Abrosoft FantaMorph Review

FantaMorph is an animation software tool for professionals. However, it also makes an enjoyable hobby toy.

Advanced Morphing Features : Track Curve, Camera, Effect Filters and Captions etc. – Face Locator (for face morphs) and Mixer (to compose virtual faces with multiple real faces) have also been included with Deluxe edition.

Easy to use

FantaMorph is an advanced software program for creating amazing image morphing pictures and amazing animation effects. Combining an innovative rendering engine with an user-friendly interface, creating a morphing movie between two images has never been simpler or faster! With our advanced software’s revolutionary rendering engine and user-friendly user interface.

This software features an easy and user-friendly skin-based interface. A special feature called Face Locator automatically places key dots onto human face images for more accurate morphing, while other tools like Feature Curve and Shape Curve help control how features, shapes and transparency of an image change over time.

Your images can be warped and morphed as desired, and movies created from one image. Text, music and other elements can also be added to morphs for further customization. If you need help in any aspect, there is extensive documentation and tutorials to guide you along your way – not to mention sharing your morphs with other users by uploading them directly onto Abrosoft’s web server!

This software was designed for all types of users – beginners to professionals alike – with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and ample help and support options. Furthermore, its customizable features enable easy changes such as preview window appearance modification or sequence setup; data import and export between formats; import of external data files into sequence etc. Finally, its support of multiple languages and formats further makes this an attractive solution.

Notably, Abrosoft provides three versions of their software: Standard, Professional, and Deluxe. The Standard version is most cost-effective and ideal for people just beginning their morphing experience; however if you wish to create more complex morphs or effects then consider upgrading to Pro or Deluxe editions of Abrosoft.

Abrosoft provides all their software with a free 30-day trial period to give potential buyers time to test it before deciding if it meets their needs. Each trial version can be fully utilized.

Easy to learn

FantaMorph is an advanced piece of software, specifically created to produce image morphing pictures and sophisticated morph animation effects. As a one-stop morphing program, this all-in-one solution can add unique and intriguing visuals to screen savers, Web graphics, music videos, movies, advertisements, educational software presentations or email messages – with its superior features distinguishing it from similar products while its user-friendly interface making its use effortless.

FantaMorph stands out from other morphing programs by making it a breeze for novice users to start using its tools, from its friendly project wizard and tutorials, through powerful yet user-friendly tools like the color cycle tool to seamlessly merge two or more images together while offering instant previews – like making marking key dots easier with its color cycle feature turning green dots into rainbow spectral representation for easier identification.

The program supports multiple source and destination images, featuring advanced morphing algorithms that ensure realistic transformations. Furthermore, advanced editing tools like auto-skew, denoise and smoothing help make images appear natural. Finally, this comprehensive feature set comes complete with an extensive support section and user manual for ease of use.

This software can transform images into animated GIFs, AVI and Flash files for real-time display in real-time and can be customized by changing size, background color, border style and speed. Furthermore, multi-processing and OpenGL hardware acceleration are supported along with three versions: SE, Pro and Deluxe.

FantaMorph’s advanced morphing algorithm produces some of the most realistic results we have seen in this category. Its ability to sync key dot positions and rotation on both images ensures that their final alignment. Furthermore, FantaMorph allows you to add movement by animating characters, objects and backgrounds for an animated result.

A recent update to this morphing software has significantly enhanced its speed and performance, cutting processing times in half while enabling real-time export of work without delays or gaps. Furthermore, its interface is much cleaner and intuitive and supports modern WAV audio formats; saving an FMD file for import into other morphing programs is also available as an added feature – perfect for people working across multiple projects with identical key dots!

Easy to customize

Abrosoft FantaMorph’s powerful yet intuitive image morphing software enables you to easily create stunning picture morphing effects for screensavers, music videos, ads, movies, presentations, educational software packages, email, greeting cards and web graphics.

FantaMorph was designed as an easy, comprehensive program suitable for professional designers as well as non-professional users alike. Its user-friendly project wizard and extensive tutorials enable users to effortlessly create morph sequences from single source images or image sequences; and these sequences can then be exported as images, QuickTime movies or directly printed.

Professional users will appreciate that this program provides additional tools such as Track Curve, Camera, Filter, Sequence Effect and Face Mixer for creating virtual faces from multiple real faces by mixing. Furthermore, it allows control over feature/shape proportion for maximum results.

This software supports multiple formats including BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF and WMF files. Taking advantage of hardware acceleration, its fast rendering engine can reach hundreds of frames per second in rendering speed; depending on your video card it may even exceed “real-time” rendering performance!

While morphing is in progress, you can view real-time sequences using the Preview Slider and export current frames or portions thereof into image files or QuickTime movies for further processing.

As opposed to some other morphing programs, this software doesn’t rely on third-party plug-ins; therefore, it can be installed and run on nearly any computer without third-party plugins being necessary. Microsoft Windows 98 ME NT 4, 2000 XP Vista both 32 bit and 64 bit systems are all supported – with installation happening without any additional programs or toolbars being added during setup!

The program comes in three editions: SE (Standard Edition), Pro and Deluxe. While their features may differ slightly between them, one major distinction lies in their capacity to morph more than two source images simultaneously – Deluxe can even go as far as five! – and Pro provides additional advanced features like Sequence Effect, Face Mixer and an exclusive Master Curve which gives complete control of the morphing process.

Easy to share

FantaMorph places great emphasis on ease of use. Designed as an intuitive user-experience, FantaMorph gives novice users ample help and guidance – from its friendly project wizard and tutorials that provide expert users with guidance towards making stunning morphing effects to its variety of helpful tools that allow users to clean transitions while adjusting brightness, colors, and contrast levels.

This program’s high-speed rendering engine is an invaluable asset, making creating complex morphs fast and straightforward. It can accommodate images of any size or resolution and even multiple images at the same time for simultaneous manipulation – perfect for quickly showing comparisons between two people or documenting changes over time such as age-related progression.

Your morphs can be exported in multiple formats, such as image sequence, AVI, animated GIF and Flash. Furthermore, a standard Windows exe program for viewing them makes sharing them with friends easy. Furthermore, they can also be utilized in electronic documents like screensavers, web graphics, music videos, ads movies educational software presentations etc.

Are you in search of an efficient morphing tool? Look no further than Abrosoft’s FantaMorph software! With its user-friendly interface and wide range of pre-made animations that can be tailored specifically to suit any need, this powerful software makes morphing easy! This powerful software easily transforms a static photo into an eye-catching animated transition with just a single click!

Abrosoft offers three versions of its morphing software: SE ($30), Professional ($50) and Deluxe ($100). While each program provides unique features, their core functions remain similar. You can download free trials of each version from Abrosoft’s website; free trials last 30 days during which you can switch among them to see which best meets your needs; Abrosoft works with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

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