Acronis Files Connect

Acronis Files Connect gives Mac users access to Windows and network-attached storage (NAS), as AFP volumes. Users enjoy all the same browsing, searching, previewing and editing capabilities they would with local folders.

Active Directory support enables Mac users to leverage existing network accounts via Kerberos-based single sign on, with permissions mapped from Active Directory back onto effective Mac permissions.

AFP Connection to File Shares

Recent changes to Mac disk formats (particularly APFS ) have limited options for sharing local folders across networks. Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) offers a quick and efficient solution by connecting to the AFP protocol for lightning fast search and browsing of remote file servers or NAS.

Through one AFP connection, users can gain access to multiple SMB/CIFS/NFS file servers or NAS devices at once – making for an effortless Mac user experience and eliminating the need to manage multiple SMB/NFS servers in your environment. Acronis Files Connect also saves organizations time and resources by eliminating this administrative task altogether.

Acronis Files Connect offers reliable connections between AFP file shares on Macs and traditional Windows file shares with Acronis Files Connect’s SMB servers, eliminating SMB protocol bugs common on traditional SMB servers. Furthermore, our new Mac client application enables nearly instant Network Spotlight full-content searching capabilities; our default Finder also works great.

Acronis Files Connect automatically monitors changes to AFP and SMB file shares and updates the index granularly to ensure only recently altered files are indexed for faster searches. This feature comes standard with every Acronis Files Connect license.

Mac users searching AFP file shares using Acronis Files Connect will see results that are derived from Acronis Content Indexing database for nearly instant and comprehensive results compared to just searching via pure AFP file share.

Acronis Files Connect Indexing database may be stored either alongside or separate from AFP file shares on any one server; this gives you flexibility when indexing depending on your environment’s needs and data size requirements.

Acronis Files Connect extends beyond Mac to provide seamless and fast mobile file access for iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets – this includes browsing, full-content searching, previewing and editing as well as selective synchronization for offline working.

Full Contect Spotlight Searching

Acronis Files Connect offers an innovative approach to Mac/Windows integration that helps IT eliminate many of the challenges inherent in mixed environments. Designed to run on any of a company’s existing Windows servers, Acronis Files Connect can easily be deployed without impacting performance or reliability.

Mac users have access to full content Spotlight searching of AFP file shares through Spotlight indexes linked with either Windows Search services or built-in Acronis content indexers, allowing results from remote folders to be displayed in the Finder. This can be accomplished by linking Spotlight indexes directly with these services – this feature can be configured both globally and per volume via Acronis Files Connect Administrator settings; initial indexing times depend upon how many files are on each volume when indexing using Windows indexes vs Acronis content indexers vs native Windows Index service indexer settings vs built-in Acronis content indexer when used. Initial indexing may take several minutes up to several hours depending on number of files per volume used vs Acronis content indexers built-in Acronis content indexer settings configured global-volume specific.

Acronis Files Connect provides more than just Network Spotlight search; its services also enhance productivity and ease IT overhead. A file name policy can be set to prevent Mac users from saving or creating files with characters considered illegal by Microsoft applications, or from renaming files with path lengths which cause issues for Windows users. Furthermore, Acronis Files Connect enables instantaneous AFP mounts, folder navigation and access to both Windows and NAS storage space reducing IT time spent troubleshooting file access issues.

ExtremeZ-IP’s ability to grant access to non-Windows NAS and enterprise storage through Apple Filing Protocol file shares makes Acronis Files Connect an all-in-one solution that simplifies SAN/NAS integration projects, providing IT with one set of credentials which can be shared among multiple servers allowing Mac and Windows users to access file shares hosted across different systems simultaneously. In addition, it supports various protocols including Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) and Server Message Block (SMB).

Acronis Files Connect 4.1(formerly ExtremeZ-IP) features an advanced search engine which enables indexed searches up to 600x faster* compared to Acronis Files Connect 4.0 or the Windows File Sharing/Server Message Block (SMB). When combined with its Content Indexing option, these features make Acronis Files Connect an all-in-one solution for Mac/Windows integration in enterprise environments.

Acronis Content Indexing

Search file servers, DFS resources and NAS quickly with Acronis Files Connect’s Acronis Content Indexing feature. Unlike SMB based search engines that require crawling file shares for each search request, the Acronis Content Indexing engine continually monitors changes to file share content to update its search index granularly in response to newly modified files – greatly decreasing time needed for full-content Spotlight searches on even very large volumes.

Acronis Files Connect serves as an Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) server for Mac users to quickly and seamlessly connect over AFP to enterprise Windows SMB/servers and NAS via their familiar desktop applications and tools, bypassing SMB protocol bugs and searching restrictions that traditionally limit traditional SMB connections.

Our high-performance file access experience is truly groundbreaking, offering users instant, full-content Spotlight search results in their preferred apps as well as fast mounting, browsing and opening file shares with either our new Mac client application or default Finder.

iOS and Android mobile file access is made easy with intuitive browsing, searching, previewing and editing features as well as automatic synchronization – perfect for high-volume, mission critical mobile use cases that demand maximum data protection and security.

Intelligent and familiar user interfaces require minimal training for their end users. Our new Mac client application supports both AFP- and SMB-based file sharing solutions, fully compatible with Finder.

Integrate Acronis Files Connect easily into existing IT infrastructure and processes, simplifying and automating key IT tasks such as user authentication, home directories, permissions and security policies.

Acronis Files Connect 4.1(formerly ExtremeZ-IP) introduces an unprecedented, ultrafast indexed search feature which enables clients to search vast volumes of files up to 600x faster* than before on servers running standard Windows file sharing/Server Message Block (SMB) or File Services for Macintosh (FSM).

Administrators managing large volumes will find Acronis Content Indexing Admin utility’s flexible file exclusion list an invaluable asset in easily excluding folders and individual files from being indexed search. In addition, search scope can be set per volume – starting from local drive letter level all the way up to including entire file system hierarchies or anywhere in between!

DFS Connect

Enhance project coordination and workflow with anytime, anywhere access to files, documents and manuals for remote workers. Project managers can take advantage of simple file management tools to easily organize and store all their business files in one place while retail professionals gain quick and easy access to customer documents for improved support and service.

Acronis Files Connect can index AFP and SMB file shares as well as network-attached storage (NAS). This enables a single search solution for both Windows and Mac users, cutting administration costs and IT resource requirements significantly.

Acronis Files Connect’s indexing engine is built upon dtSearch, the leading enterprise-class search technology. Featuring real-time updates to ensure fast search results, as well as configurable default limits for file content indexing which helps reduce index size significantly when working with large files, the Acronis Files Connect indexing engine also integrates seamlessly with Windows Search for easy automatic indexing of files using Microsoft’s index search.

With Acronis Files Connect’s 100-client license, you can enable up to 100 Mac computers and mobile users – such as Mac users with iOS or Android devices – to quickly connect with your server for fast file server access. Mobile users could include iPhone users as well.

DFS Connect is an innovative feature of Acronis Files Connect that facilitates seamless integration with Microsoft DFS, an efficient distributed file system which offers location transparency and redundancy for clients to use the name space as a hierarchy rather than individual servers; multiple DFS targets may also be selected when running queries against it for greater redundancy.

Acronis Files Connect offers both stand-alone DFS deployment and domain based DFS setups, with stand-alone DFS names created by Acronis Files Connect containing the hostname for easier troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. In contrast, domain setups use Acronis Files Connect’s indexing functionality so all DFS names point directly towards similar locations from Mac client perspective.

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