360 Total Security Review

360 Total Security

360 Total Security provides users with multiple tools to optimize system performance, such as virus scanner, PC speedup utility and full check utilities.

Document Protector is one of the suite’s star features, as it decrypts ransomware documents and creates secure backups. Additionally, this program features shopping protection and keylogger blocking.

Virus Scan

360 Total Security offers an excellent set of scanning options, including quick, full and custom scans as well as speedup tool, junk file cleaner and Wi-Fi security check. However, unlike top competitors such as Avira it does not feature rootkit detection nor local device scan.

Operating the program is straightforward even for less tech-savvy users. The user interface is organized into major categories with easy-to-navigate icons that help guide navigation through each category. Quick access is provided via left side of screen while menu options on upper bar provide quick exploration. A hamburger icon leads you directly to settings, protocols, and support area while clicking T-shirt icons allows for customization via various’skins’ for the program appearance.

360 Total Security features award-winning antivirus engines including the 360 Cloud Scan Engine, QVMII AI Engine, Avira and Bitdefender to provide comprehensive PC security protection. In addition to antivirus protection it features additional features like firewall protection, shopping/webcam protection, sandbox functionality and keylogger blocking as well as PC maintenance tools to optimize OS performance and enhance overall system stability.

360 Total Security may not be one of the more user-friendly security programs out there, however. When installing, the program prompts users to join both Opera and 360 User Experience Improvement Program (unless unchecked during installation), plus has an entire section dedicated to installing more apps called 360 Instant Setup.

Lab test results of Avira Antivirus Pro are less than stellar when compared with those from free versions such as Avira or Bitdefender; but, the antivirus still manages to complete its task successfully.

An additional issue we encountered with the program was its ad-supported free version, so a premium plan is a much better solution – eliminating ads while providing access to its feature set and offering full access. Functionally speaking, premium products provide complete security and optimization solutions, though if budget restrictions limit you we recommend creating your own suite using free products such as Avast Free Antivirus and Iolo System Mechanic instead.


360 Total Security’s firewall is quite reliable. It constantly updates the list of processes with active network connections so users can browse them and easily block or scan apps for malware – without leaving final ‘allow/block’ decisions up to themselves (it outshines Bitdefender, NortonLifeLock and Kaspersky in this regard).

However, Avast may not be your best choice when it comes to protecting against web threats, since it doesn’t always identify malicious pages as such and performs less well than some of its competition in lab tests (AV-Test only includes this product among those worthy of testing).

Even so, it performs an admirable job of combatting malware and other common computer threats. It manages to detect approximately 99% of real-time threats – an impressive figure (though less impressive than many leading products).

Antivirus programs also include PC maintenance tools. Their speedup features are especially helpful and provide multiple ways to enhance performance by clearing away unnecessary files or disabling settings that could slow down your system – this feature can be found under Cleanup in their primary interface.

Password managers are an essential tool to protecting sensitive information by encrypting passwords so only you have access to them. They’re an effective way to prevent unwarranted access to your data if you rely on one single password across various applications or services.

Anti-theft tools offered by the program were somewhat underwhelming, however. While its mobile app does a commendable job of locking and wiping devices, its desktop version features are rather basic and less effective than those offered by competing programs.

Overall, this anti virus offers plenty of unique features and works effectively even while running in the background. Furthermore, its premium plans start as low as $2 a month! With its 30-day money-back guarantee in place, testing this product without risking your cash is made much simpler.


Qihoo’s own cloud engine powers 360 Total Security’s round-the-clock monitoring of systems, with real-time threat detection in mind. Furthermore, this program includes a ransomware protection tool which automatically backs up documents if they’re altered by hackers – in case any files were encrypted by such malware, decryption tools allow access back without paying ransom fees!

Alongside its antivirus, firewall, and anti-theft tools, this suite also contains system optimization features to further boost performance. PC Cleanup’s ability to remove junk quickly boost speed while reducing security risks is one such optimization feature; similarly the Speedup tool helps fine tune CPU settings for improved performance.

360 Total Security provides another useful feature by scanning network-connected applications for any suspicious activities, but we found them less precise than Bitdefender or Kaspersky; for instance, misidentifying some apps and prompting the user to decide whether they should be allowed or blocked may lead to users accidentally authorizing malicious processes.

This program boasts a user-friendly interface. The left sidebar contains icons for key functions such as Virus Scan, Speedup, Full Check and Tool Box. If users would like to explore further they can click the hamburger icon located on the upper bar to open up Settings Protocols Support area; here they can file support tickets directly without leaving their main window.

Apart from its antivirus and PC cleanup tools, 360 Total Security also features useful tools like shopping/webcam protection, sandbox, keylogger blocking, Wi-Fi security checks, Driver Updater/Patch Up that keeps OS and installed programs up-to-date, Driver Updater/Patch Up that updates drivers/patches automatically for maximum performance, Driver Updater/Patch Up that keeps OS updates current; while its antivirus wasn’t as great in lab tests performed by AV-Test and other third party organizations. Nevertheless, for its price it should definitely be considered!


360 Total Security offers more than just malware and spyware protection – it also offers optimization tools to optimize the performance of your computer, such as a cleanup engine to remove junk files and directories, and speedup tools which optimize settings of your system, helping improve overall speed while making your PC more responsive and stable.

360 Total Security from Qihoo 360 Technology is an anti-virus solution developed to offer protection from online threats. Utilizing Avira and Bitdefender antivirus engines to combat them, its firewall safeguards networks to block out unauthorized access as well as blocking phishing sites which pose the highest threat for users today. Real-time protection detects and neutralizes malicious files – in our tests this took 37 minutes without slowing down our computer!

However, Avira+Bitdefender doesn’t have the same detection capabilities as standalone versions of either Avira or Bitdefender; although its scores in SE Labs Home Antivirus tests were decent but didn’t quite reach Kaspersky or ESET levels in terms of real world protection (1/6 in terms of native engine). When Avira+Bitdefender was implemented into this antivirus solution though, this score improved to 4 out of 6.

The app also comes equipped with other useful features, including webcam monitoring and an antiphishing plugin to protect you from clicking on fake advertisements. Furthermore, its data shredder permanently erases sensitive information before its permanent destruction by its data shredder feature. Moreover, this application provides parental controls and parental controls for children’s safety as well as an effective ad blocker feature.

Although it provides great functionality, this software does have some drawbacks; its performance falls below average and consumes too many resources; 1.5GB of hard drive space is required, with three background processes using up up to 200MB of RAM each. Furthermore, third-party applications may not work as smoothly with it as intended.

Even so, the product deserves consideration: its cloud-based engine detects new threats constantly while its easy and effective cleanup and speedup tools make maintenance a breeze.

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