with tournament officials.

Supercell has organized both open and closed tournaments of Clash Royale to offer players tournaments of the game, each offering its own leaderboard and rewards; tournament winners in open tournaments receive a Tournament Chest, which contains epic and legendary cards; while in closed tournaments the top 100 participants each get one as prizes for winning the competition.

Alongside official tournaments, numerous player-hosted competitions take place throughout the year and offer various forms of prizes like gems and cards – and give an excellent opportunity for practicing strategies against some of the top players around.

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