Advanced Installer for Developers

Pros: InstallerPack has all of the capabilities necessary for creating reliable installation packages, and their customer support team has been very attentive and helpful in meeting our needs.

Build MSI, EXE, App-V and APPX releases quickly using automated build tools of your choice – whether that be RAD tools integration with Team Foundation Server support and GitHub Actions or perpetual royalty-free licensing – using your preferred automated build tools.


Caphyon’s Advanced Installer is an all-inclusive installer suite for developers. It simplifies how you package and update software on Windows while using all its features to provide a secure installation experience to end users – its user-friendly interface makes it a snap to use!

This tool offers an impressive set of features for creating professional-grade MSI packages and is compatible with various development environments and tools, making it the perfect solution for IT professionals and developers. Furthermore, its cost effectiveness also reduces support and maintenance expenses at your company.

Advanced Installer supports HTML UIs and scripting with JavaScript, while automatically creating installer patch files for all Windows applications. With its powerful wizard you can convert an EXE setup into an MSI ready for network deployment through Active Directory – plus with Installer Analytics you can monitor how often users install or uninstall your app!

Graphic user interface of this program is highly engaging and requires no technical expertise for use, seamlessly integrating into existing systems to ensure seamless operation. Furthermore, the trial version allows you to fully evaluate its capabilities and assess if they meet the business needs.

Advanced Installer can detect and resolve issues related to prerequisites, file and folder structures and installation packages quickly and efficiently, saving both time and effort when creating one. Furthermore, this tool will create a self-contained package containing all merge modules necessary for running your app while protecting newer versions from being installed over older ones.

Integration options may include launchers, serial number validators, test version management systems and more – making distribution simpler while guaranteeing proper functionality on all systems.


Advanced Installer Professional Edition is an impressive installation package authoring tool for Windows apps. Its robust feature set enables customizing the look and feel of an installer package while supporting multiple OS platforms, file formats and languages. Its intuitive graphical project interface makes for effortless use and can even be integrated with automated build tools like Make, Ant or NAnt to speed up development time. Project files saved as XML ensure seamless source control integration; additionally this software can also be run through command line usage making it ideal for use in CI/CD pipelines.

Advanced Installer software comes in various licensing models. The Standard Edition is free while Enterprise and Architect editions require an annual subscription for technical support and periodic software updates. Integrating Advanced Installer into existing software development workflows is straightforward, while its support for MSIX ensures packages are optimized for deployment on various Windows platforms.

Other features include an easy and customizable dialog editor, digital signatures, EXE bootstrapper, trialware validations and serial validations, full application auto-updater with support for multiple file formats and over 25 localizations; CD/DVD autorun for driver installs; command line API access and scripting languages to customize your installer; as well as customization via command-line API or scripting languages.

Advanced Installer was designed to be highly extensible, so developers can create numerous plug-ins. Fully compatible with Visual Studio, users can incorporate Advanced Installer into their Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for automated packaging processes; developers may even create merge modules to facilitate team collaboration.

Advanced Installer’s most unique ability lies in its capability of automatically upgrading older installations on user machines, helping ensure newer versions of your app are installed over outdated ones and decreasing support incidents related to them. Additional useful features include side-by-side installs and an MSI launch conditions system which enables you to specify which OSs your package should run on.

For Java

Advanced Installer for Java makes it simple and fast to create installers with only native code and technologies for minimal footprint, no overhead costs and tight platform integration. Bundle the JRE as part of your product or use its prerequisitions functionality to check if one exists on target machine before downloading and installing one if necessary.

Create Windows and Mac OS X installers quickly with our wizard, or select from premade project templates that meet common application types. Plus, Eclipse projects can easily be imported for further customizing or developing advanced software packages.

Upload the files related to your Java project onto the Files and Folders page, and define its product with a name on the Products panel – much like you would name an executable file of a Java app. Advanced Installer will generate an installer which contains both native Java launcher executable as well as bundled JRE.

Customize the process name, filename, icon, version number and splash screen by editing your JAR using an easy dialogue. Furthermore, you can specify whether your Java application should run as administrator and modify its execution level settings as necessary.

Make your Java apps compatible with Mac OS X by translating every installer setting to its equivalent on Mac. For optimal platform integration, specify platform-specific settings separately for maximum compatibility.

AJAX-Based Installation Interface – Create and edit the user experience of your installer with ease using an easy-to-use Java-based ajax editor. Advanced tools for user interface design allow you to fully personalize their experience.

Powerful customization capabilities of classPath, library and system paths – You can specify any paths that should be included in your installer, including LDAP directories. Furthermore, system properties, environment variables and virtual machine command line switches may also be added.

Optimize your install packages using LZMA and Pack200 compression techniques, reducing their size significantly. In addition, specify a JVM parameters dialog which allows users to easily edit runtime options, initial and maximum memory heap/stack sizes as well as fixed or bounded physical memory percentages.


As a developer, creating an installer for any software you develop is of utmost importance. An installer acts as a bridge between your software and users wanting to install and use it; Advanced Installer Enterprise is one solution which can assist with this task – this program works across most major coding languages to make packaging and installing easier than ever!

With this tool, it’s simple to create MSI and EXE installers for your applications quickly. Integrate it seamlessly into development environments or automated build systems; support multiple formats and platforms easily allowing easier distribution; it is a robust and cost effective software packaging tool designed specifically for IT businesses.

Advanced Installer’s user-friendly GUI makes this tool ideal for importation of existing IDE projects and automation of building processes, as well as integration with source control systems. Furthermore, its powerful packager function includes creating virtual formats like App-V and ThinApp – making it an excellent solution for small to mid sized companies needing reliable software deployment systems.

With one license, the program allows you to create installers for all Windows platforms. It runs smoothly on 32-bit and 64-bit systems and supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Custom dialogs with checkbox controls can be created during installation for display at specific points during setup; adding features can also be completed quickly by simply clicking a button.

Utilizing the Wizard, you can quickly and painlessly package Windows Installer MSM merge modules. Furthermore, you can extend its capabilities by launching JS/VBScript/EXEs or DLL functions during install – an invaluable feature for improving applications’ features and functionality.

With this program, you can also easily add persistent user data to your installations and preserve any user-modified settings and configurations through upgrades and repairs. Furthermore, this tool enables you to register and control services such as ODBC drivers, data sources, translators and COM interfaces; creating them quickly with no difficulty at all!

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