Advanced IP Scanner Review

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a reliable network scanner offering various features. Furthermore, it integrates fully with Radmin, Famatech’s popular remote tech support software.

Contrary to some network scanning tools, this program does not add files or folders onto your computer nor alter its registry; additionally it is portable.


The program scans your network and lists all wired and wireless devices, providing detailed information such as their MAC addresses, names, system locations, operating systems and more. It can even detect any unauthorized devices in a separate list and show them separately for easy use by both novices and experts alike. With its simple interface making this tool user friendly for both beginners and experts alike.

Advanced IP Scanner’s latest release includes several improvements and new functions, with its most notable upgrade being a completely rewritten scanning mechanism that reduces scanning time while yielding more precise results. Furthermore, four modern languages are supported, as is an improved user interface; additionally there’s the option of saving and loading lists of computers to perform built-in remote operations such as shutdown or Wake-On-Lan on multiple selected computers simultaneously.

Advanced IP Scanner offers a simple yet minimalistic user experience to provide effective and free network monitoring solutions of all sizes. Requiring no prior installations on Windows-based systems, this tool does not create additional files on the host system other than temporary ones necessary for running it; additionally, its portable executable makes it convenient to bring along with you wherever life may take you.

Beyond its basic scanning and logging functions, this software boasts additional special capabilities, including its ability to detect unauthorised devices on a network as well as identify file sharing activities. Likewise, this program can also be used for traffic monitoring by providing a list of all connected devices.

Lansweeper can discover all devices automatically and provide real-time visibility, eliminating manual scanning methods and providing real-time visibility of any changes within a network. Furthermore, it identifies dynamically allocated IP addresses, port availability and switch port mappings while operating either on demand or continuously – this makes network administrators’ lives much simpler as it saves both time and effort by eliminating agent installation across devices to ensure all are discovered simultaneously so users can manage them efficiently.


Are You Searching for an Advanced IP Scanner? There are various options available to network administrators seeking an advanced IP scanner. From using OS commands such as ipconfig and ping to scan the network for devices to purchasing commercial tools with comprehensive results like advanced IP scanners that include built-in databases to identify hostnames and MAC addresses of devices; with some tools even including the option for remote switching off computers on your network!

Price depends on your scanning requirements and network monitoring needs; for instance, if monitoring one network alone suffices then perhaps free versions will suffice, while more advanced tools often cost more and provide additional features.

An advanced IP scanner should offer an intuitive user interface with comprehensive information about network devices, be compatible with most operating systems, adapt easily to changing network environments such as BYOD policies, scan large amounts of data quickly for vulnerabilities and be easy to install and run as a portable edition.

Another feature to look for in an advanced IP scanner is the capability of finding traces of anti-malware activity (AIS traces), as they can provide invaluable evidence against malicious activities by threat actors. The HKEY_USER hive under State stores these records.

Advanced IP Scanner is a globally popular network scanner, used by over 50 million people. It can help users discover LAN-connected devices, access shared folders and remote control offline computers via RDP and Radmin. Not only is it effective but also convenient and portable – perfect for network administrators!

OpUtils’ fully automated solution for IP management and scanning provides organizations with an effective tool to streamline IP address management while eliminating manual updates to status fields, which save time. To learn more about how OpUtils can streamline your IP scanning processes, schedule a live demo with one of their product experts today!


Not only can this software detect Wi-Fi routers, it can also recognize shared folders and wireless devices – even Mac addresses! Plus, the program provides various tools to allow for file transfer, text chat, voice chat, pinging and SSH access to computers in multiple ways.

User-friendly design of its user-friendly interface enables both novice and expert users to use it with ease, and its free nature removes time limits or feature restrictions from use on different devices providing they are connected to the internet.

Once downloaded, once installed requires accepting its license agreement and installing. Installation options include following on-screen instructions or opting for portable version which doesn’t create additional files or folders but only temporary ones required by running program; as well as not altering registry entries.

Once installed, the program can be launched by pressing its large scan button on its clean and simple interface. Its primary window consists of results tab and favourites section for devices found by the program; its options allow you to control speed of scanning as well as select specific devices for scanning; additional functions allow remote shutdown or Wake-on-Lan actions to be taken as desired.

If you would like to adjust the default settings of a program, simply click on the Settings button in its menu bar and this will open a new window allowing you to set various preferences regarding performance and resources. For example, you could set it so it scans faster, using up more CPU resources; or you could enable notification when network devices change IP or MAC addresses.

Advanced IP Scanner can also assist in remotely connecting to computers or network devices by displaying connected folders and providing access to shared files. You can control these devices through Radmin or RDP and can remotely shut down a computer. Furthermore, Advanced IP Scanner pings the location of devices as well as provides valuable information.


Advanced IP Scanner is a free tool designed to assist network administrators with performing network scans and identifying devices on both wired and wireless local networks. The scanner can identify Wi-Fi routers, PCs, printers, networking equipment as well as shared folders and network resources on these networks. Furthermore, Advanced IP Scanner features functionality allowing administrators to remotely wake or shut down Windows machines that share a network with them – limited only by its capability of being run locally on said networks.

This application boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface and is capable of running on virtually all computers. Within minutes it can quickly scan all connected devices on a LAN; including Wi-Fi networks, MAC addresses and network devices; it even recovers passwords for wireless routers! Users can customize results presentation and layout before saving a list as an XML or CSV file for later reference. Furthermore, detecting wireless SSIDs allows it to automatically select optimal channels for connecting.

Advanced IP Scanner can do more than analyze a LAN; it also allows you to share folders, access other network devices, remotely control a computer by switching it ON and OFF, and supports various agentless scanning methods so no agents need to be installed on each device in your network.

Advanced IP Scanner stands out as an intuitive IP scanner that works across platforms. Compatible with most major versions of Windows, its footprint is small, and it currently boasts over 60 million users worldwide. Furthermore, no special hardware is required to operate it – plus it works with most Linux distributions too – though unfortunately not mobile devices or Mac computers.

OpUtils is another highly acclaimed network scanner. This tool helps network engineers efficiently manage switch ports and IP addresses while planning network capacity with available IP addresses. Furthermore, OpUtils allows network administrators to monitor the status of switches and IP addresses real-time while quickly detecting all devices on a network – including any hidden ones!

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