360 Total Security Review

360 Total Security

360 Total Security is one of the more streamlined free antivirus solutions on the market, providing all core virus scanning and real-time threat protection features. However, the program also contains ads and does not offer firewall protection in its free plan.

All major functions are easily accessible from the app’s dashboard, making them simple to find and use. Quick, Full, and Custom Scans are only one click away!

Multi-layered protection against malware and viruses

Qihoo 360 Total Security is an all-in-one PC maintenance and optimization tool with an antivirus component, making for an unusual combination. Not your standard anti-virus program, this hybrid application offers protection from malware and phishing attacks as well as optimizing system performance – not to mention additional features like ransomware decryptor and document protector capabilities.

Antivirus Plus from Bitdefender offers state-of-the-art protection against malware and viruses. While it detects and deletes most malicious files, real world tests show it doesn’t perform quite as effectively compared to standalone versions. Still a great choice if you need an affordable but reliable option that gets the job done!

360 Total Security offers many advantages over its competition, such as no false positives and no PC slowdowns. But users should be wary of some minor drawbacks with this software – including lack of cloud-based threat neutralization (something top antivirus programs are moving towards), outdated UI design and limited threat neutralization capabilities.

Even with its shortcomings, this antivirus remains one of the best options available if you’re searching for an effective yet affordable security suite to safeguard your PC against threats. In addition, its 30-day money-back guarantee adds extra peace of mind.

Clicking the button below allows you to try 360 Total Security free for 14 days, after which time you can select which plan best meets your needs – from basic and premium packages, with premium offering more features and enhanced protection.

One of the key features of this program is its ability to search your system for malicious files, and then delete them from your PC. Furthermore, it can optimize boot speed and free up disk space by deleting junk files – as well as scanning external devices for any malware they may contain – plus additional utilities like privacy cleaner that removes browser history and other traces of online activity from them.

Optimize your PC

No matter where you shop online, download files, or connect with friends – 360 Total Security has got your back. This software protects from phishing attacks, malware infections and emerging threats such as viruses. Plus it comes with an optimized cleanup utility to keep your computer performing optimally! 360 Total Security integrates award-winning antivirus engines from 360 Cloud Scan Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira and Bitdefender which provide outstanding scanning performance – you can select Performance, Balanced or Security modes when setting it up!

This program’s user interface is elegant and user-friendly, with an easily navigable color scheme and menu bar at the top offering quick access to key functions of its suite. There is a list of available free plans; and its premium version provides additional features, including password management, anti-ransomware module protection, phishing protection module prevention and fileless attack prevention.

Qihoo 360 software enjoys widespread acceptance among its users and the company has earned itself many fans. It’s lightweight software designed not to slow down PC performance; and its optimization tools work effectively; its virus detection rate is also acceptable although not quite up there with Bitdefender or Norton’s offering.

Free versions of the software are available for Windows, macOS and Linux computers; however, due to being ad-supported you may encounter advertisements while using it. If you prefer an uninterrupted and clutter-free environment then consider opting for premium edition of this product.

However, 360 Total Security does have some issues that make it less than ideal; full scans can consume 1.5GB of RAM on older machines and the app itself may become unresponsive during some scanning sessions. Even so, 360 Total Security remains an excellent choice for anyone needing multilayered protection and optimization tools.

360 Total Security stands out as an effective alternative to the most widely-used antivirus programs on the market, offering both basic and premium tools in its free version, making its premium counterpart worth every penny of investment.

Easy to use

360 Total Security’s user-friendly interface makes it an effortless experience to use and navigate, including its free version with ads. However, premium plans offer an ad-free option and mobile device compatibility as well. We conducted tests using 360 Total Security on desktop computers. During our tests it detected most malware files real time while blocking most phishing websites as well as keeping malicious URLs away.

This program is compatible with Windows XP and later, macOS X 10.7 and later and Android operating systems. After installation, its setup wizard allows users to choose whether to join the 360 user experience improvement program and install Opera as a fast and safe web browser; they may also select which folder will host its installation.

Once installed, this suite provides quick scans that take only 3-5 minutes to complete, while full system scans take longer. Custom scans can also be saved as custom runs and run whenever convenient.

Our Virus Scan combines award-winning antivirus engines such as 360 Cloud Scan Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine and Bitdefender for maximum protection. It detects all forms of viruses and malware including ransomware. Furthermore, its Special Feature detects fake apps enabling uninstallation.

Other features include a file shredder that permanently deletes personal data on a computer and can block incoming messages to protect against potential hackers from accessing your camera or recording screen. Its ability to block messages prevent potential hacker intrusion is usually found only with more expensive suites; moreover, this program comes equipped with a password manager which ensures all online accounts remain safe and secure.

360 Total Security offers more than just powerful antivirus and optimization tools – it also boasts an innovative virtual vault which secures crypto wallets against hacking attempts using industry-leading algorithms – Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets are supported.

Though this suite offers many useful features, its user experience could still be enhanced. Our tests demonstrated it was capable of detecting some threats instantly while others went undetected. If only the software could display a description of each offending process to allow users to make informed decisions rather than accidentally authorizing dangerous actions by mistake.


360 Total Security stands out as one of the more cost-effective security suites on the market, boasting both free and paid versions that cover its core features. Both versions include ransomware protection, sandbox technology, as well as Windows cleanup and optimization tools; both are user friendly.

Users looking to purchase 360 Total Security can do so from either its official website, or coupon aggregator websites that provide discounts, offers, and deals for an array of products including antivirus software – saving them a considerable amount on their purchase.

Even though 360 Total Security has an excellent reputation, some users have complained that its antivirus may not detect certain viruses; furthermore, users have stated that it tends to slow down systems. While these issues should not necessarily prevent you from purchasing this product, they should certainly be taken into consideration prior to making a decision.

The free version of the software offers limited anti-ransomware and anti-malware capabilities, while its premium counterpart provides additional capabilities, including webcam protection, firewall security and Wi-Fi scans – perfect for people wanting to protect their computers against potential threats and malware.

Notable drawbacks of this program include its limited knowledge base and daily virus definition updates for premium subscribers only; additionally, its driver updater discovered fewer updates than comparable programs we tested.

360 Total Security remains an excellent value option for those searching for an economical yet multi-featured antivirus suite, particularly effective against ransomware and other emerging threats. If you need more features than 360 Total Security can provide, we suggest opting for another product like Bitdefender which has more value and provides higher levels of protection.

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