Adobe Premiere Elements Review

Adobe Premiere Elements used to dominate the consumer video editing market, but eventually fell behind other software. While still serviceable, Premiere Elements didn’t possess enough wiggle room compared with professional-level programs to adapt quickly with technological developments.

2023 is a straightforward update, featuring only significant alterations: support for Apple silicon which should provide an increase in performance for demanding video-editing work.


Adobe Premiere Elements features an array of editing tools designed to enhance videos and movies. It supports an extensive array of devices and formats, from digital cameras and camcorders to smart phones and gaming consoles. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes learning how to use Adobe Premiere Elements effortless; two editing modes – one specifically tailored towards beginners while Guided Mode offers additional guidance – make this software especially helpful for video editors just starting out.

The editing process begins by importing media from your digital camera or camcorder into the Project Assets bin, followed by creating a timeline and adding clips. Clips you add will appear as thumbnails in both the preview panel and Timeline Tracks bin; moving and editing clips by dragging is possible on screen, plus there is also an impressive library of effects, transitions, text animations and soundtracks available for your selection to further personalize each clip.

One key feature of the software is its Auto Smart Trim feature, which automatically selects only the best parts from each clip to create professional-quality movies with minimum effort.

Another useful component of the program is its ‘Fix’ section, which offers tools for correcting video issues such as bad lighting or color correction, stabilizing shaky footage or stabilizing unstable footage.

Finally, this program offers text animations to create titles for your videos. These animations can be adjusted in terms of font style and formatting for optimal use; additionally, there are numerous animated backgrounds you can select from.

Adobe Premiere Elements’ latest offering is now available with a 30-day trial and compatible with both Windows 10 and macOS 10.13. It boasts various improvements such as faster installation/launch times, smaller app sizes, support for various mobile platforms and offers both web-based and mobile app companion apps to provide a seamless editing experience. Not to mention it comes complete with 2GB of cloud storage so your creations don’t get lost.


Adobe has refined Premiere Elements’ interface and removed features that aren’t utilized often, while still remaining an advanced program. One key component is its auto-analyzer that processes every clip as they are imported to generate smart tags based on quality, content, and other attributes – this allows Premiere Elements to perform advanced forms of automated editing like trimming/stabilization/red eye removal/music selection based on mood analysis of footage imported into it.

The program includes a selection of transitions designed to give your movie visual interest. These range from classic cuts, where one clip is immediately replaced by another, to more elaborate effects such as cross dissolves accompanied by animation or wiping effects. Furthermore, templates for creating animated slideshows provide easy ways for telling stories quickly while sharing them on social media or text message as videos.

Premiere Elements provides several useful new tools for organizing and improving photographs and video clips. It can automatically identify scenes containing people or objects, then highlight them using frame-by-frame annotations. Furthermore, Premiere Elements analyzes scenes to detect blurriness or focus issues as well as objects with depth or texture identification; making it easy to spot the best shots within your footage to highlight with animations.

Another helpful feature is the ability to add captions and titles to videos, especially when creating slideshows. Furthermore, this program can sync music seamlessly with videos for an enjoyable viewing experience and comes equipped with an in-built collage maker for creating photo montages and video montages.

Adobe Premiere Elements is an efficient home video editing suite. It boasts a user-friendly interface, comprehensive tutorials, and straightforward editing modes such as video storyboards and one-click photo quick fixes – as well as creative effects such as freeze frames with motion titles and fun bounce-back effects that allow anyone to easily produce professional-quality movies without the hassle of learning an intricate editing suite. Adobe Premiere Elements makes filmmaking accessible.


Adobe Premiere Elements is an award-winning video editing software program with all the tools to make great videos. From an unorganized bin for collecting clips, multiple layers where trimming and mixing clips is possible, post production bells and whistles and sharing options such as uploading directly to YouTube and other popular platforms, this powerful suite offers everything needed for successful editing of movies.

Adobe Sensei technology, developed to maximize photo and video creations, helps users get the best possible results when using Adobe Creative Cloud products. It quickly recognizes good and poor clips, automatically correcting them to produce polished video projects. In addition to that, Adobe Sensei enables non-destructive adjustment layers containing various effects like color correction, blurring, pixelating and more for even further personalization of photo/video creations.

Adobe Premiere Elements can make creating animated slideshows from video clips simple with its animated slideshow feature. You can easily add various types of animated overlays such as butterflies, hearts and smileys for added appeal and music customization; furthermore, its Organizer makes creating video collages possible by merging all photos and videos together into one movie collage.

Adobe Premiere Elements also gives you the power to personalize DVD menus. The user-friendly program supports various file formats and provides preview effects and transitions before applying them, while offering vertical and square aspect ratio editing.

Adobe Premiere Elements makes uploading videos to YouTube and other platforms simple, allowing you to select quality settings, specify an account, share or not share, choose whether to share with public etc. In addition, this software enables you to select categories and tag videos.

Adobe Premiere Elements’ standout feature is its automatic synchronization between files on your mobile devices and companion apps for creating slideshows on them, giving you access to photos and videos from any device and creating slideshows wherever you are. Furthermore, new features that enhance performance such as 35% faster installation/launch times on macOS systems and 70% faster start times on Apple M1 systems make Adobe Premiere Elements even more user-friendly.

Final Words

Adobe Premiere Elements video editing software offers excellent value to consumers looking to introduce themselves or upgrade from existing versions. At an introductory cost of less than half that of professional-level programs such as Premiere Pro CC which require subscription payments every month, Premiere Elements provides an ideal starting point.

At the core of every successful project lies its creation: getting video files into Premiere Elements. This process, called “capturing,” can be accomplished with either a digital camcorder or webcam connected to Windows PC and Premiere Elements provides an intuitive method for uploading both video and audio files.

Once your video files have been uploaded to your computer, Premiere Elements allows you to organize them into a movie project. This file provides information about all the media in your movie including details like its location on hard disk. In addition, Premiere Elements projects contain settings which instruct how the program should convert them into movie files with 1s and 0s.

Premiere Elements makes video editing simpler than ever with its set of themes, enabling you to easily style and bind any project in professionally-designed packaging. From Road Trip and Outdoor Wedding themes (to name just two examples) these themes add class and professionalism to any video project. Plus Premiere Elements’ DVD menu creation tool and chapter division feature makes creating DVD movies for distribution easy as well.

Whether you already own Premiere Elements or plan to purchase it soon, take the time to get acquainted with all its features and understand how best to utilize them so that the program works the way its designers intended it to do so. This way, it can fulfill its intended function efficiently.

When you’re ready to launch a new project, click the Project tab and then New Project from the pop-up menu. When prompted for details, enter your project’s name in the Name box before selecting where your videos resided in folders. Premiere Elements will save your work automatically as needed but if needed you can manually save by choosing File > Save Project or pressing Ctrl+S – otherwise if logged out you’ll see an Adobe Account Save Project window where you’ll need to enter both user name and password details before proceeding further with any further work.

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