Acronis True Image Review

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is an advanced backup solution, offering more than basic backup features alone; it also features cybersecurity protection such as ransomware defense and file verification capabilities.

This user-friendly interface features clear buttons and easy explanations, plus cloud backup support. You can back up virtually all types of storage, including cloud.


This software suite offers an expansive selection of file backup, sharing and syncing solutions as well as special tools for protecting against malware or ransomware attacks. Furthermore, its 30-day free trial lets you test its various features.

This software can be used to quickly back up files and entire systems, clone disks or partitions, and restore them on any computer. With its universal restore feature, moving a full system backup between computers becomes effortless. Users have been highly complimentary about its intuitive user interface as well.

Acronis’ latest version, Acronis True Image 2015, streamlines and refines the GUI of its desktop software for ease of navigation; however, some minor language and organizational issues as well as ineffective clickable icons remain issues that hinder user experiences.

Acronis True Image is an industry-leading backup and recovery software with numerous features. Not only can you take advantage of traditional backup/recovery options, but there is also disaster recovery/data migration functionality as well as free online storage with additional security measures built-in.

Acronis TrueImage is an all-in-one solution for backing up, restoring, cloning and cloning PCs. With powerful backup and recovery features that are tailor-made to small to midsized businesses. The software handles all forms of data including the operating system, applications and user files as well as multiple media types like disks, USB drives and external hard drives.

Software that can easily copy an entire hard drive is now available on both PCs and Mac computers, offering disk imaging features to quickly make a backup copy of everything from operating system installation and software installed, all the way down to individual files. Furthermore, its program can transfer data between computers easily while creating bootable disks or CD/DVDs for booting up later on.

Acronis True Image employs both cloud storage and local backup methods to protect your files against disaster. File-based backups created with Acronis True Image can be stored on external hard drives, NAS devices or FTP servers; Acronis Sync allows two PCs to synchronize their files at the same time; additionally AES256 encryption ensures your privacy when protecting files with Acronis True Image.


Acronis True Image, previously known as Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, is an award-winning backup solution renowned for its features and usability. This program delivers a host of vital functionality designed to defend against ransomware attacks, backup data and restore files. In addition to these core functions it features advanced tools like disk cloning, mirror imaging and system migration; multi-device licenses provide local image-based backups with built-in security and recovery tools making this program highly recommended for businesses as well as individual users alike.

Acronis software can be downloaded for free for a trial run, however if you wish to get full access to its features you will require purchasing a subscription plan from Acronis. There are multiple plans available; starting at just $59 annually per device with 5GB cloud storage; more costly plans offer additional storage capacity as well as extra features at checkout. Acronis also features an excellent mobile app enabling easy access and viewing of backed up files on mobile phones.

Backblaze and Acronis are two of the leading online backup services on the market, providing cloud storage, file syncing, and backups. Both offer zero-knowledge encryption as well as support for an extensive variety of file formats and rescue disk creation/cloning/transferring/backup services – and both provide access to rescue disks/clones/clones for emergency restorations; Acronis does have some advantages over Backblaze in terms of large restoration support as well as using your own storage for backup purposes.

Acronis’ price point may be higher than Backblaze’s, but its software offers greater functionality. Acronis provides unlimited version retention and more advanced security features; moreover it is compatible with NAS devices than its counterpart. Features of Acronis include file-level backups, scheduling backups for maximum reliability, granular restores as well as smartphone apps; its security includes antimalware protection and blockchain notarization notaryisation for added peace of mind.

Although both Acronis and Backblaze are very competitive products, most users would benefit more from an more cost-effective option such as IDrive that offers comparable capabilities at an attractive price point. If advanced features such as image-level backups, multi-device licenses, and creating PC recovery media are essential features, Acronis may be worth its higher price point.

Mobile apps

If you own a mobile device, Acronis True Image mobile allows for secure backup to both cloud storage and local storage solutions, with features for file syncing and sharing among network connections. Available both Google Play and Apple Store and compatible with Android 5.0+ OS versions and IOS 10.3+ iOS, this application ensures data safety on-the-go.

While there are various online backup and storage solutions, Acronis True Image stands out by providing more than the basics. Aside from simple backup, its security features include end-to-end encryption, endpoint heuristic rules to monitor suspicious files, a private encryption key and change-block tracking technology that keeps backups up-to-date.

Cloning software offers another helpful feature of PC Revive Pro; cloning can replace an operating system disk with a new copy for easier system recovery and restore. It is especially helpful for users transferring to new machines or needing to reinstall Windows or other operating systems, or business users looking to ensure critical data remains safe during a disaster scenario.

Acronis True Image offers an easy to use interface that makes getting started simple. It comes equipped with a search feature to quickly locate files or folders you are searching for and its interface is responsive, making navigation simple and effortless. Unfortunately, though the program may be pricey it provides comprehensive protection of files.

Acronis True Image is an efficient backup and recovery tool, perfect for anyone who wants to ensure their important files remain accessible and safe. With its comprehensive set of features and robust cybersecurity measures, Acronis True Image has long been considered a top choice among small businesses and power users. Unfortunately, though it can be slightly more expensive than its rivals and does not support two-factor authentication for account sign-ins (which could potentially pose as a limitation for some).

Customer support

Acronis True Image offers an impressive collection of features, but that doesn’t guarantee it’s the right solution for all computer users. Luckily, Acronis provides numerous venues where customers can seek support: calling customer support staff directly; using online troubleshooters such as Troubleshooter for Windows(r) or visiting knowledge bases/forums to find answers to their inquiries; using customer service phone lines/forms; online troubleshooter; knowledge base articles/forums to locate solutions if they can’t; visiting knowledge bases/forums will hopefully help them resolve issues efficiently.

Acronis software is easy to install and use, making it suitable for both average computer users and power users who wish to customize its capabilities. The backup process is user-friendly and its restore feature makes files and systems a snap!

Acronis offers more than just backup and restoration functionality; its cloud storage feature also allows for convenient file archiving with access at any time from multiple devices. Keep up to 999 versions of your data available whenever needed with this service, choose how long to store each backup for, select individual files to restore when needed and manage storage settings via mobile app access.

Acronis True Image app for both iOS and Android is available to backup files such as photos, videos, contacts and messages; protect them against online attacks; help locate lost or stolen devices and find them quickly; as well as providing other security tools like an AI-enhanced antimalware technology that detects new threats daily; as well as vulnerability assessment tool to assess whether your system is vulnerable to malware threats.

Customers in need of assistance can utilize Acronis’ website, where there is an online troubleshooter that allows them to describe their problem in detail and get it resolved quickly. In addition, it has an extensive knowledge base filled with articles detailing how to use their software effectively as well as tips for optimizing its capabilities – with its enhanced search engine making finding relevant articles faster still. Furthermore, during business hours customers can take advantage of free phone and chat support to address customer care matters.

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