AdGuard Web Filter

Adguard Web Filter is an app-based filtering application designed to block ads and other privacy-threatening content from appearing in browsers and apps. It offers filters based on different criteria, such as language or task (e.g. Social media Tracking Protection). Furthermore, Adguard acts as an DNS resolver by updating its lists periodically.


AdGuard Web Filter (formerly AdGuard Content Blocker) is an advanced ad-blocking and application management program. It redirects apps and websites through an ad-free media player, blocks ads in YouTube videos, protects against malware attacks, analyzes website security risks, displays companies that your device contacts directly and more – although not an antivirus tool by itself.

AdGuard’s Protection section gives you control over which filtering rules it applies to apps and sites, from basic protection, which disables most ad formats, to advanced filters designed to block ads in video games, mobile browsers, other applications (including floating ads, pop-ups, text ads and banner ads ). Furthermore, tracking objects are removed along with tracking objects used by websites to obtain personal data such as screen resolution, operating system type or URL of pages you visited or were redirected from.

Other settings include selecting between different filter update channels – Release for maximum stability and Beta or Nightly for early access to new features. You can also opt to route problem-free apps through the program as well as enable a battery save mode.

The Statistics section presents a complete picture of how your device’s application manages requests with figures and graphs that provide a full overview. It shows details such as blocked or ignored ad/tracker requests, saved/uploaded data volumes and more – filterable by date or mobile/Wi-Fi data type; additionally the Company database tab presents an extensive list of companies which your device has reached out to and which requests they sent your way.


Adguard pricing depends on the number of devices it will be installed on, with various subscription plans and free trials that are easily downloaded. This makes Adguard an excellent solution for businesses or organizations that need to block ads across multiple browsers simultaneously.

As well as blocking ads, this software protects users against malware, phishing sites and spoofing sites. Furthermore, it filters search results and removes content deemed inappropriate for minors – making it an excellent solution for parents looking to ensure their child stays safe when online and avoid visiting unsafe websites.

Ad-blocking technology from Adblock Plus is simple to set up and works on all major web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Yandex are supported. Adblock will detect and block most advertisements including pop-ups and video ads while blocking social media pages, trackers and analyzers that collect browsing data.

AdGuard goes beyond simply blocking ads; it also hides CSS, speeds page loading times and can help protect you from background apps that run without your visibility. In addition to blocking advertisements from such programs, AdGuard hides unwanted elements on pages like text boxes, shopping carts and more for added protection – plus lets you customize settings to match your individual needs!

The application’s interface is clean and user-friendly, with each component broken down into categories and subcategories. There are two viewing modes (basic and extended), allowing you to collapse or expand individual components as well as customize settings for ad blocking, browsing security, assistant browsers, network monitoring, logging as well as creating your own filters for the ad blocker.

AdGuard features multiple filters designed to manage website language, trackers, and annoyances. In addition, AdGuard includes DNS-level ad blocking capabilities which can be enabled or disabled via browser extension; you can even create your own customized filters by visiting Filters – DNS Blocked Services section of its web UI.


AdGuard Home serves as a network-wide ad and tracker-blocking DNS server with parental controls (adult content blocking) and other features, similar to Pi-hole with some additional unique functionalities like out of the box support for DNS-over-HTTPS and Query Log (which provides stats about how the DNS server operates). AdGuard Web Filter adds protection from ads such as banners, pop-ups, text ads and tracking — as well as protecting from tracking and privacy-threatening content found online — for browsers and software using privacy features offered by websites by blocking ads banners, pop-ups as well as privacy-threatening material found online.

Services that offer information about filter subscriptions in AdGuard Home can be used in automations to add/remove rules at certain times, for instance adding/removing specific sets.


AdGuard Web Filter works like a recursive DNS resolver, blocking ads and trackers from loading by returning invalid addresses. Filter lists can block banners, interstitial ads, floating ads and pop-ups; additionally it can block spyware as well as warn of potentially unsafe websites. AdGuard can be installed either on a router or desktop computer and features language and task-based filters for improved control.

Task-based filters are rules designed to fulfill a particular function, such as Social media or Tracking protection filters.

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