Adobe InCopy – Lightens Copy Exchange Tasks and Simplifies Collaboration

Adobe InCopy

Adobe InCopy is a professional word processor designed to work alongside InDesign. It simplifies copy exchange tasks while improving collaboration.

InCopy can serve as a standalone word processing program with full exporting and printing features, but is more often integrated with InDesign document layouts for design purposes. Page designers create the page layout while editors use InCopy simultaneously to edit several stories at the same time.


InCopy is a professional word processor designed to work seamlessly with Adobe InDesign. This application gives editors and writers full control over text by applying formatting styles imported from InDesign, copyfitting text for page breaks, setting hyphenation/kerning rules and more. Furthermore, InCopy allows editors and writers to import graphics that enhance stories as well as limited transformations such as scaling/cropping them if needed. Available either individually or as part of Creative Cloud All Apps package which contains over 20 Adobe apps like InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator/InCopy!

InCopy offers more than just file formats and languages support; it also features several viewing modes to suit various text writing needs. Story mode shows an unformatted view of text on screen without any formatting; galley mode displays a list of all lines within a story, and layout mode shows actual page design layout. You can easily switch between these views with just a single button, saving individual workspaces as custom workspaces for future use.

The software offers an attractive and user-friendly user interface that is simple to use, featuring icons for each typesetting function and tools/palettes/panels conveniently placed in a menu bar at the top of the window. There are multiple color themes that can be applied to customize its appearance further while various keyboard shortcuts provide faster workflows.

Adobe InCopy provides designers and editors with an invaluable way to collaborate more closely on document content, helping reduce mistakes, save time, and produce higher-quality results. You can add comments directly into text and track changes within InCopy, plus designers can make changes directly in InDesign while InCopy remains open.

Adobe InCopy stands out from its competition by supporting bi-directional text flow, meaning it can handle both right-to-left and left-to-right writing styles, making it an invaluable tool for international users. Adobe InCopy should be part of any design and editorial team working on InDesign documents; its powerful yet affordable functionality can enhance production workflow efficiency and facilitate international use.


Adobe InCopy is an invaluable tool for copywriters, editors and writers who work in cross media publishing environments. This program allows them to write, edit and format text while designers work on layout in Adobe InDesign; InCopy also features access to Adobe Fonts as well as formatting features for text size, spacing, alignment, footnotes/endnotes tables & cell addition. Users can save and share their work among team members as they work simultaneously on these tasks.

Adobe has recently reduced the price of InCopy, making it more cost-effective for editorial teams that rely on it. Now included with Creative Cloud subscriptions at the same cost as InDesign, making InCopy more accessible for teams who rely on both programs for success.

Companies of all kinds can leverage collaborative working environments to increase productivity, decrease errors, and streamline workflows. Not just publishers or InDesign users can utilize it either; the creative industries at all sizes can find advantages in working together.

Creative Cloud offers access to InCopy via several subscription plans, with the most popular being All Apps at $4.99/month and giving access to Adobe software like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver – there is also a seven day free trial of InCopy available if you would like to test it before purchasing it.

Creative Cloud for Education can also provide students and teachers access to all Adobe software, including InCopy. Plus it comes with 20GB of online storage to facilitate file sharing and collaboration; customized online portfolio through Behance ProSite; as well as 65% discount off annual subscription. If they take an accredited course such as LogoCore logo design course at US$80 they could qualify for Creative Cloud All Apps subscription for one year!


Adobe provides an impressive array of desktop publishing and graphic design software tools, such as InCopy – a word processing and collaboration tool integrated with other Adobe applications – that facilitates desktop publishing and graphic design processes. It primarily serves to make life easier for writers and editors by making it simpler to compose text documents suitable for inclusion into InDesign page layouts, while simultaneously supporting collaborative efforts by commenting, tracking changes, locking content, commenting on others, commenting tracking changes etc.

InCopy is an intuitive word processor with support for import/export interface, offering both standalone or linked usage to InDesign documents. Additionally, InCopy supports several file formats like ICMA (InDesign Component Mapping Architecture) and InDesign XML as well as being compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

Your editing capabilities with InDesign Import/Export include applying formatting styles imported from InDesign, adjusting line and page breaks, setting hyphenation/kerning rules and performing precise copyfitting. Furthermore, graphics may be imported for limited transformations such as scaling or cropping before being uploaded as photos for importation into InDesign Import/Export. Furthermore, bi-directional text flow may also be supported, making the software especially beneficial in publications written from right to left like those published from Middle Eastern and North African regions where texts written from right to left publication formats.

Adobe InCopy’s latest release boasts several significant upgrades that make it more powerful. Its user interface has been refreshed with modern aesthetics and provides new ways to view and modify text appearance. Furthermore, this software has improved font search capabilities that help users quickly locate their ideal font; additionally it now supports HiDPI and Retina displays.

Adobe InCopy can be purchased separately or as part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service, with editions that range from single user license to unlimited users on one computer. Adobe offers a seven-day free trial so users can test out the software prior to making a decision about purchasing it; users may download directly from Adobe website or third party download site – for activation and usage.


Adobe InCopy is an indispensable word processing tool that assists editors and writers working in collaboration with contrivers, publishing brigades and other stakeholders to synchronize processes and maximize productivity. It features seamless integration with Adobe InDesign as well as customizable interfaces, robotic workflows and cross-platform comity – not to mention spell check, hyphenation and Duden German dictionary integration!

Adobe InCopy is an essential piece of software for anyone involved with editing and producing documents for print, web or ebook publication. It allows you to edit text and create graphics while working collaboratively on different versions of a single document with others working on various versions. Furthermore, preview mode gives an insight into layout frames and content so you can ensure everything will fit seamlessly together.

InCopy offers an array of text formatting features, including text wrap and indentation options, bulleted and numbered lists, font substitution and character substitution as well as text style variations such as italics and boldface. InCopy also allows for adding paragraph and character borders with adjustable dimensions as well as inserting tables for editing, importing or exporting data.

You can use InCopy to make notes for your collaborators. These notes could contain comments, questions or reminders that will ensure all team members remain on the same page when making changes in a document. Furthermore, notes can be split up into multiple sections for easier organization if a very long note needs to be divided up further – just insert your cursor at an appropriate breakpoint and select Notes > Split Note (Figure 5.8)!

Once editing is complete, you have two options for saving changes – export to an assignment file or save them as separate articles. When checking-in an article in InCopy it will display with a checkmark icon and appear in the Links panel to help differentiate managed stories from unmanaged ones.

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