Adaware Antivirus Free Review

adaware antivirus Free

Adaware antivirus Free offers real-time protection against malware and other online threats, and detects suspicious processes proactively. This gives the user control over their computer by giving them control against virus downloads, hackers, phishing attacks or potentially unwanted applications that could otherwise pose threats. With its user-friendly interface and minimal performance impact, adaware antivirus Free makes an ideal solution to safeguard their digital experience.

Adaware Antivirus Free was initially created by Lavasoft as an anti-spyware program; its developers have since expanded it into a comprehensive security suite they claim outperforms all free or paid competitors. The software can either stand-in for other programs to add additional layers of protection, or can be combined together for maximum effectiveness. Plus, Lavasoft provides various plans with additional features and tech support at very reasonable rates!

Adaware comes in four versions, from Ad-aware Free through Pro and Total security packages. Each features the same antivirus engine; with more expensive packages providing advanced features such as network protection and web protection. Furthermore, Adaware features several scanning modes – customizable manual scanning as well as the capability of performing specific file and folder searches – enabling it to detect malware and spyware, remove them from a device as well as block future infections by disallowing communication between it and potential threat sources.

Adaware antivirus Free’s straightforward user interface makes customizing protection options effortless for users. The main panel provides all relevant information, as well as a full scan button and product updates; users can also access version and license status updates here, in addition to quick, custom, and scheduled scan shortcuts which make quick scanning of directories, files or apps convenient. Lastly, users can set it to run in the background and only notify them when full or quick scans are due.

Scanning speeds are lightning-fast, with full system scans taking less than an hour and quick scans taking no longer than 15 minutes. In independent lab tests conducted by PassMark, Adaware antivirus Free proved slow when downloading files, copying files or launching applications on initial runs; its performance may differ slightly when run again on subsequent runs.

Adaware antivirus Free can detect and delete threats on its own, however further increasing protection can be enhanced with additional tools and a stronger password manager. This makes the software more flexible in combatting cyber threats from different angles. In addition, Lavasoft provides additional software including password managers, VPN services and PC maintenance utilities as part of their suite of products for enhanced PC protection and maintenance.

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