Acronis Files Connect

Acronis Files Connect is an easy and efficient cost management platform, enabling users to access project documents while organizing them efficiently for storage and reporting purposes.

File access on mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Windows is seamless and intuitive interfaces require minimal user training for use. Advanced features include synchronization, search and editing – making iDrive truly indispensable!

Easy to install and manage

Today’s workplace environment of “Bring Your Own Devices” (BYOD) allows enterprise employees to utilize multiple devices for accessing, syncing and sharing files and content – which can present several challenges and reduce productivity significantly while creating frustration among end users and IT. Acronis Cyber Files offers a secure file syncing and sharing solution which addresses these problems while giving IT full visibility and control.

Acronis Files Connect offers several key features to increase productivity. It makes installation and management straightforward, automatically backing up documents to Windows file servers or NAS, and restoring them from Mac clients without needing help desk intervention. Furthermore, Acronis Files Connect indexes shared folder contents faster and more accurately through Spotlight searches.

Setting up Files Connect on a cluster requires just a few steps. Begin by using Acronis’ installer and serial number to install software on each node of your cluster, then launch Files Connect Administrator application on each node and follow on-screen instructions to create a cluster group – this group will allow clients to access directories on other servers through Files Connect clients.

Once your cluster group has been created, add the Files Connect server resource from Failover Cluster Management. When adding it, be sure to include its IP address, network name and physical disk location information for any nodes within. In some instances you may need to enable Advanced Filtering Protocol on Windows firewall and create a separate port if telnet sessions cannot connect using standard port 443.

Once your Files Connect server has been configured, the administrator application allows for easy deployment on desktop computers or mobile devices. Simply choose one from the list of available devices and click “Install,” before providing an administrative password before proceeding further. When complete, begin sharing files and folders among users through Files Connect!

Easy to use

Acronis Files Connect makes it simple for Mac users to access Windows file servers and network-attached storage (NAS), without having to navigate SMB security restrictions. It eliminates hybrid compatibility issues which could otherwise lead to ghost users, overwrites, or other complications in mixed Mac/Windows environments; supports Apple File Protocol (AFP), allowing mac users to mount file shares as local drive letters; integrates with Active Directory/DFS namespaces for clustering file naming conventions/home directories – plus integrates seamlessly with Active Directory/DFS namespaces!

Acronis Files Connect server utilizes Windows Indexing Services to build searchable indexes of the volumes it manages, providing users with faster searching performance compared to SMB. Initial indexing may take several hours; to speed up testing process you may wish to limit scope using the Windows Indexing Options Control Panel.

Macs can mount AFP file shares directly into the Finder just like local file system volumes, providing immediate access to and work with their contents. Furthermore, Acronis Files Connect enables access to additional SMB and NAS devices as Network Reshare or DFS shares without the need to install separate software or alter how users currently utilize Finder tools.

For a comprehensive enterprise file sharing solution, Acronis Files Connect can be configured to support both engines – Windows Search for local volumes and Acronis Content Indexing for reshare volumes – at once. By configuring both engines separately, the best engine for any given volume will automatically be selected by Acronis Files Connect – Windows Search being preferred over Acronis Content Indexing for local volumes and vice versa.

Acronis Files Connect was specifically created for today’s Bring Your Own Device workplace and offers all the security and management capabilities required of enterprises of any size. Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft security model (Active Directory integration and policies that keep data safe while offering seamless user access) Acronis Files Connect supports collaboration among teams and remote workers while increasing project planning, execution and productivity – aiding retail professionals provide better customer service by giving access to important information at any time, anywhere.

Easy to manage

Acronis Files Connect offers Mac users access to Windows print servers and NAS files anywhere, without incurring integration issues and performance degradation that arise with mixed Mac-Windows IT infrastructures. Through an AFP connection to Windows files, near instant Network Spotlight searches and seamless mobile device support (iOS, Android or Windows), Acronis Files Connect ensures business productivity remains uninterrupted.

Acronis Files Connect can serve as a gateway to cloud storage for Mac users. It supports numerous public cloud providers, including Wasabi Technologies’ “hot cloud,” object storage with pay-as-you-go pricing and no tier fees, and Amazon Web Services.

Acronis Files Connect is designed to be easy and effortless to implement and use, seamlessly discovering servers or network-attached storage devices on your enterprise network and creating a secure encrypted tunnel between Mac clients and host computers for maximum protection of each file. Compatible with both SMB file servers and clustered configurations of NAS devices; supports multiple indexing options (Windows Search on Windows volumes and Acronis Content Indexing on NAS volumes; you may choose either option depending on each volume’s characteristics).

Acronis Files Connect offers an alternative to Mac OS’ Time Machine feature in that it enables you to back up and restore entire directories or volumes at once – providing your most essential files with protection in case of unexpected outages or disaster.

Provides full protection against file corruption, data loss and application problems caused by hybrid integration in the office; helps avoid costly downtime by up to 70% and decrease help desk calls by as much as 75%; allows Mac users to quickly resolve issues independently so that fewer support tickets need be submitted with IT;

Acronis Files Connect offers IT granular management capabilities that enable them to create security policies and ensure control and compliance for content, users and devices. With its seamless Active Directory integration enabling seamless authentication and provisioning as well as support for an array of enterprise-class reverse proxies ensuring IT retains full control of security policies.

Easy to deploy

IT teams are struggling to adapt to an increase in BYOD policies and an reliance on Mac and mobile devices, creating integration and performance issues. Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP), which acts as an intermediary between Mac file systems and Windows servers/SMB, may provide the solution they need – it provides seamless Mac user experiences while guaranteeing security compliance – making Acronis Files Connect an easy solution for IT to install, manage and use.

Mac users with Acronis Files Connect can utilize Acronis Files Connect’s AFP connectivity feature to access and mount network file shares located on Windows file servers or NAS as native AFP volumes, providing Macs with familiar tools and applications for accessing network files. Acronis Files Connect also supports clustering, home directories, and file name policies for consistent performance across the entire file system.

As a result of its intuitive user experience, IT can have confidence that only those authorized to access files and resources are doing so. Acronis Files Connect offers extensive support for Active Directory including LDAP authentication and central management of users, groups, policies and permission. Unlike competing solutions, Acronis Files Connect uses all the security capabilities available from its file server including encryption during data transfers as well as at rest; furthermore it also offers selective remote wipe functionality for mobile devices.

Acronis Files Connect can also be configured to host Network Reshare DFS namespace shares as AFP volumes, with selection and site costing taking place on Windows rather than on Mac clients – thus preserving Finder behavior on those machines. Upon receiving requests for DFS shares from network Reshare DFS namespace shares, Acronis Files Connect checks whether an authenticated account exists before resolving their target to an local share on its file system.

To upgrade to the latest version of Acronis Files Connect, just run its installer – either by clicking Check for Updates in Acronis Files Connect Administrator or visiting our Latest Releases page. Doing this doesn’t require uninstalling and reinstalling software – something which is particularly helpful when working in a clustered environment.

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