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Able2Extract is an all-in-one PDF converter, creator and editor. It is capable of handling both native PDF documents as well as those produced through scanning processes. Able2Extract converts PDFs to Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, image formats HTML or AutoCAD; its unique Custom PDF to Excel feature allows accurate transformation of tables.

Edit PDF content directly with an extensive suite of annotation tools: highlights, underlines, squiggly lines, strikethroughs, comments and stamps- including customizable watermarks- to easily annotate it directly.

PDF to Excel

Able2Extract provides users with multiple options when it comes to converting PDF files into Excel documents. First, this software recognizes tables within a document and marks them for conversion – this feature is particularly helpful if you wish to convert an entire document. Alternatively, users may select specific areas to convert from within their document using one of the methods presented on either side of their screen or via Custom Excel tab.

Automatic conversion allows for instantaneous PDF to Excel conversion by selecting all text within an area and clicking “Convert.” Custom conversion enables manual adjustment of column positioning when converting PDFs to spreadsheets; finally Master Templates offers batch conversion.

Apart from converting PDFs into Excel, this program can also transform them into Word and PowerPoint documents, or extract text from scanned PDF documents and turn it into CSV format compatible with Quickbooks or similar accounting applications. This application is an invaluable resource for professionals working within finance & accounting, legal, insurance or real estate industries who regularly deal with PDF files.

Able2Extract goes beyond simply converting PDFs to other file formats by offering features to protect them from unauthorized access and modification. By leveraging its password protection with up to 256-bit encryption and file permissions features, Able2Extract enables you to prevent editing or restrict certain features like printing, adding comments or modifying documents from occurring without your knowledge or consent. Furthermore, digital signatures can also be added or verified authentic ones can already exist – ideal for keeping sensitive documents secure from unwanted hands!

Able2Extract also comes equipped with a built-in “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor, making PDF editing simpler than ever before. Use it to insert text, shapes, images and hyperlinks easily, change text formatting as well as flip, rotate or split pages to produce multiple PDF documents easily. In addition, set background color or transparency and customize page contents using this editor!

PDF to Word

Able2Extract features a user-friendly interface, making it the ideal solution for quickly and effortlessly converting PDFs to Word documents. Choose between several output formats – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, OpenOffice AutoCAD etc. – when making conversions of single or multiple documents.

This app can even handle more challenging conversions, including tables with text or image data, tables that span multiple cells, or those involving complex elements with text/image content. With batch conversion you can upload and process an entire directory at once while specifying what file types should be converted. Alternatively, for larger conversion tasks you could save your conversion templates for future use so as to convert documents more efficiently in their original formats.

Able2Extract can edit text directly on a PDF document, making this tool invaluable for editing specific blocks or multiline text objects like headers and footers, changing font styles or editing font size/style settings, adding or deleting text, adjusting line spacing or padding – an indispensable feature when dealing with sensitive documents circulating throughout a business environment that contain personal or sensitive data you don’t wish for anyone else to view or redistribute.

This software features many other useful features to assist users with managing PDF documents, including creating secure PDFs with passwords and permissions, inserting Bates numbering, adding digital signatures and verifying them, side by side comparing documents, editing pages and texts, adding annotations or removing them; plus creating forms as well as extracting form data for import into other applications.

Able2Extract offers plenty of value, making it well-worth checking out. However, we found its navigation and customizability initially confusing due to confusing naming conventions for its main options tabs; although this may have been done intentionally to keep things as straightforward and minimalistic as possible; nonetheless it caused some initial frustration for us.

PDF to PowerPoint

Able2Extract allows you to seamlessly convert PDF documents to PowerPoint presentations without opening an application. Its user-friendly design works with both scanned and native PDF files, runs on Windows, Linux or Mac OS and includes a free seven day trial option – it has even been enhanced to protect against 15 of the most commonly exploited security vulnerabilities so your data and system remain safe when using this product.

Text recognition has been greatly enhanced, making conversion output that closely mirrors the formatting and layout of your original document more accurate than ever before. PDF conversions have also become faster and more efficient with an estimated 20% performance increase.

With the ability to convert text lines, pages or ranges to PDF documents with unprecedented control, PDF Document Converter gives you greater power in document conversions than ever. Advanced PDF creation capabilities give you full access to specify file metadata, set encryption/decryption options and compress PDFs for optimal output. With its built-in WYSIWYG text editor you can also easily edit content quickly – for example adding or removing texts and pages!

Able2Extract makes batch conversion effortless, enabling users to upload entire directories of files for faster, more accurate conversions, as well as merge PDFs into one document or split them up into individual ones. Furthermore, Able2Extract supports both scanned and native PDF files, popular image formats as well as Microsoft Office documents, CAD drawings, text documents HTML web pages and AutoCAD.

Able2Extract excels at PDF document conversions, providing a powerful way to transform presentations and documents locked within PDFs into industry-standard formats that can be edited by other applications. This means professional print content can be revisited again to keep publications and marketing collateral up-to-date, while CAD drawings saved as PDF can be converted to DWG or DXF so engineers and architects can edit them directly.

PDF to Image

Able2Extract makes the process of converting PDF documents to image formats straightforward. Users can quickly transform PDFs into JPG, PNG and TIFF images of high quality in no time at all – the conversion process being fast and convenient. Furthermore, Able2Extract supports automated batch PDF conversions as well as merging of multiple PDFs into one document – along with simple text and page editing capabilities such as adding and deleting text, inserting images, editing paragraphs (delete/move pages; delete/move/resize/rotate them), insert blank pages from other PDFs combining files or extract pages (splitting them).

Adobe Reader offers redact functionality, which makes this program extremely beneficial in protecting sensitive or confidential information from being seen by unauthorized parties. In addition, this software also enables users to customize PDF document conversions down to every minute detail for maximum accuracy in outputs.

Able2Extract boasts many other features to make working with PDFs simpler, such as support for multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux etc) and browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Furthermore, Able2Extract allows users to easily create, edit, convert, OCR compare and secure PDF documents.

Able2Extract provides one of its unique strengths by enabling users to sign documents using digital signatures, making this tool ideal for businesses needing to sign contracts or documents with clients. Able2Extract includes an e-signing functionality within its software which enables users to insert either an image signature or digital cryptographic signature; additionally, Able2Extract features a verification feature to check whether or not digital signature has been added correctly and hasn’t been altered after signing it.

Software is available online and comes with a 30-day free trial period to test it before purchasing as either 32-bit or 64-bit downloads. Compatible with all major versions of Microsoft Windows.

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