A Review of Foxmail


Foxmail from Tencent is a Windows-based email client which supports multiple accounts and features such as feed readers, calendars, filter managers and alarms as well as support for file attachments and file search functions.

Emails from Foxmail can be exported into PST files using an appropriate software tool and imported into Outlook later.

It supports multiple email accounts

With its help, it’s now possible to manage multiple email accounts simultaneously from within a single window – an especially handy feature for users with many email addresses. Furthermore, this tool also combines emails from all these accounts into one tab so it’s easier than ever to check for messages without switching accounts; additionally it imports messages from Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express clients as well.

Tencent’s Foxmail is one of the most widely used email programs in China and boasts an array of options designed to make managing multiple email accounts simpler, including support for POP3, IMAP and Exchange server types, calendar support, duplicate mail finder features and alarms. Furthermore, its friendly interface should make this tool accessible even to new PC users as well as advanced users alike.

To add an account to Foxmail, click on the menu icon and choose Account Settings, followed by Create to begin adding one. Your new email account may use either your current email address or you may create unique email addresses for each additional one you add – after you’ve done that you can view all your email in one window!

Another key feature is its capability of importing and exporting emails from other programs, a feature which is particularly convenient for business users who must share emails among colleagues or partners, especially for those transferring messages between systems such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

This software features many additional functions designed to increase productivity. These functions include marking, tagging or labeling emails in an unlimited number of mailboxes; searching by sender, content or subject; showing notifications on desktop and calendar views; supporting mouse gestures and providing customizable interface.

Another key benefit of the program is its capacity to manage multiple email accounts simultaneously – up to five at any given time – with ease, saving email attachments locally for easy access across any device such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, it’s compatible with all versions of Windows from XP up through 8/8.1.

It offers a feed reader

Foxmail is an email client software package with many features and functionalities, such as supporting multiple accounts, an integrated search function and intuitive use. Furthermore, it includes several add-ins to make working with the program even simpler – all for free download without ads!

This software offers various options for managing mail, including a calendar, duplicate mail finder and alarm. Furthermore, its WYSIWYG email editor enables users to compose HTML emails from scratch or from templates; automated archives or forwards of messages based on sender, text or subject can also be automatically set. Lastly, there are filters which can be applied selectively when receiving an incoming message.

Other features include an anti-spam capability that employs various techniques to detect and filter spam messages, synchronization address books and sending and receiving email via Secure Sockets Layer protocol – protecting you against hackers gaining access to your personal information -, support of vCards with inline display of attachment pictures as well as support of vCards with attachment pictures inline display capability.

One of the standout features of this program is its ability to access and manage multiple SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 accounts simultaneously, import local files with EML or PST emails in EML/PST format, empty trash/spam folders automatically upon exit, run at startup/close down minimising system tray space consumption on closing and display notifications / hide them accordingly – among many others! During our evaluation of it it ran without crashing or showing errors and had low memory and CPU consumption rates.

Foxmail allows for easy customization, including language and time zone settings. Users can set Foxmail up to automatically download attachments without showing their extensions when opening them, change their preferred naming convention for messages stored, as well as set Foxmail up so all mail from certain senders automatically transfers to one specific folder.

It offers a calendar

Foxmail is an award-winning email management program, capable of handling multiple accounts with calendar, filtering and alarm features. Over four million downloads have taken place since this free email client launched. Foxmail supports POP3, IMAP and Exchange server types while its WYSIWYG composition feature supports WYSIWYG composition features; POP3 IMAP Exchange server support as well as mailbox encryption & antispam system features are supported as well as direct mailing. You can compose messages using plain text or HTML formatting; additionally users can create custom signatures when sending direct.

Its user interface is straightforward and offers plenty of useful functionality, such as viewing emails by day, week or month views and searching them by name or subject. Furthermore, this email client can synchronize with calendar programs or mobile phones for seamless use.

An email client offers several other features to assist users in keeping track of incoming and outgoing mail. Furthermore, its timeline displays recent activities that may help users keep tabs on important events or deadlines, making the client especially helpful for students who might otherwise forget important dates on their calendar.

User-friendly design and advanced security features of Mailbird make it an excellent alternative to Microsoft Outlook. Account holders can easily access their account from multiple devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets; email files can even be stored external drives. Anti-spam protection blocks any unwanted emails from entering user’s inbox while decreasing virus and malware risk.

Although this program offers many great features, there are still a few drawbacks. First and foremost is its interface which falls below that of Gmail; additionally it only runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Foxmail to PST backup can provide an effective solution, AOMEI Backupper is an ideal tool for this process, offering reliable protection of all of the folders within a Foxmail account, such as inbox, sent, draft and more besides Hotmail/Gmail PST files backed up from them both! Furthermore it can store this email data to various locations like local path, external disk drive network drive NAS or cloud.

It offers a filter manager

Foxmail’s filter manager makes email management simpler by sorting and categorizing emails based on their characteristics, making management of incoming emails much simpler. Filter conditions may include sender, subject and body of each message filtered for classification in various folders or being forwarded on; change labels as necessary etc. Additionally, Foxmail monitors mailboxes automatically to check for new mail; thus saving time.

This app also boasts other features, such as support for multiple accounts, an address book and search functions for emails and contacts. In addition, its antispam system uses various techniques to detect spam messages and filter them out – saving time by decreasing spam delivery while helping users focus more on important emails.

To create a filter, the user must go into Filter Manager tab and select their account where they would like the filter created, click “New Filter,” check “Older Filters,” set their condition(s), then “Run Through Filters”, allowing the program to process all email messages in that folder according to their filters set up by clicking Run through Filters icon and run.

If a message meets criteria for more than one filter, it will be processed according to the action set in each one of those filters. For instance, if four different filters each feature an action called ‘Move to Folder”, that message would be moved into its designated folder based on which action was selected first by its first satisfying filter; all others will be ignored and its tag applied instead.

Foxmail stands out with its Feed Reader, which allows users to subscribe to various news feeds and customize them, view extended content in a built-in browser and share individual RSS feeds with others. Furthermore, its simple interface and support for keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures makes the Feed Reader even more useful!

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