360 Total Security Review

360 Total Security

Users of 360 Total Security can protect their devices against malware attacks while optimizing system performance and eliminating vulnerabilities.

This program boasts a user-friendly and straightforward interface; however, it frequently reminds users to upgrade to premium versions and will install Opera unless specifically opting out during installation.

The suite provides impressive scanning performance, integrating multiple antivirus engines to identify and eliminate viruses, Trojans or spyware that may infiltrate your PC.

Virus Scan

This software boasts impressive scanning performance thanks to five antivirus engines (such as 360 Cloud and QVMII AI Engines), offering unmatched scanning results. When compared with competing products, this one does not significantly slow down app loading speeds but may take up up to 1.5GB of RAM when performing full scans.

Real-time protection in this product can be tailored precisely with three preset protection modes (Performance, Balanced and Security) and a custom mode that enables you to add or subtract aspects at will. Furthermore, this program detects fake emails and unsafe websites, prevents you from visiting risky pages, and safeguards against ransomware attacks by stopping ransomware attacks against files on your device.

360 Total Security software is an excellent choice for users searching for an all-encompassing combination of comprehensive security and system optimization features. With features like shopping protection, webcam protection, sandboxes and keylogger blocking it makes an excellent addition to your security arsenal. Plus it comes equipped with PC maintenance tools which speed up OS performance by cleaning junk data off devices faster and optimizing settings – including speeding up OS launch times! As well as its free plan there are premium plans with additional features and benefits as well as its playful appearance makes using 360 Total Security an intuitive option!


360 Total Security comes equipped with features such as a sandbox, ad blocking, and optimization tools to optimize Windows performance – even its free version provides ample functionality! Upgrading to premium unlocks even more functionality.

This program offers an attractive, user-friendly dashboard that makes accessing its main features effortless. Furthermore, the program takes inspiration from gamification by rewarding users who invite friends or participate in surveys with extra months of premium subscription; however, this may become distracting or give an appearance of freemium pricing model.

This suite provides an impressive array of security and optimization tools, including an antivirus engine, password manager, app lock to safeguard data against theft or hackers and antitheft features such as remote erase or lock of devices and an Intruder Selfie feature that takes pictures when someone enters their PIN incorrectly – helping find any device lost or misplaced!

360 Total Security’s antivirus component remains reliable, though not as potency. In recent tests from AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, its default engine earned only 1 out of 6 points; by contrast, Avira+Bitdefender provided much better results, with 4 out of 6 scored when enabled as an optional feature.


360 Total Security offers more than antivirus and anti-theft protection: in addition to providing shopping/webcam security, keylogger blocking and PC maintenance tools to speed up the operating system and delete junk files faster, it also performs Wi-Fi security checks to make sure that all online activities remain safe.

Cleanup utility is another useful feature, identifying unnecessary data and optimizing settings in just a few clicks. Furthermore, this feature can detect and delete files taking up too much space on a computer for those with limited storage. This feature is particularly beneficial to users with less available space on their computers.

This program is simple to use on all devices, including those equipped with touchscreens. All controls are represented by large buttons or switches which are easily identifiable and make navigating through the suite simple. Furthermore, its interface has been thoughtfully conceived in such a way as to be organized in an intuitive way.

The free version of this program comes with ads; while its premium counterpart is ad-free and includes many more features such as detection of fileless attacks, firewall protection, automatic driver updates and scheduled system cleaning (deletion of junk files only). Furthermore, premium plans include technical support.


360 Total Security stands out from other antivirus programs by offering personalized real-time protection that you can tailor to meet your individual needs. You can select which components of its detection engine are active, whether to scan downloaded files or block network threats and more. It may not be the only antivirus to offer this feature, but 360 Total Security stands out as one of the easiest to use options available today.

This free suite provides all the tools necessary to protect your PC from malware, but may not offer as comprehensive an experience as its premium versions. Quick, full, or custom scans can still be performed and scheduled later; however, other programs provide advanced extras like smart scans, rootkit scans, local drive scanning or external device scans which might otherwise be lacking here.

Malware detection rates were below average and anti-phishing protection was subpar, while there was no VPN, dark web monitoring or identity theft protection offered by other competitors. Nevertheless, an integrated support center allows access to FAQs, guides or ticket filing from within desktop app – plus it has a mobile version but could use improvements.


360 Total Security makes an attractive first impression as an antivirus suite with its playful aesthetic, user-friendly design and comprehensive set of features. Unfortunately, however, its malware detection rates fall far short of ideal and lack additional tools like VPN, password manager and dark web monitoring as well as identity theft protection. Furthermore, this product consumes more resources than similar products and lacks live customer support services.

Malware protection based on Avira and Bitdefender engines performs poorly in third-party lab tests. Furthermore, an anti-theft tool uses your phone’s camera to take photos whenever someone attempts to move or access your computer remotely; this feature can be disabled via the settings menu.

Noteworthy features of PC Tuneup include webcam protection, an application sandbox for safely testing new programs, and a clean-up utility to optimize PC performance. Furthermore, its real-time monitoring protects against malicious tampering and data loss; free versions contain ads while premium versions remove these along with adding features such as desktop organizer and data shredders.

Privacy Protection

This program offers various features designed to protect and keep your PC healthy, including scanning files you download, tracking shopping/banking sessions on the web, protecting social media conversations against phishing attempts and speeding up its performance. Furthermore, it includes tools for clearing away junk files, optimizing system services/boot up items as well as speeding up program performance.

An additional useful feature is the option to ‘dress’ your software with various skins, adding an aesthetic flair. Clicking on the T-shirt icon in the upper bar takes you directly into settings where there is an assortment of themes for selection – making for a nice surprise in security programs!

360 Total Security is an effective antivirus that provides good protection and performance. Unfortunately, its malware detection rates don’t match up to those offered by competitors like Norton or Bitdefender and it lacks important extra tools like VPN access, dark web monitoring and password manager – not to mention ticket-based customer support that’s sometimes slow. Nonetheless, 360 Total Security remains an ideal budget-friendly choice; either try its free plan first or upgrade for an ad-free experience and exclusive discounts!


360 Total Security offers comprehensive PC protection through advanced virus scanning, system optimization, data shredding and privacy protection features. Featuring multiple antivirus engines to optimize computer performance for optimal boot time optimization and junk file removal/digital footprint removal/eraser removal features; 360 Total Security is sure to meet all your PC protection needs!

The program includes a powerful tool to protect documents against ransomware. This feature protects files against ransomware attack and allows them to decrypt without paying criminals a dime; additionally it monitors real-time protection of computers as well as making automatic backups of important files.

Other useful tools include the speed up button that scans and detects areas consuming processing power as well as a cleanup tool to free up disk space. Furthermore, its patch up feature offers regular updates for drivers while its Wi-Fi check detects potential threats in online activities and its Sandbox feature enables programs to be run in an isolated environment in order to protect sensitive information from hackers.

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