ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is an optical character recognition (OCR) program that uses machine learning algorithms to convert scanned documents and PDF images into editable computer files, with document comparison tools to make the comparison between versions easier and faster.

Members of NYU Bobst Library can gain access to this software by scheduling an appointment to use one of our workstations.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

ABBYY FineReader helps you access data buried within paper documents, images and PDF files. By combining powerful OCR technology with PDF/image processing functionality to produce business-ready information. Use it to digitize and convert documents such as faxes, TIFF/JPEG/PDF files as well as photos/digital camera images into searchable text for Microsoft Word or Excel documents; up to 190 languages supported for document recognition/conversion help save time/cost and increase productivity.

Automatic image enhancement and document processing capabilities provided by this software maximize OCR results, even for poor-quality scanned documents, smartphone images taken with mobile phones or foreign languages that require translation into editable and searchable formats. Likewise, they reduce manual labor needed for subsequent processing tasks, such as aligning photos to match original document layout or eliminating image elements such as shadows and reflections that could affect OCR accuracy.

As well as producing outstanding OCR results, this software also enables users to automatically add page numbers and extract tables of contents from documents. Furthermore, it can identify documents that contain headers and footers, including their layout, fonts, styles and structure – giving documents a consistent, professional appearance for users.

FineReader can also be used to perform text comparisons between two versions of any document saved as PDF, Microsoft Word and TIFF/JPEG input formats, helping identify any unauthorised changes made while working collaboratively on projects. This feature is especially helpful in determining if there have been unauthorized alterations made without permission to a document that needs collaboration amongst its contributors.

FineReader software offers various working modes designed to maximize user experience, each tailored for different document tasks. If you find yourself processing documents of one type often, for instance, creating a Hot Folder allows automatic processing as soon as they’re saved or opened; additionally it includes text redaction tools to prevent sensitive information being displayed or edited accidentally.

Hot Folder

With ABBYY FineReader’s “Hot Folder” feature, you can automate image files into text files and convert them to searchable PDF documents without disturbing other programs’ work. Once scheduled, its settings can be viewed within ABBYY FineReader to specify when new images will be checked for processing.

FineReader can automatically recognize text within images and generate searchable PDF documents with full indexing so you can quickly find what you’re searching for without scrolling through every document.

ABBYY FineReader now allows users to leverage a comprehensive set of pre-processing options for improved recognition results, such as improving text clarity in low contrast documents or eliminating color artifacts and tonal values of images. Furthermore, ABBYY FineReader offers three preset PDF conversion modes (Maximum Quality, Compact Size and Balanced), in addition to supporting over 189 recognition languages.

FineReader allows you to automatically convert paper documents, image PDFs and digital photographs into searchable text files and e-books for editability and searchability. Furthermore, this software extracts data directly from documents without having to retype manually retyped text – creating an efficient workflow thereby. Likewise, converted texts may even be sent via ABBYY FineReader to mobile devices like Amazon Kindle for reading on mobile phones or readers.

FineReader also features many useful business user features, including the ability to quickly and accurately recognize scanned and electronic documents in multiple formats, redact sensitive information from documents without handwriting it out and extract contacts quickly from scanned business cards for saving in vCard format or directly into Microsoft Outlook(r). Finally, its business card reader makes FineReader an indispensable solution for business users.

Text Redaction

ABBYY FineReader is a PDF solution that enables users to open, scan and convert documents in various formats into their desired formats, while offering tools to organize and edit PDF documents digitally. Ideal for businesses that rely on this platform for managing business documents digitally as it helps increase work efficiency by eliminating manual labor requirements when processing data.

Text redaction software also equips users with an anti-confidential feature to eliminate confidential information from document files before distribution or publication. It searches for specific keywords within each document and replaces them with black rectangles or asterisks to prevent unauthorized access of sensitive data. With this tool at their disposal, users can quickly identify and eliminate sensitive content before sharing PDF documents with others.

One of ABBYY FineReader’s key capabilities is recognizing blocks of text in scanned documents and accurately converting them to typed text, while maintaining original layout and formatting when converting files between file formats. Furthermore, ABBYY FineReader supports over 190 languages and boasts unrivalled recognition accuracy.

ABBYY FineReader stands out as an indispensable document digitization and search tool. The software transforms paper-based and image documents (like PDFs and digital camera photos ) into searchable and editable files, extracting tables and photo charts as necessary. Furthermore, conversion into formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich Text Format HTML searchable PDF CSV are possible as well as conversion back out again – these capabilities make ABBYY FineReader indispensable!

FineReader is an advanced document management tool that streamlines workflow processes. It can convert paper documents to business-ready data and automatically classify them according to preset rules, while performing batch conversion tasks from PDF to TIFF, JPEG or BMP files in bulk. Furthermore, fillable PDF forms with digital signatures can also be created.

ABBYY FineReader is widely acclaimed for its OCR capabilities, processing text quickly in very little time and providing accurate conversion to other formats like Microsoft Word and PDF. However, this software requires significant investment; therefore it may only be appropriate for larger organizations who can afford the costly licensing costs, while smaller firms will likely find more suitable alternatives such as UPDF more suitable.


ABBYY FineReader’s contextualization feature enables its recognition engine to gain experience when processing entire pages of natural language text, helping improve and speed up recognition results while also improving accuracy by anticipating words based on page context and correcting whole sentences/paragraphs rather than individual letters. This makes the tool more accurate as well.

ABBYY FineReader is an advanced document-processing solution with numerous features designed to increase efficiency in digital workflows. Used to process all kinds of documents ranging from scanned papers, PDFs and document images through to OCR processed texts and images; ABBYY FineReader can easily integrate into existing software applications for seamless business operations while eliminating multiple software products and allowing employees to focus solely on doing their jobs without incurring additional expenses.

This product provides users with multiple OCR engines-FineReader, OmniPage or Optical Character Recognition for Windows (OCR for W). Additionally, there is an integrated text-to-speech software synthesizer using RealSpeak Solo and Eloquence voices as well as efficient synthetic voices for text to speech synthesis. Support for 192 languages allows for users to train the recognition engine to recognize new characters by including them in its alphabet or adding domain-specific vocabulary to its built-in lexicon.

With ABBYY FineReader, users can easily create, edit and fill PDF forms. Furthermore, users can collaborate on documents with others and process them as a team – helping teams to perform their tasks more efficiently while cutting time spent on manual data entry and other repetitive tasks – and saving money by conducting these operations internally instead of outsourcing.

ABBYY FineReader Server offers an alternative to cloud-based OCR solutions with its web service API that may be called by any application capable of making HTTP requests. Users can convert documents to searchable, archiveal formats while extracting text and barcodes for easy searching and extraction. Moreover, this secure option for sensitive documents as it can be hosted on customer servers under customer control for maximum compliance with regulations such as HIPAA.

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