Adaware Antivirus Free Review

adaware antivirus Free

Ad-Aware antivirus Free from Lavasoft combines anti-spyware protection with full malware security through its Genocode technology for advanced malware scanning.

The user interface (UI) of Gaming Mode is user-friendly, offering quick, full or custom scans as well as product updates and Gaming Mode.


Adaware’s competitive edge lies in its multi-layered protection. This includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, ad blocking and web filtering features; as well as its powerful heuristic scanning engine that quickly detects malware missed by other programs; blocking webcam hijacking as well as software that collects passwords, credit card numbers or bank account details from webcams and intercepting webcam video streams for advertising; also blocking webcam hijacking software or webcam hijackers which steal your webcam feeds to gain entry; designed to work alongside your existing antivirus, run in compatibility mode so it doesn’t interfere with other programs while being used on-demand or scheduled scans as needed.

Windows 8 users will appreciate its straightforward user interface that takes full advantage of Windows 8. By default, a scan automatically starts upon starting up; however, you can opt out. Once in the program you can customize its settings through a wide range of options that include real-time protection settings, browsing in a secure environment online and managing browser extensions as well as setting a game mode which reduces alerts while playing; additionally there’s a file shredder and network drive scanning features as well as various privacy tools like tracker removal for other websites visited online.

Your computer scan frequency can also be determined by how many system resources are available to you; using less resources allows the program to perform faster scans without impacting performance, making adaware antivirus Free one of the top choices for those who wish to keep their PC protected while still using it as they normally would.

As an added benefit, this version of Adaware Antivirus Total Security also includes all of the privacy and maintenance tools from PC Cleaner Pro package – such as deletion of tracking cookies and activity logs as well as cleaning browser history, removing junk files, improving boot times and freeing RAM. Adaware Antivirus Total Security boasts additional features like PC optimization/repair and monitoring/blocking phishing sites to complete its comprehensive cloud-based threat control system.


Adaware Antivirus Free is distinguished from many other antivirus programs by its minimalist approach to design. After an effortless setup process, Adaware Antivirus Free initiates an initial scan (which you can opt out of). Once complete, its interface clearly presents you with six functions on its left-hand side: Home, Scan Computer, RealTime Protections, Web Protection Network Protections and App Managements.

With this feature enabled, adaware will notify you as soon as your PC has become compromised, giving you time to run either a full or custom scan from within its user interface (UI), install product updates or receive automatic alerts for different threats like spyware, adware, trojans and rootkits.

Adaware will update its database automatically, giving you the latest threat information and providing optimal protection from cyber criminals who continually develop new malware attacks on computers. Adaware protects you against sneaky online threats such as pop-up ads, slow performance or identity theft by protecting against stealthy online threats that pose hidden dangers – such as stealthy online threats that cause pop-up ads or steal personal data without your knowledge or approval.

This software also helps you manage apps and browser extensions as well as block annoying advertisements, plus allows you to set a security pin so only you have access to its settings; this prevents others from changing or even deleting your files without permission.

Adaware’s Gaming Mode is another useful feature, removing all notification balloons while you play a game to ensure you enjoy an immersive gaming experience without being interrupted by other distractions on your computer. This enables you to focus fully on your gameplay without getting sidetracked by anything other than what matters – gaming!

Adaware’s website features a comprehensive FAQ that should answer most of your queries, along with live chat support agents who are on standby to address any additional inquiries, and community advice available through its forum section. This provides an ideal starting point and introduction to their program before deciding if this antivirus solution is appropriate for you.


Adaware antivirus Free includes several scanners built around high-class technologies from Adaware Inc. These include anti-spyware and malware detection technologies as well as heuristic evaluation technology to detect new threats. Adaware scans the entire computer for potential threats by looking for patterns in program behavior – making it a useful way of protecting against adware, Trojans, viruses, spyware backdoors rootkits keyloggers or any other invasive programs.

Anti-malware programs come equipped with real-time protection features to safeguard your computer from online threats, such as malicious URLs. It recognizes and blocks them within web browser, email messages, or applications such as antivirus programs. Furthermore, firewalls and advanced network monitors offer additional defense against hackers or network intrusion attempts; and can even help protect you when shopping or banking online thanks to features that analyze links within webpages, emails or messages sent directly by malicious sources.

Adaware Antivirus Free includes a security pin that locks your settings when you aren’t around, to safeguard against unwanted changes on your PC. Even if someone gains access to your machine, they cannot make changes or delete files from the hard disk drive without first consulting Adaware Support team first. In case there’s ever an issue with your computer you can reach out for help through our Support team!

Adaware Antivirus’ main screen includes all the features you can enable or disable, including a big Full Scan button with links to all other scanner options in a sidebar on the right side of it. For greater control, there’s also the Advanced Settings menu available for use.

Here you can set and customize real-time protection levels, browsing options and advanced settings of the program. Gaming Mode aims to improve performance. Settings are divided into two parts – Protection Settings in the top right-hand corner and Options (in Main Options section) which provide default scanning options and browsing settings; also here, enable or disable Gaming Mode and configure email scanner.


Protect your computer from online threats so you can concentrate on what matters: communicating with friends, checking emails and watching videos. With software designed to schedule daily scans, provide real-time protection and detect suspicious activities – plus an effective firewall and password manager to provide added safety – it allows for better use of time spent online.

This program uses minimal system resources and CPU/memory resources on your PC. Furthermore, you can tailor how the program uses these resources by switching between high and low modes – the former performs faster scans while using more resources while low mode takes longer but consumes fewer system resources.

As well, the software allows you to uninstall unwanted files from your computer, clearing space for new programs and speeding up its performance. There are various scan options available such as Quick Scan and Full Scan which checks every file on the system; Custom Scan allows you to specify specific locations for inspection; you can even choose frequency/time intervals when running scans is recommended.

Though this software lacks phone customer support, you can still easily find prompt and effective solutions to any of your inquiries or problems using various online resources such as the user guide, knowledge base articles, social media community support or forum support. Furthermore, scanning logs may even be submitted directly to our technical support team for analysis and feedback.

Security companies face a constant balancing act in providing essential features in their free edition while driving paid conversions with attractive bonuses. Some firms do this by including almost everything in their product for free use, while others withhold key components of their flagship products to force full protection payments from customers. Adaware takes an approach similar to this with their free edition featuring many useful features – in addition to antivirus protection they also include firewall and parental control functions – making for an impressive offering at no cost.

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