A Guide to Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is an advanced screenshot-grabbing solution with features like scrolling capture tool, text removal options, scanner image correction capabilities, post-capture action dialog and more.

The program features several advanced options that you can modify as necessary, as well as customizable keyboard shortcuts to quickly take snapshots.

Capture Areas

Many desktop and mobile operating systems feature screen capture tools built directly into them, which allow users to save a full window, webpage or rectangular area in their display. Many are even equipped with image editing functions for further personalizing screenshots before using them.

Not all screenshot tools provide this level of functionality; there are other programs such as DuckCapture by Porpoise Media, Snaplr by Fox Magic Software or AMCap by Mirek Wojtowicz that may provide users with more advanced abilities. Such tools could prove more beneficial for those who frequently create screenshots but require more than simply taking images.

Screenshot Captor is a program that enables users to capture rectangular areas or windows within a screen and use its built-in image editor to highlight or annotate them. Users have many options at their fingertips when annotating images captured with Screenshot Captor such as textual comments, filters and effects as well as blurring or cropping an image. Screenshot Captor also automatically catalogues newly captured files so all your files stay in one convenient place.

This application is the ideal solution for creating instructional documents, email messages and other files which require screenshots of windows or objects on the screen. It can also prove invaluable for developers writing code to demonstrate how interact with certain objects on a particular machine.

Screenshot Captor differs from similar programs by being able to take multiple snapshots and store them on the hard drive simultaneously, as well as automatically upload captured images onto various websites on demand. Furthermore, it stores screenshots in various formats for easy access and reuse of the images captured.

The program offers various capture modes to choose from, including Multimon (multiple monitors), Desktop, Active Window, Region and Windows Object, Scrolling modes as well as customizable keyboard shortcuts. Each mode can be easily accessed via its system tray icon or customized shortcut keys and offers various output file types for output files as well as image editing features like Pixelation, Ripped Edge Splicing and Auto Active Window Enhancement among many more.

Capture Scrolling Windows

Screenshot Captor makes taking screenshots of scrolling windows simple, offering an option built directly into your computer that allows for this. While most browsers provide ways of taking full-page screenshots, these don’t always include scrolling window capture capabilities. With Screenshot Captor you can capture specific regions, windows or entire screens; plus it also pieces together multiple scrolling screenshots into one long image for situations when more data must be captured than fits within an individual image.

To capture scrolling screenshots, press your assigned hotkey and select a region you would like to capture. The program will begin scrolling the page while taking images as it goes, stitching these together automatically into one final scrolling screenshot. It supports multiple image formats including PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP and TIFF for optimal results. You may save or upload directly to one of several popular image hosting websites directly after taking this screenshot.

Once you have taken a scrolling screenshot, use the Snagit Editor to make edits to it. This opens up your image and allows you to add callout arrows, text boxes and other markup to highlight important parts. Furthermore, there is a selection of pre-made color themes available so your screenshots look professional and consistent.

Screenshot Captor is a free-to-use screenshot program compatible with most laptop and desktop computers, which replaces the traditional Print Screen key with an interface that launches every time you click a button. This ensures you do not have to learn new shortcuts if using laptops that require Fn keys or special combinations in order to access its traditional Print Screen function.

This software program offers complete screen capture and image editing functionality for home and business users alike, boasting powerful features such as multiple monitor support, auto-naming files, pixelation effects and advanced textual comments. Furthermore, it fully supports all major web browsers including Internet Explorer 9+.

Capture Multiple Screens

Screenshot Captor is a comprehensive screenshot program with many advanced features. For instance, it can capture multiple monitors simultaneously and create GIFs instantly; edit screenshots with custom text, shapes, effects or watermarks for additional security; capture GIFs of your screenshots directly – or both at once!

Compare other free screenshot programs, this one stands out as being one of the most powerful ones out there. It captures everything that’s visible on your screen – even those windows or menus which are hidden – including scrolling windows and objects, supporting various file formats, working seamlessly with popular image editing suites such as Photoshop and autosaving files to custom folders with customized file names for increased efficiency.

Simple User Interface and Usage It features a straightforward user interface and usage is straightforward, using minimal system resources for optimal performance. Compatible with Windows Explorer, and seamlessly integrated into its shell – You can use either menus or mouse cursor to select from various capture modes like fullscreen, active window, rectangular region and fixed area capture modes using mouse cursor selection or menu. Plus you can automatically save/name captures as well as add captions, timestamps and custom options!

Snagit, available for both Windows and Mac computers, provides another great solution for capturing multiple screens at the same time. Although slightly more costly than its rivals, Snagit offers additional features not found elsewhere, including video recording, multi monitor captures, GIF conversion and image GIF creation.

Lightscreen, another great free screenshot software option, was designed with ease of use in mind. Operated solely through hotkey controls and fully automated, Lightscreen requires no complicated setup or learning curves to use successfully. Furthermore, its functionality can easily be extended by pairing with third-party image editors for added functionality – not forgetting recording videos! Its recording abilities make Lightscreen an invaluable solution when trying to capture dynamic scenes.

Edit Screenshots

Screenshots can serve many functions, and editing them to highlight important details or create step-by-step guides is often required. This guide demonstrates how to use screenshot tools for editing text, blurring sensitive info and adding images/elements to your screenshots.

Skitch is one of the most versatile screenshot tools available for free, offering multiple capture modes and an easy editor. You can add text, shapes and arrows, stamps and pixelation effects, even draw directly onto a screenshot using its pen tool to annotate it! Plus you have options to hide sensitive data before or after taking your screenshots!

Skitch screenshot tool offers many advantageous features, including support for multiple file formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIF) which allow for convenient export to Evernote, Jira or Box. Furthermore, its recording capability or taking timed snapshots are additional helpful uses of its functionality.

All screenshot options within this tool are accessible via customizable hotkeys or the menu in the main program window (except Capture Image of Screenshot Captor Window which must be selected via Capture drop-down). Furthermore, this tool puts minimal strain on your computer’s resources and offers minimal system overhead.

The program does have some minor flaws. For instance, it doesn’t automatically capture your mouse cursor as an independent layer for taking long screenshots in web browsers; furthermore, screenshots are saved to a folder on desktop rather than the usual location causing some confusion when saving screenshots.

Overall, though, this is an outstanding tool for taking screenshots of any size. With its various capturing modes making it simple to capture a specific area or window or entire monitor quickly and even scrolling windows; plus it comes packed with extra features like 3rd party tool support, autonaming capabilities and much more besides!

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