Adaware Antivirus Free Review

Ad-Aware was developed by Lavasoft since 1999 as their flagship antivirus program; only compatible with Windows OS.

The free version provides basic real-time antivirus and download protection, as well as access to advanced features like file shredding, gaming mode and network drive scanning.

Based on lab tests conducted by AV-Comparatives, this antivirus managed to effectively protect users against 97% of zero-day attacks and known risks, although these results are no longer valid.


Adaware Antivirus Free is designed to safeguard you against insidious online threats that seek to compromise your PC, leading to intrusive advertising pop-ups, slow PC performance and identity theft through stolen personal data. Adaware helps detect harmful content on your system as well as remove or block harmful applications or processes so your sensitive data stays under your control.

This software features a clean, user-friendly interface designed to complement the streamlined appearance of Windows 8. Setup is quick; however, upon startup it attempts to initiate a scan that you may or may not wish to run. Once installed you’ll be presented with a window with several functions along its left edge such as Home, Scan Computer, Real-Time Protections, Web Protection and Network Protection.

All these features can be turned on or off, which makes them great for when only certain security options are needed. Other security options include setting an exclusion list so only certain locations will be scanned, or creating custom scans so you can specify locations or files to scan at certain times of day or week. You can even set a scheduler to run at times that best suit you!

As another security feature, you have the option to create a unique password when logging in – an excellent way of making sure no one else accesses your computer, particularly during periods when you may not be available to monitor its activity.

As cybercriminals become more advanced and sophisticated, this feature can also identify any suspicious URLs being visited and help protect against phishing attacks. Furthermore, it can detect and warn of websites suspected of trying to steal your identity; which can be extremely helpful as cybercrime becomes ever more sophisticated and advanced.

One great security feature of Web beacon blocking software is to prevent hackers from tracking your activities online, particularly when you are using public or office computers. Furthermore, blocking cookies helps save browsing habits as it prevents alerts and notifications from popping up while playing a game. Finally, this program has an additional gaming mode to eliminate alerts during gaming sessions.


Ad-Aware Antivirus Free, previously known as Lavasoft, provides antivirus and antispyware software protection against viruses and malware on your computer. With quick scans, deep system scans and external storage scans as scanning options; as well as features such as monitoring running processes and delete/quarantine infected files as well as setting and managing rules which automatically scan for threats on your system – Ad-Aware Antivirus Free offers comprehensive computer protection from threats such as viruses and malware.

Note that Adaware Antivirus requires an active internet connection in order to work correctly and 100 MB of hard drive storage space free. When installing, you will be asked for your permission to install a toolbar and alter your homepage – once completed you can begin using Adaware antivirus!

Once installed, Adaware Antivirus requires you to read and agree to its license agreement before offering you options on where to store program files for download. After choosing one folder as the destination for these files, confirm your language selection, click “Next,” and allow the program to install itself onto your PC – this process could take some time!

Once installed, AdAware antivirus needs to update its definitions periodically. When updates are available you will be notified and can then download and install them – however you will have to restart your PC after each download/installation of updates.

Ad-aware offers an outstanding support site with tons of articles covering everything from installing and using its product to its community section, where users can interact and get advice for common problems. They even offer live chatbot assistant support and email support – an impressive feature indeed.

Adaware antivirus is easy to use and its scanning speeds are reasonable, though full scans tend to slow down your PC a bit and it is less fast in downloading files or launching applications than its counterparts.


Adaware provides an impressive suite of scanners that can work alongside your current antivirus solution to detect all sorts of threats – viruses, malware, adware and rootkits included – in our tests. It did an outstanding job detecting these threats and eliminating them from our systems quickly; additionally, you can manage its impact on overall computer performance by controlling its scanning speed.

Ad-Aware includes a file shredder to permanently delete files and folders so they cannot be recovered – an added security feature which most users may find beneficial. Furthermore, Ad-Aware allows you to scan external devices for suspicious files as well as block websites known to track user activity – providing additional protection while shopping or banking online.

Pro and Total packages from this company come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving users plenty of time to evaluate whether it meets their needs or not. Furthermore, there’s a useful FAQ section which offers assistance if there are any problems encountered when using it.

High and low scan modes are available within this software – high requires more resources for an exhaustive scan while the latter will use less resources and take less time completing it – this can be particularly helpful on older hardware that cannot accommodate full power antivirus scanning solutions.

Real-world tests indicated that our program could block 94.2 percent of malware samples we examined; this performance fell below industry standard, suggesting your system may still be vulnerable to some attacks.

Our review showed that this program is easy to use, taking up minimal space on your PC, with its user interface being both intuitive and well-organized, featuring options for each feature easily accessible from its main panel or taskbar shortcuts.


This software has much to offer and will protect your computer from numerous threats, using anti-spyware and antivirus technology for optimal system protection. Furthermore, its minimal resource impact makes it simple and user friendly; free versions provide basic coverage while Pro plans offer enhanced features with unlimited technical support.

Antivirus programs can be effective ways of fighting malware that infiltrates computers secretly, leading to aggressive advertising pop-ups, slow system performance or identity theft through stolen private information. Antivirus solutions can detect dangerous content and clearly indicate its threat level; remove malicious applications; block their execution from running; prevent access to webcams without authorization and prevent access from hackers who gain unauthorized entry; file shredders are included for permanent destruction of sensitive files and gaming mode safeguards your PC when gaming online.

Ad-Aware antivirus Free offers an array of scan options and can quickly scan important areas, complete local disk scans with all their data, or perform targeted selective ones based on your needs. Furthermore, Ad-Aware Free monitors changes to system registry files as well as attempts by malware to alter programs or settings on your PC.

User interface of the software is straightforward and user-friendly, featuring its key features prominently displayed on its main panel and accessible tools listed along the left side with individual icons representing them. From this UI you can conduct quick, full or custom scans as well as perform product updates or manage its settings; additionally you can set schedule scans at various frequencies.

Lavasoft, better known by their product Ad-aware, has been creating security solutions since 1999. While originally focused on anti-spyware solutions, Lavasoft recently made the transition into offering full-fledged antivirus protection as well. Their free version offers core protection while paid plans offer more advanced Genocode detection and rootkit scanner. They’re designed to run alongside existing antiviruses without conflict; in fact they will even automatically detect when other software needs installing compatibility mode and install in compatibility mode when they detect existing installations of Ad-aware or any potential conflicts! Additionally they feature FAQ sections as well as community forums so users can share experiences while discussing experiences using Lavasoft software.

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