Adaware Antivirus Free Review

Adaware antivirus Free provides easy-to-use security tools that protect your PC against malware. It works alongside existing antivirus programs without needing to uninstall them first.

This program features low system impact and features a Gaming Mode to create an uninterrupted gaming experience. In addition, scheduled full and quick scans can also be run.


Protecting your devices against viruses and cyberattacks has never been more critical in today’s digital world. From online shopping and banking, to social media use and banking apps – reliable antivirus programs must exist in order to secure both data and privacy.

Ad-aware is an award-winning antivirus software, providing file shredding, network protection and web protection among other features. In addition to real-time scanning and threat alerts it also features an extensive database of malicious entities to help detect the latest threats and infections.

Ad-aware antivirus download offers a user-friendly, professional-looking interface divided into two panels: one showing information and functions while the other provides a list of available features – making navigation and control of this program simpler than ever! Furthermore, Ad-aware includes an inbuilt firewall to safeguard your device from hackers or any potential security risks.

Adaware antivirus Free offers an impressive array of features, making it one of the most versatile and effective programs available. Its antivirus engine and spyware engines work to identify threats such as malware, phishing attacks and other forms of cybercrime; USB drives are scanned regularly for possible threats; all incoming and outgoing emails are also examined for potential danger; finally it warns you when visiting websites which contain dangerous links such as those associated with phishing websites or attachments are dangerous – providing added peace of mind for both user and program.

Ad-aware’s protection settings and browsing options can be tailored to individual preferences, yet its design limits it from being as configurable as some of its rivals. For instance, creating multiple custom scans isn’t supported and its Gaming Mode only prevents notifications during gaming sessions without changing its default settings.

Ad-Aware has several advanced security features, including file shredding which erases files to prevent recovery, threat intelligence from other Ad-Aware users and parental control to limit what your children access on the Internet and block tracking of online activity, plus protection from hackers who infiltrate home networks in order to steal sensitive data.


Adaware Antivirus Free provides reliable protection from online threats when working, gaming or browsing the internet. With advanced technology that detects spyware, ransomware and malware threats as well as daily system scans and other features to keep you secure – this security tool is an ideal choice for Windows users seeking reliable antivirus protection that won’t compromise system performance.

Adaware antivirus’s free version provides basic real-time antivirus and download protection, including real-time antimalware scanning and blocking unauthorized program installations. Furthermore, Adaware allows for app management by blocking apps that access cameras or microphones; additionally “Gaming Mode” ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Adaware’s free version provides solid security solutions; however, its features don’t match those found in competing solutions and it scored lower in independent AV-Test lab tests than most of them. Their support team was responsive and the program featured both a central help center and community forum; all settings could easily be located through its clean user interface.

As cyber attacks continue to plague digital lives, safeguarding them has become essential. While most operating systems come equipped with built-in antivirus protection, additional protection against malware and other threats should come from third-party tools that come at a more reasonable cost than what comes built into operating systems can provide. With many programs tailored specifically to individual needs available today, finding one that meets them all should not be difficult.

Adaware Antivirus offers various plans, from the free version to Pro and Total Security packages with additional features such as network firewall, password manager and VPN server capabilities as well as free VPN connections and browser extensions – and tech support! Adaware also automatically updates virus definitions and software so you’ll always have up-to-date protection.


Software that stands out for its reliability, scoring well in tests conducted by independent labs. It offers basic real-time antivirus protection against attacks by detecting any potential malicious code in your system and alerting you of potential threats such as ransomware and phishing attempts – one of its many useful functions; its detection-elimination rate is outstanding and one of its top offerings; however, its free version lacks certain features found elsewhere such as multiple custom scans.

The program boasts low storage and processor requirements, making it an efficient addition to Windows devices. Downloading from its official website takes less than two minutes, installing without disturbing other programs, and its interface is user-friendly – even for novice users! Unlike some competitors’ products which may feature complex panels with numerous options that could prove intimidating for newcomers.

Adaware stands out from its competition by working seamlessly with other security tools, from firewalls and antiviruses, to managed applications and files on PCs that reduce risk. Furthermore, it blocks incoming threats as well as reporting suspicious activity – making Adaware an indispensable ally against any future attacks on your PC!

Adaware’s main disadvantage lies in its price. Although cheaper than many security suites, adaware still often costs significantly more if purchased on multiple devices. If advanced features like VPN and additional security tools are essential to you, spending extra may be worthwhile.

Adaware is an excellent option for beginners due to its reasonable cost and simple user interface that’s compatible with most browsers. Furthermore, there’s even a Gaming Mode so that real-time scanning doesn’t interfere with gaming sessions while you play! Furthermore, its performance in AV-TEST tests was satisfactory without slowing down your computer.


Installing Adaware Antivirus Free on your computer will launch an installation wizard which prompts you to select a language for its user interface and destination folder, add shortcuts directly to desktops for quick and easy access and more. When done, click ‘Compatible Install’ for installation to complete.

After installing, your program will prompt you to restart your computer in order to ensure that all changes take effect. After restarting, a dialog will appear asking you to register the product – either for a free trial version of software or purchasing it directly from its developer’s website.

Once registered, once activated and updated, this software enables on-demand scans to detect malware and protect your PC against potential threats. It will notify you if anything needs your attention as well as updates that become available; additionally it offers several security features like firewall protection, network scanning and password managers.

Adaware (formerly Lavasoft) has been protecting computers since 1999. Their products consistently perform well in AV-Comparatives’ Main Test Series and come armed with an impressive set of features to detect malware while protecting against advertising networks tracking your online activity.

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated at using complex techniques to exploit vulnerabilities, making a powerful antivirus essential to safeguarding digital life. Intego Antivirus acts as a digital guardian protecting against all attempts of theft of personal information while keeping Mac in top form. With decades of experience exclusively focused on macOS security and optimized performance while providing personalized protection without impacting performance, Intego Antivirus optimizes productivity without hindering performance.

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