ActivePresenter – A Comprehensive Screencasting and Video Editing Software

Screencasting software can be an invaluable asset to teachers and trainers. This type of program enables users to record full-screen or sectioned sections of a computer display for creating interactive eLearning content.

ActivePresenter is a robust program for creating eLearning videos and presentations, featuring an expansive work space and intuitive layout.


This program offers a complete set of features to allow users to easily produce various eLearning and video-based projects, such as courseware, game simulations, screen recordings of presentations slides and interactive assessments. Record from desktop or webcam and use audio/video editing features like themes/templates / effects as well as shapes/text captions/spotlights/gesture effects in your content – shapes can also be added for extra visual effect! Import PowerPoint presentations into the application in order to access their contents and layouts!

ActivePresenter’s main working space is its editor, which is both well-organized and intuitive but requires in-depth reference of its operational manual to fully comprehend all its functions. Furthermore, the software offers various export options as well as responsive support for multiple devices – making it one of the premier options among screencasting and eLearning authoring tools.

ActivePresenter stands out with features like its user-friendly click sequence timeline and array of interactions (Figure 8), which you can utilize on any slide in your project. Some interact with mouse actions like click sequence or click-to-reveal; others can combine events – actions like zoom on hover. Furthermore, ActivePresenter features media objects and annotation objects like flex and grid boxes as well as numerous predefined and custom slide layouts for your use.

This software stands out from competitors by including unique functionality that sets it apart, such as its slider feature. This allows users to move a thumb between extremes on a track and update its value at each point along its length – an effective way of creating demonstrations similar to what can be found in Storyline, Lectora and Captivate sliders. Furthermore, object states can also be created which are useful for animating various objects by simply clicking or executing an event trigger – only downside is they cannot be deleted or replaced with new objects!

User interface

ActivePresenter is an all-encompassing screen recorder and video editing software with an intuitive user interface that’s simple to navigate. It offers numerous functionalities, such as Full Motion Recording and Smart Capture; webcam and microphone input capture; annotating videos with text or graphics addition; annotation of clips with webcam video capture – features which allow users to easily create engaging educational content for students.

This software can be used for multiple tasks, from recording video tutorials and tutorials for online courses, creating interactive simulations, designing eLearning courses and designing simulations, to presentations such as business ones. Available in eight languages with numerous features that help improve video recordings – such as eliminating audible clicks or typing sounds; it even has HD quality recording capability!

There are multiple ways this program can be utilized, and it’s essential that you understand its features. For example, Full Motion Recording mode enables you to capture an entire screen or select areas. Output formats available include MPEG-4, WMV, AVI and FLV. Afterward, projects can even be saved into your library for easier retrieval later.

Another key advantage of the program is its ability to convert existing PowerPoint presentations into eLearning content. It supports both SCORM (SCORM 1.2 and 2004) and xAPI packages which can be uploaded onto LMSs for use. Furthermore, True/False, Multiple Choice and Drag-and-Drop questions can also be created using it.

ActivePresenter stands out from its competition with many features that set it apart, such as providing access to a 387-page PDF manual from within its Help menu, an online support community and comprehensive FAQs to address any queries that you might have, and creating unlimited projects and saving them in one location – ideal for anyone needing an all-encompassing tool for creating eLearning content.


ActivePresenter stands out among eLearning tools by providing a powerful set of features designed to meet the unique needs of eLearning professionals and meet specific course development requirements. ActivePresenter meets this need by offering an all-in-one suite for creating captivating screen videos and online courses; additionally it is also an excellent solution for developing software simulations and assessments.

ActivePresenter comes in three editions: free, standard and pro. The free edition is intended for noncommercial personal use while both standard and pro versions offer commercial licenses with specific feature sets for each version. Before selecting one of them it is important to familiarize oneself with each edition as each has a set of unique advantages over another.

ActivePresenter’s free version provides users with tools for producing engaging screen videos and eLearning courses, including recording desktop screens and audio, adding text, shapes, animations, quizzes and quiz administration features as well as advanced editing features like fade in/out and noise reduction. Furthermore, this program can capture system audio/webcam footage as well as import text/audio from external sources for editing purposes.

ActivePresenter can add polish to any video by adding callouts and annotations, audio/video files and more. This makes creating videos suitable for training materials or presentations to corporate audiences easy; additionally it can create application simulations and branching scenarios as well as produce material compatible with most Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs).

ActivePresenter goes beyond basic recording functions to become an invaluable tool for creating eLearning materials and software demonstrations. Its intelligent screen capture technology provides clear and detailed video recordings while its robust editing features allow users to edit videos and audio easily – not forgetting its support of PDF creation, Word documents, Excel sheets or PowerPoint documents.

Final Words

ActivePresenter is an outstanding screencasting and eLearning authoring tool. You can use it to easily create engaging videos with interactive features like clickable buttons. Plus, its light system resource usage makes it suitable for use on most computers without too much RAM requirements.

Text To Speech in ActivePresenter provides a great way to add voice-over to videos without needing a professional voice talent. It uses closed captioning on each slide as audio objects that you can control using various voices, speeds and volumes – as well as having the option to extend caption duration if necessary to match generated audio objects.

Add SSML tags to a voice you select in order to modify its phrasing and accentuation, saving both time and money when creating your next video project. It is also simple and cost-effective to batch convert CC into audio for individual slides or the entire project simultaneously.

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