360 Total Security Review

360 Total Security features an intuitive app and many tools designed to keep your computer running at peak condition, plus an excellent free plan covering most of its core features.

The app’s icons are self-explanatory, providing access to quick scans, speedup tools, full checks and cleaning utilities. Furthermore, five top-award antivirus engines detect malware, phishing sites, backdoors and new types of threats that arise.


360 Total Security comes equipped with antivirus software as well as a firewall, and we were pleased that it detected about 85% of malicious samples we sent it – this figure is below industry average, but still quite respectable. Furthermore, 360 Total Security effectively blocked phishing sites from infecting our test computers.

360 Total Security’s antivirus works adequately, yet has several glaring weaknesses. Its alerts tend to be confusing and it often mistakes legitimate processes for threats (it even told us our web browser was downloading a Trojan). This could lead users to approve dangerous actions simply due to confusion over alerts or urgency to complete work; other suites like Kaspersky take a more prudent approach, determining for themselves whether an action is dangerous and blocking it immediately.

Another issue with the suite’s sandbox is that it often fails to live up to expectations. Instead of placing files into an isolated environment for testing purposes, it often simply drops them onto your regular desktop and becomes inaccessible – potentially rendering programs unresponsive to commands and resulting in crashes.

But 360 Total Security can make things easy for users: the interface looks good, is intuitively designed, and offers no ads in its free version. Upgrade to Premium for additional features without changing user experience!

Upgrade and you will benefit from additional features like detection of fileless malware attacks, sandbox testing and secure data wiping for sensitive files. It also comes equipped with driver updates and regular system cleaning (which only deletes junk files without infecting actual infections). Finally, automated backups ensure your information won’t get lost due to hacking or accidental deletion.


The 360 Total Security firewall uses a cloud-based engine that ensures its databases remain up-to-date, protecting you against the latest threats. In addition to keeping you safe against homepage hijacking and malicious tampering attempts, system crashes, data loss due to system malfunction and data theft caused by system crashes are all protected against by this software. Furthermore, its antivirus, ad blocker and tune-up tools help keep your PC running smoothly.

This program’s interface is exceptionally clean and user-friendly, making navigation effortless and the “Tool Box” menu providing access to additional features of the software in one convenient spot. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (both 32- and 64-bit), as well as macOS 10.7+ operating systems.

360 Total Security’s anti-malware performance in our tests was excellent; however, its ad blocking and privacy protection may not match up to that of some competitors; its lack of VPN or password manager was also somewhat disappointing.

Concerns with program alerts include their potential misleadability. For instance, an app might ask whether it should have access to networks or download applications — requests which many users would likely approve without question or further consideration. Other programs, like Bitdefender and Kaspersky for example, take a more granular approach towards security by immediately blocking anything they perceive to be harmful and blocking it accordingly.

360 Total Security offers some excellent tune-up features. Its “Speedup” tool located in Tools section directly above Cleanup can help improve PC performance by deleting unnecessary files as well as optimizing settings or programs that could be slowing your machine.

Other useful features of the program are webcam/shopping protection and sandbox, providing extra layers of security when running apps on your computer. There’s also automatic Wi-Fi security checks and driver updates – and backup files in case something goes wrong or files get accidentally deleted! Plus phishing protection, so that if any sites appear questionable it can alert you accordingly!


360 Total Security provides anti-theft tools that allow you to keep an eye on any devices stolen or lost from you, but unlike some of its competitors, doesn’t come equipped with an app capable of remotely locking down or wiping them to prevent criminal use; for this feature you must download another application from Google Play separately.

360 Total Security has an excellent anti-theft tool in 360 Total Security’s anti-theft solution: its cloud-based engine monitors your system constantly, detecting threats early and protecting you against them before they cause serious harm. In addition, this program includes ransomware decryption tools as well as automatic file backup features to safeguard them from being modified by any potential harm.

This security suite’s other main strength lies in its ability to guard against phishing attacks and malicious websites, with up to 85% of dangerous URLs we showed it being blocked, similar to results seen with standalone programs such as Bitdefender or Avira.

Performance-wise, this antivirus offers two useful tools to increase the speed of your PC. “SpeedUp” identifies and eliminates slowing elements with just a few clicks; and “Cleanup” clears away unwanted data and can increase speed considerably.

Overall, the design of 360 Total Security’s desktop application is outstanding and should work flawlessly on any device. Its clean, simple interface makes it intuitive for even touchscreens users; most settings can be controlled with large buttons or switches that can easily be tapped on with fingers; in addition, this software features a handy icon library with themes to further personalize its appearance.

One major drawback of this product is its limited customer support options; aside from reading up on FAQs on its website, there’s no way to receive assistance or troubleshoot issues directly within the software itself.


Cleanup feature helps users clear disk space by clearing away files and plugins that obstruct PC performance, as well as optimizing system performance by detecting and disabling unnecessary startup programs. It can even scan wireless networks to identify threats. Users can access this tool simply by clicking its icon on their dashboard.

Comparative to top antivirus software such as Kaspersky, 360 Total Security stands out as far superior in terms of virus detection and cleanup tools. Its cloud-based engine continuously updates its database in real-time to keep abreast of emerging threats; additionally, its impact on system performance remains low despite having numerous advanced features.

The program features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with a tab on the left toolbar that makes navigating it a snap. “Full Check” performs a complete system scan to identify any potential issues with your PC and offer solutions; after completing its scan it displays all identified issues along with possible repair solutions before offering up its log report of each incident it found.

Speedup is another key feature, allowing users to detect and disable unnecessary startup programs to accelerate computer boot times. Furthermore, this feature optimizes settings and programs as well as detect unnecessary background programs.

The “Clearup” tab on the left toolbar can help to clear away unwanted data and optimize PC performance. It also detects and removes unnecessary plug-ins, temporary files, cache files and registry entries that can slow your system down.

360 Total Security provides comprehensive protection from viruses, Trojans and other emerging threats – protecting both online shopping and browsing activities as well. It features an easy one-click cleanup utility to ensure optimal PC performance; additionally it includes Privacy Cleaner to remove browser history and cookies to safeguard privacy; four user selectable modes – Performance/Balanced/Security and Custom – each offering different levels of security from malware, phishing attacks, backdoors etc.

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