ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader provides comprehensive digital workplace solutions. Its feature set allows for document digitization, conversion and organization within individual workflows to help organizations maximize productivity while decreasing costs.

ABBYY FineReader recognizes text in 186 different languages (such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Nyanja and Papiamento ) at tiered annual pricing options to facilitate deployment across an organization.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

ABBYY FineReader’s optical character recognition (OCR) feature allows users to recognize text from photos, scans, and PDF documents. This feature enables them to turn these files into editable documents which can then be read using standard word processing software.

In addition, ABBYY FineReader’s OCR feature enables users to perform searchable PDF document conversion, enabling them to quickly find specific information within documents quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, sharing documents of different formats with others is made much simpler with this software solution.

ABBYY FineReader supports multiple file formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF. Furthermore, its image-to-text conversion capability enables users to turn photos into editable documents that can easily be searchable – an invaluable asset for students submitting assignments or businesses wishing to save both time and money by eliminating manual typing of important documents.

ABBYY FineReader’s OCR feature offers advanced linguistic features for precise recognition. These features include automatic spelling correction and dictionary lookup to ensure documents are accurately scanned and converted to their desired formats, multiple language support for working with documents containing both English and non-English text, support for various scanning equipment types as well as recognition jobs even when there are no scanners available.

ABBYY FineReader’s AI-based OCR technology enables users to digitize paper documents and scans quickly and efficiently, create PDFs from them, update them as necessary and streamline workflows by prioritizing tasks that matter most while team collaboration becomes simpler and manual labor is reduced significantly.

One of the many great things about ABBYY FineReader is its convenient non-installation usage: simply visit its online site and upload an image or PDF document for conversion – saving both space and effort with this timesaving process! Furthermore, up to five pages may be converted free before paying a subscription fee for further conversions.

Converting Documents

ABBYY FineReader converts PDF documents and scanned images (including photographs) to easily editable formats, including DOC, DOCX, RTF and ODT formats. With advanced conversion options you can adjust text formatting/layout; specify table/text structure; as well as choose different document languages.

PDF files have become one of the most versatile file formats used in office work. PDFs can be used for anything from reusing content and making edits with track changes to sharing final documents with revised layout and formatting or long term storage and access. ABBYY FineReader supports creation and conversion of PDFs according to ISO standards as well as special types such as PDF/A/UA for making your documents accessible for screen readers and other assistive technology tools.

When you need to process several similar documents at once for further processing or reuse text and graphics from scanned pages or other file formats, FineReader’s “Convert to…” task in its New Task window can save a great deal of time by automatically processing each folder’s files into one consolidated document. The tool automatically recognizes and processes them all at the same time – saving both effort and time!

Searchable PDF documents can also be converted from other formats and paper documents for better organization and storage purposes, while maintaining document layout and formatting. Depending on your needs, compress images to reduce their file sizes, set up tagged PDFs with bookmarks from headlines or opt for image-only documents without searchable text.

FineReader provides an automated document conversion solution with its Hot Folder tool for those needing to automate document conversion processes. Simply set up watched folders and schedule conversion process – up to 5,000 pages can be processed each month using two CPU cores!

Organizing Documents

Employees in digital workplaces rely heavily on document processing tools like ABBYY Finereader for fast and simple document management. ABBYY Finereader can seamlessly integrate paper documents, scans, and digital counterparts into one integrated workflow, as well as convert paper-based documents to PDF formats for sharing and collaboration purposes.

This software can easily recognize text in scanned documents and books and convert it to typed text with remarkable accuracy. Furthermore, it can detect non-text elements and preserve their appearance in the output format while maintaining original document appearance. Furthermore, it allows comparison of documents of different formats while simultaneously displaying both their structures and contents side-by-side.

ABBYY FineReader makes working with large PDF documents easier by breaking them up into separate pages for uploading or storing purposes, or meeting size restrictions when working in batches. This function is ideal for scanning questionnaires, forms, datasheets and other documents in batches – or can even divide PDFs into individual chapters to enable working on individual pieces of a document at once.

FineReader can do much more than split PDF documents: in addition to merging multiple files into a single PDF, FineReader also combines and adds page ranges for existing files, so that documents with multiple chapters or tables, for instance when working with Excel sheets, can be created easily and quickly. This feature is especially helpful when creating large reports containing numerous spreadsheets or presentations.

FineReader PDF 16 features an enhanced Organize Pages tool to simplify PDF page management. This user-friendly interface enables visual selection and rearrangement, deletion or saving as new documents; as well as automatically deleting blank pages to a folder for saving. In addition, its design now complements FineReader’s new PDF 16 style.


ABBYY FineReader is a software program that recognizes text in scanned documents, images and PDF files. Additionally it features conversion and editing features. Easy to use and with multiple output formats available both Windows and Mac it has an intuitive user interface capable of recognising various forms of text such as tables and book text as well as accurately converting image-based texts with precision; additionally it can recognize different languages.

The latest version of ABBYY FineReader now provides users with advanced editing and collaboration tools for PDFs and scans, enabling them to work seamlessly across document types in one workflow, compare side-by-side comparisons of documents side-by-side editing capabilities, as well as optimize administrative requirements by eliminating manual labor. This program helps optimize administrative needs while decreasing unnecessary manual work load for you.

This version of ABBYY FineReader boasts enhanced OCR technology and an advanced document converter. Now supporting over 190 languages – such as Korean and Chinese that are difficult to digitize. In addition, this OCR program recognizes simple math formulas, English phonetic transcriptions and even distinguishes differences between versions of same document in various formats.

Contrary to some competing programs, ABBYY FineReader makes editing PDF files easier by offering editing capabilities within itself. This means it can add comments and markups directly onto PDF documents without needing another program for this task; change their format; fill forms within them; as well as creating PDFs from scratch or merging multiple documents and extract pages as required – it even supports conversion of raster images into PDF documents vice versa!

Software such as ABBYY FineReader OCR can be invaluable when working with multiple document formats. Its powerful OCR technology can quickly convert paper documents, emails, photos and image-based files to editable text documents that can then be opened directly in Microsoft Word or Excel. Furthermore, ABBYY FineReader OCR also helps users build searchable databases of documents with automatic indexing so they can be quickly located when needed.

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