360 Total Security Review

360 Total Security is a free security suite packed with features to safeguard against viruses and cyber threats, while providing PC optimization tools to keep it running at its peak.

Customize real-time protection to fit your needs and personalize a profile for easier use. Additional tools help speed up computer performance while clearing away junk files.


360 Total Security provides comprehensive antivirus software protections, from local to web-based protections. In addition, privacy-focused features like anti-keylogging and webcam hijacking detection as well as excellent phishing defense have earned them high scores from Bitdefender and Kaspersky tests. Furthermore, 360 Total Security offers some unique features like “Intruder Selfie,” which snaps pictures whenever someone attempts to unlock your phone without permission.

The program includes its own antivirus engine, but for optimal protection you may switch between Bitdefender or Avira by accessing the Protection section in its user interface.

In our tests, the program did an effective job detecting malware and didn’t miss many threats even when using its in-house engine. However, it couldn’t stop all of the threats we ran in our test labs; thus falling short of offering real-time protection of 99%.

When we tested its cloud-based detection capabilities, they performed significantly better, though not completely eliminating all threats we ran through it. Unfortunately, cloud-based security suites often are unable to identify new and unknown threats that emerge during their tests.

360 Total Security’s other features include a computer wellness keeper that safeguards everything from performance to privacy. Its SpeedUp feature analyzes your computer configuration and detects any factors holding it back – helping the program quickly fix these problems automatically or manually with just a few mouse clicks.

Last, this program includes a feature that protects against ransomware attacks – essential given that this form of malware encrypts files before demanding money in exchange for decryption keys. Furthermore, the program can prevent users from downloading malicious applications and browsing suspicious websites by blocking suspicious domains and URLs.

360 Total Security includes an integrated support center which enables you to access FAQs and guides as well as submit tickets without leaving the app itself, but does not offer live chat support or any advanced options for customer care.


360 Total Security offers comprehensive protection tools to provide an all-round defense against malware threats, with its robust antivirus scanner equipped with advanced heuristics and behavior-based detection features providing real-time alerts of potential new threats such as zero-day viruses or ransomware attacks, while simultaneously automatically blocking and removing them before any data loss can occur.

360 Total Security excels at detecting and preventing cyber threats, but lacks some features available in enterprise-level solutions. Notably, its lack of firewall features makes this software less comprehensive. Furthermore, its user interface can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with antivirus software.

This application is a multi-platform freeware solution offering robust virus and spyware detection. Featuring an advanced heuristic engine to analyze files for suspicious behavior, its advanced heuristic engine detects even sophisticated threats and blocks them successfully. Furthermore, multiple antivirus engines such as Avira and Bitdefender help boost malware detection rates further while shopping protection, webcam protection, sandbox functionality, keylogger blocking features are also provided by this software suite.

One of the hallmarks of 360 Total Security’s attractive features is its minimal system impact. It requires only 1.5GB of disk space, consuming minimal RAM resources to run, making it ideal for users with limited system resources or older PCs. Plus, 360 Total Security includes additional optimization and maintenance tools like SpeedUp, Cleanup and PatchUp that make using it even simpler!

However, this software lacks a firewall and may interfere with other programs, which may present a challenge to some users with demanding system performance or complex security needs. Furthermore, the free version does not offer real-time protection against newly emerging malware; thus it is essential that you evaluate your own personal needs prior to selecting a solution; for those looking for advanced antivirus programs consider purchasing premium subscriptions instead.


360 Total Security’s unique feature is its customization feature, enabling users to personalize the program. Clicking a T-shirt icon in the upper bar of the interface opens one of many themes – providing users with more customization and making it easier to identify on monitors or mobile devices. Likewise, this program utilizes elements of gamification; by inviting friends to try out the software and earning points by inviting others, points can be redeemed for additional months on premium subscription.

At our tests of malware scanning functions, we found the program relatively intuitive to use; though some improvements may be needed. Its bright, flat UI elements resemble Windows 8 design with large buttons and toggle options that are easily accessible on touchscreen devices. Furthermore, its software prioritized key tools, options, and features at the forefront while concealing more complicated ones in menus accessible through clicking an arrow or check mark in the upper-right corner.

360 Total Security’s main drawback lies in its limited list of features. While the program contains plenty of anti-malware tools, such as password managers and parental controls, other common features like VPN service or anti-phishing protection found among some competitors are missing here.

Performance wise, the program performs admirably. Any detected threats are quickly cleared out while its lightweight nature ensures minimal impact to endpoints being managed.


The free version of 360 Total Security is an acceptable antivirus program that provides multiple scanning options and speedup-cleanup tools with low system impact. Additionally, its extensive toolbox features game booster, 360 Turbo VPN and Connect 3.0 (for remote fixing of other people’s computer problems via phone), among others. However, lab tests were below average, and certain features that are standard among top AV programs were missing from its arsenal.

The Premium edition of Qihoo Antivirus software features all of the same capabilities found in its free version as well as additional protection against fileless attacks and firewall protection, secure wiping of confidential files, regular system cleaning (deleting junk files) and tech support. Qihoo, one of Asia’s largest tech companies with 96% market share in China is behind this software – using their large customer base to promote products and generate revenue with their affordable paid license for three devices at only $27 annually! An attractive alternative to Quick Heal.

Qihoo 360 Total Security is an endpoint and antivirus protection solution designed to safeguard enterprises against malware, viruses, and cyber threats in order to ensure critical data and applications remain secure. Thanks to its comprehensive suite of features and scalability capabilities, this antivirus and endpoint protection solution makes an excellent choice for businesses, and also offers various tools to assist with fighting emerging threats while meeting industry regulations.

Some users have noted that the user interface of this product can be challenging to use and understand, particularly if they’re new to antivirus software. Some have also experienced false positives and slow system performance following installation of this software.

Software designed to detect and block malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, document hijacking and other online threats is designed specifically to safeguard users against these dangers – especially helpful in business settings where employees work with sensitive information that must be protected from being downloaded unknowingly and modified without their knowledge. This software offers protection from document hijacking as well.

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