Advanced Installer – A Powerful Installation Solution For Developers and IT Pros

Advanced Installer is an impressive installation solution with many unique features, offering both developers and IT pros significant advantages.

Visual formatted editing with auto-completion of references, syntax highlighting, and resolved value hints.

Windows 11/Vista and UAC Installations – Create installations that support the new features and security model of the operating system quickly and effortlessly.

Visual Studio Integration

Advanced Installer is a multipurpose application-packaging tool with an impressive set of features to assist developers and IT pros streamline their packaging workflow. Support for the latest Windows technologies makes this an effortless extension for Visual Studio; additionally it integrates seamlessly with CI/CD pipelines for seamless development and deployment processes.

Advanced Installer’s user interface is intuitive and easy to comprehend, offering you complete control over the creation and customization of installation packages. It features a smart condition editor with auto completion, property values detection, predefined examples and multiple level undo for creating complex MSI conditions quickly and easily. Furthermore, Advanced Installer offers numerous dialog windows, localization features, custom actions as well as more to help create an engaging first time user experience for your application.

Another key advantage is its ability to import existing Visual Studio projects. This saves both time and effort while giving you flexibility to add features without changing existing installers, including projects already built using different build tools. Furthermore, third-party MSI and Merge Modules can also be imported, making upgrades much simpler.

Importing a Visual Studio solution into an Advanced Installer project requires selecting an appropriate configuration in order to ensure all binaries generated during build process are included in setup project and dependencies are automatically updated by Advanced Installer project when importing solution.

Once a project is imported, it will appear in Visual Studio Explorer where it can be edited by using its toolbars and menu items. A Viewer is also provided so you can quickly access and modify basic information regarding it.

Advanced Installer’s royalty-free license provides companies looking for more cost-effective ways to package applications – MSPs and managed service providers among them – with an easier solution than paid installation packages or end users having to pay per install package or user that uses their product. There are three editions of Advanced Installer that range from freeware licensing up to enterprise licensing with support and updates included.


MSIX is Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform’s (UWP) latest application-packaging format designed to simplify app deployment and update processes. Encapsulating applications within containers that can be updated or removed easily makes MSIX especially helpful when repackaging programs – Advanced Installer offers support for the MSIX format!

Developers can now build MSIX packages with the same tools they use for traditional installers or repackaging existing EXE/MSI installations, providing seamless integration between Visual Studio and MSBuild as well as automating packaging/deployment pipelines through popular CI/CD pipelines. It can even be used through its command-line interface – providing another advantage to using this new tool!

Start out with MSIX by opening an Advanced Installer project of Professional type or higher. Add an MSIX/APPX build to this project by pressing [MSIX/APPX Build] button in ribbon or right-clicking Builds tab and choosing New MSIX/APPX Build option.

Once you click the Build button, a dialog opens which enables you to select the location of your MSIX/APPX project file and customize any properties. Additionally, specify where your output of an MSIX/APPX package should go before selecting whether any first-launch tasks should be captured as well as choosing its name for final production.

Once you have made your selections, the packaging process can begin. In this step, the conversion tool will begin listening for any executables that were launched during initial installation of your app; therefore it is wise to test this package on a clean machine to make sure that it does not interfere with any running programs.

The package tool will automatically redirect most file and registry access operations to the container of your MSIX/APPX package, to protect files in the MSIX installation folder from being overwritten by apps packaged with this format. However, your app can still create files elsewhere on your machine such as user profiles or any folders where data sharing occurs.


Advanced Installer is a Windows installer authoring tool that enables users to easily create installation packages and customize processes using its user-friendly GUI interface. It is used by software developers, ISVs, system administrators and DevOps engineers involved with software deployment and management on Microsoft platforms; IT professionals, system administrators and DevOps engineers may also utilize it.

This tool can be used both within Microsoft Visual Studio and as a command-line utility, employing standard and open formats for project files while supporting various RAD tools and CI/CD systems such as Team Foundation Server, Jenkins and TeamCity. Furthermore, integration with GitHub actions or Azure DevOps automates the build process further.

This tool is highly adaptable to suit individual workflows and requirements with its customizable settings and user-friendly collaboration features, such as merging modules among colleagues or its project notes pane for comments in an accessible format. In addition, there is also a comprehensive roadmap addressing future development and innovation that gives users peace of mind that this product will continue to adapt with changing technology and features.

Advanced Installer stands out from Inno Setup with its more formalized development roadmap by offering features designed to streamline packaging and deployment as well as enhance user experience. These include support for MSIX and App-V technologies which enable IT pros to virtualize applications; along with various features to simplify packaging and deployment such as rich dialog editor support, licensing options, and custom actions.

Advanced Installer is a robust Windows installer tool used by software developers and ISVs alike to quickly create MSI packages and customize installation processes. With its user-friendly unified interface and intuitive, user-centric design, Advanced Installer makes the perfect choice for businesses that wish to speed up time-to-market and enhance user experience.


Advanced Installer easily integrates with popular Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment tools and methodologies, enabling developers to work in their preferred development environment and toolset while producing professional-grade software installation packages (EXE, MSIX) across platforms. It features various command line options as well as continuous integration support with Team Foundation Server, Jenkins Bamboo etc for automating packaging/deployment processes that save both time and effort while increasing productivity; as well as collaboration features like build merge modules and project notes pane for tracking changes and maintaining continuity in product releases/deployments/deployments/deployments/deployments/deployments/deployments/etc.

An extensive array of features is provided for creating customized GUI and dialogs, from familiar user experiences like creating sophisticated installers quickly. Furthermore, this installer can detect existing installations quickly and automatically capture them into new MSI packages within minutes using its comprehensive repackager that features full automation as well as a powerful command-line interface.

This tool supports multiple file formats and compression techniques, such as multi-core-aware LZMA compression that significantly reduces size. Additionally, it can compress files up to 2GB in size allowing large numbers of files to be packaged together into an MSI package for distribution to customers. Furthermore, installers may be encrypted so only their respective users with password access have access to them; additional security measures include user registration, serial code validation, and SKUs.

Advanced Installer supports various file logging and auditing options that provide a record of all activities carried out during installation, helping identify any errors or failures during setup, so they can be resolved swiftly. Furthermore, Advanced Installer lets you specify operating systems where your application can be installed to protect older versions from being overwritten by newer ones.

Create an EXE setup (containing resources inside) easily using our templates and wizard, or you can create separate installers for each of your applications – passing their information as command-line parameters into each of them.

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