A Beginner’s Guide to Moho Pro

Moho Pro

Moho Pro (formerly Anime Studio) is a vector-based 2D animation program featuring a bone system to rig and animate characters, used to produce Oscar nominated movies such as The Breadwinner and Song of the Sea by Cartoon Saloon Ireland.

As a serious competitor to Toon Boom Harmony, Blender stands up well to comparison; both programs boast extensive features but differ significantly in certain key areas that animators would find crucial for creating animations. This article compares and contrasts both programs to help determine which program best meets your needs.

3D Workspace

Moho Pro offers both 2D and 3D animation capabilities in one software tool. Equipped with vector drawing tools and an advanced modeling engine, Moho Pro combines 2D and 3D animation capabilities into an innovative software tool to speed your workflows while adding visual flair to projects. Exercise files provided for this course come equipped with textures for modeling work if required – you may also create your own by using Moho’s built-in design/layer tools to customize and design textures of your own using Moho Pro’s design tools/layer tools!

Rigging systems should be easy for both experienced animators and novices alike, providing users with quick rigging time–whether animating for Unity game developers or animating for themselves! Our system features Smart Bones, Animated Constraints, FBX support for Unity developers, Automatic Skeleton Squash and Stretch as well as Pin Bones for special control – not to mention a comprehensive hierarchy system complete with forward/inverse Kinematics!

Moho’s powerful effects and filters enable you to craft any style or mood, from realistic paint effects to stylized CG looks. Furthermore, its node-based compositing system makes creating complex yet sophisticated effects much simpler.

Animators can take advantage of the wide array of frame-by-frame and line art tools included within the app to easily create traditional hand drawn animation. Furthermore, the software offers plenty of onboarding resources for beginners with tutorials to help get them going quickly. Furthermore, its single license purchase option makes this tool highly convenient if you prefer not paying subscription costs like other high-end tools do.

Animating Lip Sync

The lip synchronization feature enables you to easily animate character mouth movements. It saves you both time and effort as it loads your voice audio file and then automatically animates all character mouth movements for you. It is an invaluable asset for both animation beginners and professionals.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to work out key frames with tweening. Simply move the ball from frame 1 to 36 and it will automatically calculate movement between those frames; much like traditional hand drawn animation with pencil and paper. This makes more complicated movements easier while producing smoother, more polished animations.

This software is tailored towards vector artwork, although you can also import images and 3D objects (.obj). Compatible with both Windows and MacIntosh operating systems, its technical requirements depend on which version of software is being used.

Due to an advanced bone rigging system, creating 2D art in this program is easy and quick – especially character art! Additionally, there is even a library of premade freebone character rigs included for quick setup!

Smart Animation Studio features a comprehensive set of drawing tools specifically tailored for animation, including Smart Bones, Smart Warp, Bezier handles optimized for tweening, professional timeline, physics engine and motion tracking capabilities; in addition to its friendly user interface – making it comparable with Toon Boom Harmony or TVPaint but at a fraction of their costs.

Physics Engine

Moho Pro’s Physics Engine feature is used by thousands of animators worldwide as their go-to solution for making visuals quickly come alive! You can use this amazing physics tool to bring your imagination alive quickly by creating crumbling buildings, breaking glass windows and destructible environments, impact objects such as bowling pins or rag doll characters – the possibilities are truly limitless!

Its unique vector system is specifically tailored for rigging and animation, providing consistent shapes as they move. Rigging any character, human, or object is easy with Smart Bones, Vitruvian bones, FK/IK Constraints, Shy Bones and more available as you will see below.

Moho’s user-friendly rigging tools give you complete control over the movement of any character, enabling you to animate with confidence and ease. Their system has been employed in numerous OSCAR nominated films including The Breadwinner, Song of the Sea and Secret of Kells as well as numerous animated TV shows and commercials.

Moho provides everything necessary for creating high-quality 2D animation in an efficient manner. Boasting cutting-edge technologies such as graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration and full HD export capabilities as well as its dedicated Render Process 3D camera for advanced quality control, Moho can take your productions to new levels of excellence. Moho’s wide array of tools allows animating any type of art including bitmap illustrations, pictures and vector drawings as well as PSD files; its Timeline with Graph Mode and multiple editable interpolations makes getting the desired results hassle-free!

Smart Bones

The Smart Bones feature in Moho Pro is a revolutionary way to rig and animate characters. This feature dramatically reduces or even eliminates distortion around joints like elbows and knees.

Create 2D character skeletons and bones in minutes with the simple but powerful rigging system. Work with forward and reverse kinematics, set target bones, pin bones for special control, animate hierarchy, bone constraints, squash and stretch bones, add inverse inverse kinematics to bones, reposition limbs by drawing their parent shape on the rig, copy and paste animation between similar skeletons and much more!

Moho Pro features a rich and growing community of users and developers. You can join in on discussions and ask questions, download new tools and plugins, and share your own creations.

Other features include frame-by-frame animation, layer referencing, animated shape ordering, enhanced vector tools and brushes, FBX support for Unity(tm) game developers, PSD import and export, onion skins, real-time media connection, and GPU acceleration. Also included is a powerful vector system optimized for animation and rigging, which allows you to easily obtain natural results using the power of the pen tool! Also, the unique bone rigging features, like Smart Bones, and automatic mesh creation for importing bitmap illustrations, pictures, and vector drawings open up endless possibilities.

FBX Support

Moho Pro’s FBX support feature is one of its greatest assets. It makes exporting and importing 3D models straightforward – perfect for Unity game developers – while eliminating rigid sprites and giving complete control over animation.

Moho Pro is an extremely popular 2D animator among both casual and professional animators alike. Equipped with tools specifically tailored to rigging and 2D animation, its Smart Bone system helps users achieve realistic-looking hand drawn motion that looks less computer generated. Moho Pro has been used by production studios worldwide such as Oscar nominated films Song of the Sea, Breadwinner and Secret of Kells; use by casual artists has increased dramatically thanks to Moho Pro’s widespread adoption.

Moho, like Toon Boom Harmony, focuses on vector drawing tools but can also handle bitmap art. With its full selection of 2D animation features – such as rough sketching to clean-up and coloring to final compositing – Moho offers something suitable for every stage of animation production.

Advanced Rigging Features Include: Forward/reverse Kinematics, Pin Bones for Special Control, Automatic squash and stretch options for any bone in the Skeleton and Copy/Paste Animation of One Rig to Another With Similar Structures as Well as Tween Key Frame Animation which automatically works out animation for each frame through Tweening; copy animation between Rigs with Similar Structures is possible as well. Key Frame Animation can also automatically generate animation on every frame using Tweening technology so as to achieve optimal animation without manual intervention from artists/designers/programmers/ animators/artists/animatorss/artistas when creating key frame animation of individual frames using Tweening technology so as to achieve perfection every frame will automatically.

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