Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free online photo-editing tool with an array of eye-catching effects and filters, as well as one-touch transformation tools that provides users with seamless transformation tools.

This mobile editing app has everything you need for quick and easy adjustments, including exposure and contrast controls, texture addition, red eye removal and creating collages.


Adobe Photoshop Express is an advanced photo-editing app with an impressive range of features and tools, such as cropping and straightening tools as well as lighting adjustments (exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks), one-click color correction effects as well as Quick Fix functionality to assemble all major color and lighting controls in one convenient package.

Though not offering all the tools of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Revel still contains enough to keep most users satisfied. This app was specifically created to work with photos stored either locally on a device’s image library, camera capture or Adobe Revel’s cloud storage and synchronization service.

Once a photo is selected, the app automatically opens into an editing page with six editing choices in the lower left corner: Enhance, Looks, Crop Fixing and Red Eye removal – each can be accessed by tapping their icons.

Adobe Photoshop Express by default turns on its blue Auto-Enhance button at the top of your screen by default, so before even beginning editing your photo Adobe tries to improve it with automatic light and color adjustments. Although this can be helpful, if desired it’s easy to turn it off from within Adobe’s lower right-hand corner if you prefer an unedited version of your photo.

Smart Fill, which automatically recognizes faces and objects to fill them out quickly and seamlessly, can save advanced users a considerable amount of time when working with high-resolution photos; using it with lower-resolution ones may result in blurry and unsharp images.

Use this app to easily remove red eyes from photos – perfect for portrait shots! The tool is user-friendly, working well even when zoom gestures are used to focus and magnify an area from which red eye removal needs to take place.

Other useful features include the ability to add text to pictures, which is ideal when adding captions or copyright information. You can choose from various fonts, sizes and styles; frames and borders can also be added easily as needed and adjusted as required.

One-Tap Filters

Adobe is well known for their image editing software for PCs – with Photoshop being their flagship program, boasting numerous complex features and adjustments, they also have developed Photoshop Express as an easier alternative. This application contains basic adjustments and features for improving images as well as one-tap filters and effects to help create the ideal photo.

First thing you’ll notice about this app is its ease of use. No account creation necessary; simply provide the app with your Facebook or Twitpic login details if you want to share images on those platforms. Also, this free storage space offers up 2Gb for photos so there’s no risk of running out on internal memory on your phone or tablet device!

Once an image has been opened, tapping on the ‘Looks’ icon will display a series of preset filters to choose from for it. You can customize these effects by dragging your finger across the screen: left will reduce their effect while right will increase it.

One-tap filters offer features like blurs, vignettes, darkening of photos and increasing or decreasing saturation levels. Furthermore, highlights, shadows, clarity and black and whites can all be adjusted individually for a customized look.

Add text to your images with this app for a unique personal touch and captions or messages! Change font, color and alignment settings so your text lands exactly on the image.

There is also an image-cropping tool, as well as the option to remove red-eye from your photos, plus one-tap enhancements and filters, such as water ripples, raindrop effects, bokeh effects, rusty textures, smoke effects and flares – plus the capability of adding different shapes and frames to images.

Special Effects

Adobe Photoshop Express features an expansive collection of eye-catching filters and effects, all available at the touch of a button. In addition, there is an array of borders and frames to help add personalized flair to your photos. With categories including Black & White Portrait Nature Pop Color Duo Tones Filters – there’s sure to be the ideal filter to suit your photo.

Adobe Photo Enhance’s unique capability lies in its ability to enhance the colors in your photographs. Using its auto-correct tool, this Adobe product can correct common color issues like blue tints or yellow hues – as well as making dull or muddy photos appear more vibrant and lively.

This program can also improve your photos by removing unwanted objects from them, which is especially handy if you want to take selfies without strangers in the background. Furthermore, dust and blemishes can be removed as well as adjusted contrast and exposure settings of your images.

Adobe Photoshop Express’s user-friendly interface is one of its hallmark features, making it the ideal app for beginners and users with minimal image editing experience. Furthermore, its mobile device compatibility means you can edit photos anytime from any location!

Although its features may be more limited compared to more sophisticated tools like Adobe Lightroom, this app remains an excellent solution for quick and straightforward image editing. It is especially helpful as an affordable alternative to more complex programs like Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Express is free for everyone to use, however a valid email address must be used to create an account. A premium subscription provides access to additional tools and storage options allowing you to customize photos for social media or websites as well as creating professional-looking posters, flyers, or promotional materials for small businesses.


Adobe Photoshop Express is a free photo editing app that provides quick changes and stunning effects, from quick cropping and brightness adjustments to numerous eye-catching filters. With more than 45 filters to choose from, Adobe Photoshop Express helps create unique looks for each photo – black & white, portrait, nature, pop color and duo tone filters make finding just the right effect easier; plus its slider helps control its intensity for even greater control over intensity of these effects.

The app also comes equipped with adjustment tools that let you tweak essentials like brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness – just move the sliders! Highlights and shadows can also be adjusted to find that perfect balance in your images while the Clarity tool adds depth and texture for more impactful photographs.

Adobe offers some of the finest mobile editing solutions when it comes to face and selfie retouching: Smooth Skin eliminates blemishes with one tap; Touch up smiles, remove red eye, play with contouring effects, contour your face using Face Heal feature or add fun caricatures using Retouching tools that make eyes pop, give skin glow or create fun caricatures!

Use this app to rotate and straighten any image that’s tilted or off-center, with Crop being a useful way to select specific areas within an image. Auto-Enhance is also available, to improve lighting, contrast, clarity as well as vibrance/saturation for more vibrant photos!

Although Adobe Photoshop Express app can provide an effective means for editing photos on-the-go, it should not be seen as a replacement to desktop version of software. For advanced image editing needs, full subscription might be worthwhile. Otherwise, mobile version is easy to use, has a clean interface, and plenty of editing tools that help create beautiful photographs.

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