Advanced Installer For Developers and IT Pros

Advanced Installer offers developers and IT pros an expansive set of application packaging capabilities designed to make application deployment easy. It comes equipped with an extension for Visual Studio that connects directly with this popular integrated development environment, as well as plugins specifically tailored to build servers such as Team Foundation Server, Jenkins and Bamboo.

Capture and convert EXE setups to MSI packages. Repackage features that change your system such as registry entries or files by performing a before and after snapshot comparison.

Easy to use

Advanced Installer is a completely GUI driven installation tool, making it accessible for IT admins, proficient developers and even non-programmers to use. Create EXE, MSI and MSIX installers quickly while providing robust software packages using standard Windows Installer technologies such as rollbacks, patches and auto-updates. Support CI/CD and Agile methodologies with command line options designed to integrate into build tools, source control systems or other automation environments.

Making a new project using the wizard is straightforward and user-friendly. On the left side pane are lists of pages conceptually related pages like Product Information, Resources, Package Definition Requirements and User Interface that you can click to display on the right screen – this area acts as your main work area containing all of your project data. Each information page also comes equipped with its own toolbar which by default remains hidden but can be made visible using “View > Info Panes”.

Once you are finished editing a page, save your changes using either the [Save] button in the main toolbar or context menu item. Alternatively, generate an installer using either [Build] or [Run] from within your main toolbar.

Advanced Installer comes equipped with many built-in features to enable you to fully customize the look and feel of your installer. Choose a unique theme for your application and configure its dialogs accordingly, to give your installation package a distinct identity among its peers while improving user experience when installing.

Another useful feature is the ease of creating prerequisites for your application. Our prerequisite creation wizard will guide you through defining each pre-requisite and its detection criteria; once created, simply add it to the installer via its properties on the Prerequisites page.

Advanced Installer’s automatic reporting will give you valuable insights into how well your app is being utilized, including which version is installed more often or whether any exceptions occurred during setup. This information is sent out directly from Advanced Installer to an analytics server for further examination.

CI/CD support

Advanced Installer provides developers with an effective yet intuitive packaging tool. This Windows application helps create installer packages for your software while offering continuous integration and deployment support – even making setting up your own CI pipeline easy!

Advanced Installer’s user-friendly design makes it a pleasure for both developers and IT pros. It features a user interface (GUI) which groups common packages you may require as either role, and provides various templates from which to choose when creating MSI packages – without needing complex scripting or coding! Furthermore, Advanced Installer supports not only traditional Windows installer formats such as MSIX but also supports their standard versions (MSI).

Advanced Installer features comprehensive Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery support with its dedicated plugin for TeamCity, making it possible to integrate installation builds directly into your CI/CD pipeline and automate them entirely – helping increase productivity while speeding time-to-market for applications.

Advanced Installer’s key features include customizable user interfaces, multiple language support and integration with popular development tools and environments. Custom dialogs and controls can make your installer even more visually appealing while Advanced Installer includes numerous advanced software features like multi-file installations and side-by-side installations.

Advanced Installer stands apart from Inno Setup with its more intuitive user interface and simplified scripting requirements for creating installers. Its graphic user interface allows for easier customization of installer packages while its reusability makes them simpler to update over time.

Additionally, this advanced tool offers features like multi-file installations, side-by-side installations and database handling. Furthermore, you can track its progress and be alerted when it has completed installation.

Advanced Installer is available both as 32- and 64-bit versions and is fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows. The user-friendly UI makes for easy navigation and offers many customizable features – such as built-in project notes windows, code highlighting, syntax highlighting etc – making customization a breeze. Furthermore, Advanced Installer lets you convert Visual Studio projects directly to Windows installers!


Advanced Installer has everything an IT pro or developer could need for creating Windows installers (MSI), AppX packages, executables and customization features such as licensing applications easily and updating applications quickly – as well as Setup Analytics support for seamless CI/CD pipeline operations. From easy application packaging and conversion tools to efficient deployment solutions and seamless continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), Advanced Installer offers everything they need. With its user-friendly graphical user interface and support for creating MSI, AppX packages and executables along with extensive customizable features such as application licensing options, updating updates to importing old setups – Advanced Installer delivers everything.

Graphical user interfaces enable you to build custom installations and customize their appearance, providing access to dialogs, texts, controls and icons that allow for personalized design of installations. Plus, each graphical user interface displays full HTML host control functionality with JavaScript support enabling sophisticated UI creation for installations.

Use the predefined Custom Actions page to modify or customize your installation’s UI sequence with custom actions or actions of your choosing, for instance by collecting information during install and POSTing it back to your web server, which could help gather usage feedback or gather customer insights to improve your product or service.

The application can detect prerequisites necessary for installing your software and download and install them automatically, significantly improving performance and startup times by eliminating recompilation to native images. You can create new prerequisites by using the New Prerequisite Wizard or select one already setup from templates available to you.

Advanced Installer makes it easy to add or modify Custom Actions in the UI Sequence with just one click, supporting all available Windows Installer Custom Actions such as running an executable file, VBScript script or DLL function during installation and even launching embedded MSI packages within your installation process.

Custom Actions in this software are intuitive and easily understood due to a standardized terminology; for instance, any JScript or VBScript custom action that returns a value is called a “JScript Return Value.” Furthermore, using its built-in graphical editor you can quickly create or modify scripts.

Powerful packaging capabilities

Advanced Installer gives developers the power to create installation packages quickly for various deployment scenarios with just one setup project, making this software ideal for novice packagers with little Microsoft Installer knowledge and senior IT pros looking for reliable packages quickly. Furthermore, its flexible packaging tool also allows for tailored installation experiences tailored specifically towards users or systems.

Example: If an application uses Windows 10 Feature Support API to perform certain functions, installing runtimes for this feature may be required. The Advanced Installer tool automatically recognizes these dependencies and creates new components to meet them – helping prevent errors while guaranteeing that all necessary files are installed on each system.

Advanced Installer also supports Microsoft Store Application Package (MSIX), providing desktop applications. It can import existing App-V packages and make modifications through an intuitive GUI, as well as create CABinet packages suitable for installing applications on Windows CE/Mobile platforms.

The tool’s intuitive user interface enables developers to easily create MSI or MSIX(AppX) packages with customized icons, file descriptions and versions. Furthermore, this system can be set up to validate downloaded files (prerequisites or updates).

Advanced Installer’s key advantage lies in its ability to monitor and oversee application installations. It records a full log of actions taken during this process and provides reports back to administrators – this data may prove particularly helpful for IT professionals when troubleshooting issues regarding failed installations or potential security risks.

Additionally, the Advanced Installer tool offers an impressive array of tools for working with Windows Installer, including a wizard for creating new installers, merge module for merging two installers into one and built-in Java launcher – not forgetting compression of JAR files to reduce installation sizes! Finally its user friendly interface makes this an invaluable asset to both novice packagers and IT pros alike.

Additionally, this tool provides powerful automation capabilities that can be leveraged to create Windows Installer patches or updates for existing applications, update multiple installations at the same time via merge modules or save time by automatically scanning and repackaging applications for 64-bit systems.

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