4 Super Techniques to Supercharge Your Productivity

Super (short for superior) refers to something which excels beyond expectations or average levels, or holds the highest rank or authority or quality – for instance a movie could be considered super awesome or Jane received a stellar grade on her test.

JavaScript’s super keyword helps identify methods or variables within a base class. Check out how it works in this tutorial!


A superpower refers to any entity which commands preeminent power on an international scale, typically as measured by military power and influence over others’ beliefs, values, ideologies or ways of life. This may be determined by various factors including defence spending levels or intercontinental ballistic missile numbers in their arsenal as well as economic contribution or participation in international organizations. Defining it further as such can also depend upon beliefs influencing others and global impact through influencers who influence beliefs values ideologies or lifestyle choices in other countries.

Superpowers manifest through physical, mental or emotional abilities. Their manifestation varies between characters but often takes the form of enhanced skills, extraordinary senses, enhanced intelligence, altered perception or supernatural physical attributes and characteristics.

Examples of superpowers are:

Enhanced Accuracy – The ability to shoot, aim or throw weapons with extraordinary accuracy. This could include shooting ranged weapons like firearms or throwing hand-to-hand weapons like Black Canary’s Canary Cry. Enhanced Aiming, Marksmanship or Superior Accuracy may also apply here.

Energy Manipulation – Energy manipulation involves manipulating energy sources to generate, manipulate and absorb it in various forms; also known as Electrokinesis, Gamakinesis, Heliokinesis or Potentikinesis.

Innate Capabilities – The ability to understand something without needing to study or have prior experience is known as Intuitive Intellect or Intuition.

Magical Abilities – Magical abilities refers to the capacity for magical feats, including casting spells, teleportation, altering objects’ appearance or controlling elements of nature.

Mind Manipulation – Mind manipulation refers to the practice of reading and controlling others’ minds through manipulation or communication, also referred to as Mind Control, Psychic Influence or Psychic Powers.

Power Mimicry – the practice of replicating another being’s abilities by mimicry; also referred to as Ability Copying, Duplication or Imitation.

There are countless examples of superpowers we see every day in life, but the ones listed above provide an excellent starting point. Recognizing your personal superpowers is a powerful way to become the most efficient team member possible and build stronger environments for all members. Take our online course From Superheroes to Great Teams for more details and discover your individual superpower.


The super keyword allows us to access variables, methods and constructors of a base class from within a derived class; however it comes with certain restrictions.

People with large superannuation balances are limited in how much non-concessional contributions they can make (currently up to $1.9 million in 2023-24). Furthermore, those aged 55 or over may only make voluntary downsizer contributions from proceeds of selling their home regardless of work status or super balance.


Super is often used to refer to something of the highest degree, extreme or extraordinary; it may also serve as a synonym for excellent or very good. For instance, stores might advertise a super sale that marks their biggest sale of the year while lotteries might feature a jackpot that dwarfs all other prizes available for prizes.

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We’re here to provide extra motivation and enthusiasm. With four techniques that will supercharge productivity and set you on the right path!

Super is often used in formal and informal contexts to emphasize something as being of exceptional rank, quality or authority. Additionally, it may be used interchangeably with excellent in marketing or slang settings.

The word super is often seen throughout society in various contexts. A store may advertise a “super sale”, while lotteries might announce an “extreme jackpot.” Even football games sometimes refer to their game as the “Super Bowl.” This term derives from Latin super and is cognate with soprano; furthermore it is related to prefix super- that appears in names of various celestial objects.

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