Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator

Adobe is renowned for their creative computer software products and it’s clear why. Their product portfolio encompasses Web/Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Marketing and Visual Editing software to name but a few.

Adobe Character Animator is included as part of Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps subscription and allows users to control layered 2D puppets using multi-track motion capture recording systems.


Adobe Character Animator is an Emmy award-winning application that utilizes motion capture to control 2D puppets created in Photoshop or Illustrator. With its user-friendly interface and webcam recording feature, anyone from beginners to experts can become an animator using Adobe Character Animator. Your facial movements will be translated directly into actions performed by an animated puppet character!

Adobe has recently released their software with an enhanced Starter Mode version, designed to make animation accessible to everyone. It includes a simplified workflow and interface, pre-made example puppets to get users started quickly, as well as recording audio separately – useful features for those who find working under pressure difficult or who tend to fumble when recording “live”.

Sign up for Creative Cloud membership here, then download Adobe Character Animator app via Apps tab of desktop program. When in Starter mode, press Starter button in header bar for quick entry; or switch between Starter and Pro mode by clicking Apps button again in header bar.

Once in Starter mode, select one puppet from your list to view its animation track and controls. If you need to alter its size, drag its track in the timeline assets section to change its scale value or simply drag its start or end handles for easy scene trimming.

Adobe Character Animator’s Starter mode is free for anyone to use, though it does not contain all the features found in Pro mode. Pro requires a subscription to Creative Cloud All Apps through either Apple’s App Store or Adobe’s website; switching between modes is possible but once any features from Pro have been used in a project they cannot be returned back into Starter mode.


Adobe Character Animator is an animation software program that utilizes real-time motion capture to bring animated characters to life. It is an invaluable resource, used by online content creators and Hollywood studios alike – from online content producers and content producers, all the way up to Hollywood studios and Hollywood stars alike. Adobe provides free trial versions of their apps such as After Effects and Premiere Pro for you to get your feet wet with this powerful animation program.

Software specifically tailored to making animating characters as effortless as possible, providing templates with pre-made rigs to get you started and plenty of behaviors for you to add into the app. In addition, you can even create your own rigs using its tools.

Adobe has designed their program with user friendliness in mind, with two user modes – Starter mode and Pro mode – both part of Creative Cloud All Apps subscription plan. The free version comes with limited digital puppets so you can experiment without spending too much time or money creating characters of your own.

To create a full-featured animated film, it’s necessary to upgrade to Adobe Character Animator Pro mode. This version can either be purchased as a standalone program or subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps subscription – the latter offering much lower subscription prices compared to buying all of Adobe’s programs individually.

Adobe Character Animator also allows you to import layered Photoshop and Illustrator documents, turning them into puppets that can be controlled live inputs such as webcam, microphone, keyboard trigger layers to hide or show as well as mouse warping handles. Adobe Character Animator is an Emmy Award-winning application that turns you and your voice into cartoon characters in real-time; tracking movements and following expressions automatically for performance-based animation in real time.


Adobe is an internationally-recognized leader in creative software, boasting household name products such as Photoshop, Acrobat Reader DC, Flash Professional CC, Lightroom and Illustrator among many others. Their software portfolio also includes Adobe Character Animator available as part of Creative Cloud All Apps plan; this 2D animation program lets users bring graphic objects created in Photoshop or Illustrator to life and upload new ones from other sources; its advanced trigger-based drag face motion tracking with live lip sync can even connect seamlessly with Adobe After Effects to ensure a seamless workflow experience!

Character animators use their skills to bring 2D characters to life, typically working for film studios, game developers or advertising agencies. They employ various techniques in creating and animating animated characters such as facial expressions, body language and voices – in some instances they may even need to rig or animate 3D models of their subjects depending on the project at hand.

Although becoming a character animator requires years of experience and an intimate knowledge of visual language, an aspiring student may still become one. Many colleges provide courses in digital art, providing opportunities for internships with local animation studios. Furthermore, animation-specific online courses may further their skillset and increase job prospects.

Adobe Character Animator is available for educational institutions like universities and high schools, providing students with an interactive way to gain more knowledge in storytelling, visual design and animation through video production experiments. Teachers can make their lessons more engaging by creating characters which engage the students during lessons.

Adobe Character Animator is an invaluable resource for educators and students, particularly when used in combination with other Adobe software such as After Effects. With its user-friendly interface and tools, users can easily customize and animate their own characters before sharing them socially via social media platforms like Facebook. Furthermore, this program features tutorials and videos to assist learners getting started.


Adobe is an industry-leading Creativity software provider, boasting household name products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Reader and Lightroom. Adobe Character Animator is an animation program used for creating high-quality, expressive animated characters; this standalone program or subscription model are both available.

The Community version of Animate CC provides users with access to a selection of premade character puppets for animating. However, you can import custom character designs of your own as well. Its simplicity means it makes an ideal starting point for beginning animators without extensive drawing experience or technical know-how – ideal for starting their animation career but perhaps lacking time or skills needed for more complex and expensive programs such as Animate CC.

Adobe Character Animator can be used to produce various forms of animations. From traditional frame-by-frame, limited and puppet animation, the program offers everything from traditional hand drawn frame-by-frame to limited and puppet rig animation without needing redrawn parts of a rig, even unlimited puppetry that allows an entire rig to move freely around without the need for redrawing parts of it. Adobe Character Animator users tend to focus on digital streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and social media channels where most Adobe Character Animator users reside.

Adobe Character Animator is designed for ease of use and does not require extensive animation or rigging experience, making it the ideal tool for novice animators wanting to create animated content for YouTube or other platforms. Adobe offers training resources and hosts an animation community for sharing animations.

Another advantage of Adobe Suite software is its integration with other programs, like Photoshop and Illustrator. Adobe offers the Dynamic Link feature as a means of working alongside them – an essential feature when working on projects with multiple designers or animators. Plus, new features are being made available instantly!

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