Abrosoft FantaMorph Review


FantaMorph is the industry-leading morphing software, making it effortless to create high-quality morph pictures and animations in just seconds. Use it for adding stunning visual effects to screen savers, web graphics, music videos, ads, movies, presentations or any other electronic document.

This program uses deformation and cross-dissolve as its morphing mechanism; both processes can be adjusted through key dot settings.


FantaMorph is an ideal tool for professionals working with digital images and morphing techniques, providing users with all of the tools and effects required to produce stunning morphing pictures and movies. With easy usage and various options to customize animations as realistically as possible.

It supports BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PCX, EMF and GIF files and also QuickTime format animations to produce morphed animations that can be exported as an AVI movie file. Furthermore, its OpenGL hardware acceleration speeds up morphing times while its ease-of-installation and use makes this software especially user friendly.

The morphing process uses dots that you place to indicate which parts of one image should be mapped onto another. As more dots are placed, more detailed and accurate the results become. Once placed, software will map these dots over their target image so they match up perfectly with features such as faces, eyes or other body parts within that picture.

When working with a face, the software can detect and map all of its important facial features to create a realistic morph – something the key dot method cannot do; otherwise the final image might not look convincing. Multiple real faces may even be combined into one virtual one! While fast and effective, this method does have its limitations – meaning dot pairs must be placed logically so as not to cause distortion of appearance during rendering.

Use this program to animate any photo and transform it into a movie, then share your morphed images through email, social networks or any electronic document (advertisement or screen saver for example). Or burn CDs of them so they can be enjoyed on television screens!

This morphing software works on Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista and 7 for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and any video card supporting DirectX 9.0 or later.


Create and play morphing effects quickly and intuitively using our friendly project wizard and tutorials, accessible even to novice users of advanced photo-animation software. Hardware acceleration significantly speeds up rendering speeds to several hundred FPS (Frames Per Second), enabling real time effects without needing to export files for playback.

FantaMorph is not only an image warping and image blending software; its powerful algorithms also allow users to seamlessly blend images together and morph video together for seamless animations and lifelike imagery. A versatile resource for animators and photographers alike!

This program can morph both objects and faces, supporting multiple input and output formats like JPEG, GIF, TGA, PNG and the professional 32-bit with alpha format. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems as well as providing support for various video formats like AVI and Flash video files.

Users can customize the morphing quality and speed, as well as modify the target image size for more precision in editing. Furthermore, layer morphing allows users to easily switch layers for different effects that enable long movies with multiple source images.

Additionally, this program features a sequence list panel to facilitate adding, deleting, moving, linking and duplicating sequences. Users can also use this to create intuitive camera tracks and manage key frame proportions with ease. Finally, dual view mode lets users work simultaneously on edit and preview windows using split screens simultaneously.

This feature is especially beneficial when working with large source images, while the application also can be used to animate video clips and export them as movies or animated GIFs. Furthermore, users can fine-tune transition curves between frames with subpixel precision; and automatically detect basic lines for morphing to help ensure smooth blending between original and morphed images.

Dot Fade Graphs

Dot fade graphs provide the ultimate flexibility and power when it comes to producing natural-looking morphs. By adding dots on both images to define where Abrosoft FantaMorph should morph, dots fade graphs allow you to determine exactly where Abrosoft FantaMorph should operate and when. Furthermore, each part of your morph can be controlled individually through length/strength adjustments of each dot morphed.

By creating a quick, straightforward method for quickly creating realistic-looking morphing effects quickly and effortlessly, this can be particularly useful if working on face morphs – enabling you to easily blend each aspect of their face as desired.

Dot fade graphs make using movie morphs easy: simply add dots at the locations where the morph should begin and end, such as on a face image with eyes and mouth. After adding these dots, a line will appear on image 2 at each location where your dot was placed on image 1. Simply drag this key dot over onto image 2, where a movie morph will progress synchronously as you drag this key dot across images 1 and 2.

Another new feature in this version of the program is the capability of adding extra layers to images, which enables multiple morphing effects to run at the same time and makes editing simpler. Furthermore, this version features a higher resolution rendering engine for sharper finished morphing images.

A major new feature of this program is the option to split your work area, enabling you to view each of the three image panels (Image 1, Image 2 and Preview) on two monitors simultaneously – making this feature particularly helpful for people using it on teams or for research and development activities.

Other features in this version include an improved face extractor, face locator and sequence list panel that makes adding, deleting, moving, duplicating sequences easier than ever. Furthermore, key dots now can handle larger numbers, with its new zooming function showing individual pixels more precisely than ever.


Abrosoft FantaMorph is an intuitive program that makes creating stunning image morphs and warp movies simple. Equipped with professional-grade tools to produce exceptional effects, you can effortlessly combine two images or multiples images into one seamless effect.

Morphing uses dots placed on both source and target images by you to point out where Abrosoft FantaMorph should morph, with more dots adding better results. There are various ways of managing the dots within Abrosoft FantaMorph; you can move them easily around, add grid lines over pictures for improved accuracy or even zoom into them for more dots to be added.

Once your morph is completed, it can be exported in various formats. These could range from an image of its current frame as an image file, or as an AVI movie, an animated GIF or Flash file; you could even make your morph available as a screen saver on your computer!

FantaMorph excels in supporting multiple image formats, such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG PSD GIF TGA PCX. This makes working with images across applications easier while sharing final results via email.

OpenGL hardware acceleration enables our software to render images instantly, which allows you to watch the morphing process unfold in a preview window and check its quality prior to exporting it. However, if this feature becomes problematic for you it might be worth updating your video card drivers.

Abrosoft FantaMorph gives you the power to embellish a morphed sequence with various effects, including background, foreground, mask, blur transition trail radial effects. Plus it can automatically locate facial features saving time and trouble.

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