Abrosoft FantaMorph Review


FantaMorph is an advanced photo morphing software. You can quickly morph two photos and produce an instantaneous morphing movie for use in screensavers, music videos, ads, movies, presentations and educational software.

This software features an easy-to-use project wizard and tutorials, making advanced animation software accessible even to novice users. Furthermore, OpenGL hardware acceleration support is also provided.

Key Features

Abrosoft FantaMorph stands out from other photo morphing programs with its outstanding photo morphing capabilities and user-friendly user interface. Users can effortlessly create either a morphing effect (creates transition animation between two pictures) or warping effect (animates one picture into an animation) using this program.

FantaMorph uses these dots to identify areas they wish to morph. Once this process is completed, FantaMorph matches up those dots with similar ones on the target image, combining corresponding pixels between both photos to produce a smooth, natural-looking transition effect or animation effect.

When adding dots to both images, the user can choose their dot color and use a grid overlay for improved accuracy. When moving one dot, its partner on the other image will move synchroniously in response to it to ensure they remain correctly positioned and aligned; should any mistake arise during placement, users can move it back in real-time using preview window.

Once a morph has been completed, users have several options for saving it: animated GIF, AVI movie, Flash movie or screensaver are among these possibilities; additionally it may be saved as sequence of still images or video snippet for integration in PowerPoint presentations.

The program is easy to use and comes equipped with a comprehensive help file and tutorial, supporting numerous languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian Dutch and Portuguese.

Additionally, this program features an advanced morphing engine which enables users to animate both images and video clips with ease. A new Dual View mode supports dual monitors for easier working environments. Furthermore, new effects and features have also been introduced, such as:


FantaMorph provides an array of features to create high-quality image morphing effects. It can be used to add visual elements to electronic documents like web graphics, music videos, presentations and advertisements; its input and output formats make working with digital images straightforward.

Fantamorph’s user-friendly interface makes creating and editing morphing images simple for even inexperienced users, quickly learning their way around it. There are multiple customization options for customizing the appearance of the final morphed image such as skin tone changes, adding glasses or altering facial expressions; you also have access to several preset face shapes as well as moving, rotating or flipping any source image for editing purposes.

An animated sequence can go far beyond simply merging two pictures together; its capabilities go well beyond simply merging images together, and can be used to produce all manner of animated sequences. From mixing multiple images seamlessly in one movie, or creating animations from a series of images representing progression of an event, to cropping, resizing and rotating any source image and applying special effects, animating under-pinning pixels of every frame with text captions within them, all this can be accomplished using AfterEffects.

Though its basic morphing capabilities may be fairly basic, this program boasts enough extras that should make it worth testing – particularly for more experienced users. These extras include adding different textures and lighting effects to each image frame as well as layer features which allows multiple morphs running in different layers simultaneously. Plus it can do sequence morphs and track curves which enable professional effects creation!

If you’re still not quite convinced, try the free trial version first. Although this won’t provide all of the capabilities of its paid counterparts, it will give you a sense of how it works and its ease of use – an ideal way to see if this tool fits with what you need before spending any money on it.


FantaMorph is an all-in-one picture morphing software program that provides you with everything you need to create stunning animation effects for pictures and video clips. With its advanced rendering engine and user-friendly interface, producing stunning morphing images and action sequences has never been simpler! Import and export various image formats enable adding visual effects to web graphics, music videos, presentations, advertisements or any electronic document you might create using FantaMorph – ideal for web graphics, music videos presentations etc.

For an effective morph effect, it’s necessary to carefully adjust the dot positions that define affected areas. We advise using high resolution images for best results.

You have the option of either manually marking facial features on source pictures, or having Abrosoft FantaMorph automatically locate and mark them for you (Deluxe Edition). With its intelligent face tracking feature, this software makes morphing between images of different faces easy; its customized Feature/Shape/Track and Camera settings provide further customization of results (Deluxe Edition).

It works with BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TGA and WMF formats, providing real-time preview capabilities and supporting OpenGL hardware acceleration (if your system supports it). Compatible with Windows 98 ME NT 4, 2000 XP Vista both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Download Abrosoft’s trial version from their official website to experience its full functionality for 30 days without restrictions or limitations. Once this period ends, registration of your application must take place to continue using it – registration process is quick, simple and safe with PayPal, Roozz and credit cards being convenient methods of purchase.

Once registered, the program allows for both commercial and non-commercial uses, allowing you to create unlimited morphing projects that you can share with friends or colleagues. Furthermore, final movies created using this morphing software may be downloaded as various file types such as AVI, QuickTime Flash or even animated GIF; you may even turn them into screen savers!

Final Words

FantaMorph is an incredible tool for anyone seeking to create realistic morph movies. Although initially it may require some learning curve, with practice you’ll see amazing results! The program comes equipped with an impressive library of content as well as the option of creating your own. Furthermore, FantaMorph supports three modes – Morph, Warp and Multiple Morph for morph movies creation.

The first method entails marking points and vectors on both of the “before” and “after” images that must be combined together, then using computer software to distort one to match its shape and appearance of another.

The second method involves matching facial landmarks between images. For instance, matching the eyes, nose and mouth of one person to their counterpart in another image using key dots matching can produce convincing morphs; however, logical positions must be adhered to for successful key dots matching results. Both methods can be combined successfully for an even more convincing morph.

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