5KPlayer Review


5KPlayer is a free media player with an intuitive, straightforward user interface. GPU accelerated, it supports HD and 4K video playback as well as providing useful features like video cutting and mirroring.

Download videos from popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion and Vevo easily by using its intuitive download section – simply copy and paste the URLs!


5KPlayer stands out from other video players due to its diverse set of features, which make it a top pick. It can play HD videos and music files, stream DLNA or AirPlay content directly onto other devices, support multiple video and audio formats (including HEVC), download online videos from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion and more!

The user interface of this program has been designed for ease of use and simplicity, featuring a control bar with functions such as play/pause/stop/forward, volume slider and snapshot. Furthermore, its video player offers support for HEVC codec, which enables it to play 4K videos with minimal distortion or frame drop; additionally it can download MP3 soundtracks from online videos as well as convert existing video files to audio formats.

5KPlayer’s hardware acceleration feature enables it to handle large video files without crashing or stalling, using GPU processing tasks and offloading CPU-intensive ones from its CPU for efficient video playback and faster performance on your computer. This translates to improved video playback quality as well as faster playback speeds.

5KPlayer goes beyond its video playback abilities to offer advanced editing features as well. Users can cut, trim and crop videos as well as adjust contrast/brightness/saturation levels and synchronize audio and video together; rotate videos and alter playback speeds accordingly. Furthermore, 5KPlayer downloads subtitles so viewers unfamiliar with its original language may watch more easily.

5KPlayer stands out as an amazing media player by being able to download videos from popular sites, giving you access to your favorites without the ads – perfect for students or teachers keeping track of their favorites videos or music! It’s also great for keeping students up-to-date with what’s popular – great tool!

Software such as this is also capable of downloading songs and media files from social networks. All that’s required to get them downloaded is copying and pasting a link into the program; then let it analyze its URL before starting to download the files – multiple files at once can even be done at once! You may opt to only download video or only soundtrack.

Supports a wide range of media formats

5KPlayer stands out among online media players by offering an expansive list of features that allow it to remain free. It features screen mirroring for iOS devices, audio/video download, DLNA streaming as well as supporting DVDs and radio playback – making it the ideal solution for those searching for an all-encompassing media player that supports multiple file formats.

This app boasts an intuitive user interface resembling Windows 10, featuring dark colors and minimalist design elements that distinguish it from other media players. When playing media files, its borderless UI keeps your attention focused solely on watching it! Furthermore, the program can detect and automatically decode multiple audio and video codecs without needing external codec packs for installation.

Users can upload videos and music files by dragging-and-dropping them onto its main interface or right-clicking on them, and within moments their content will begin playing smoothly. Furthermore, YouTube or other websites offer download options so users can save videos offline for offline viewing.

For those who enjoy listening to radio, this program can stream live m3u8 streams and ad-free podcasts from popular radio stations including BBC Sport Live, CBS Sports Radio and NBC Sports Radio. Furthermore, its built-in audio converter enables MP4 videos to be converted to MP3 or AAC files quickly and efficiently.

5KPlayer stands out as one of the most efficient media players available, being capable of handling 4K UHD and HDR videos without lag or stutter. Furthermore, it comes equipped with inbuilt hardware acceleration which uses your CPU power to increase visual quality in high-resolution videos.

5KPlayer stands out among video-sharing services by being able to download videos from popular video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Furthermore, its built-in DLNA media server enables streaming audio/video content across other DLNA-certified devices – plus acting as both DVD player and HD camcorder movie/YouTube player!

Supports a variety of audio and video codecs

5KPlayer is an advanced media player offering advanced features and compatibility with all major file formats. Additionally, the program comes equipped with a video converter capable of converting any video file to MP3 or AAC format; furthermore it can download audio files directly from websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo Metacafe etc. Providing users with user-friendly navigation features and customization options makes 5KPlayer the ideal multimedia solution.

The main window of this program is divided into four sections: Library, Radio, Video and Downloader. In the Library section you can browse your media files; access DNLA servers to create playlists of music and videos; adjust contrast brightness saturation of media files as well as control volume synchronize audio/video/subtitle and rotate videos 90 degrees vertically or horizontally if available; control volume in terms of volume/video/subtitle synchronization as well as rotating them 90 degrees horizontally or vertically respectively.

Use this program to stream audio and video files across LAN. Supported protocols for AirPlay and DLNA allow you to mirror iPhone, iPad and Android device screens on a larger computer display while enjoying movies on bigger screens. Furthermore, HD and 4K videos can also be played using this software!

This feature is ideal for YouTube enthusiasts looking to watch their videos in high quality, selecting an aspect ratio and changing playback speed as desired. Furthermore, the program can capture a snapshot of any selected video to save as an image file, plus providing various 3D effects, equalizer presets and multilingual subtitles if available.

This software can play almost any video format imaginable, including 360-degree and high-resolution ones with no frame drops or stutter. Furthermore, DVDs can also be played without issue; DVD players will appreciate its DVD playback abilities. RStereo, Dolbys and DTS lossless audio formats are automatically detected for optimal playback experience as are online video downloads from popular sites such as Vevo and Vimeo.

Supports a variety of media formats

5KPlayer is a full-featured media player available for free that is capable of handling most audio and video formats, including YouTube downloads. It comes equipped with powerful hardware acceleration features that ensure smooth video playback without stutters or interruptions – an invaluable asset when watching HD videos online.

5KPlayer goes beyond playback capabilities to also serve as a DVD and DLNA media streamer, an AirPlay receiver for wirelessly streaming content to Apple TV and compatible devices, downloading HD videos and MP3 music files from popular websites such as YouTube and Vimeo and providing an intuitive user interface with an easy navigation system.

The program’s main screen is comprised of two tabs. One acts like a Now Playing screen while the second allows for most organization and playlist management activities. You can create multiple playlists organized by category (such as Movies, Music or AirRecord), add files to multiple lists at once (even adding them simultaneously) as well as make use of its search function to quickly locate what you need.

One of the unique aspects of this software is its support for multiple media formats and codecs, such as 4K, HEVC and VP9. Furthermore, this program features audio formats including AAC, AC3, ALAC AU AMR DTS DV Audio XM. In addition to these capabilities it features a built-in video converter to assist in converting files into their suitable formats for various devices.

5KPlayer is an impressive and feature-rich media player, comparable to some of the leading free media players on the market. Its video conversion capability stands out among similar programs which only provide basic transcoding options; being able to convert a video file into multiple formats makes 5KPlayer particularly suitable for people who own various devices.

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