Advanced IP Scanner Review

Advanced IP Scanner is a lightning-fast scanning tool designed to assist administrators in quickly identifying devices and their status, while providing various remote-oriented access capabilities that facilitate tasks like troubleshooting and remote support.

OpUtils’ IP scanner software gives real-time insights into network resources through its end-to-end mapping capacity, giving users access to real-time details regarding dynamic IP allocations, reserved IPs, device MAC addresses and connected switch ports.

Easy to use

Advanced IP Scanner is a user-friendly network tool for scanning devices within your LAN, providing administrators with useful information about each device by identifying its MAC address, host name and interface vendor as well as its current status and useful details such as open ports detected. Furthermore, Advanced IP Scanner detects whether devices have become inactive by providing details of all services that use those ports allowing administrators to determine whether any are no longer responding.

This program utilizes an easy-to-use GUI that enables users to scan an entire LAN with just a click. It can detect a variety of devices across networks and display results in a table for review by administrators or new administrators alike, while not creating additional folders or files, so as not to consume too many system resources.

Another feature is the ability to scan individual machines’ ports with maximum number of pings allowed per port – this enables administrators to increase scanning speed while making sure hosts don’t become over-probed. Furthermore, this program can also be used to set a list of favorite hosts that will save time by scanning only these hosts that have been visited most often.

Famatech Radmin can run on both Windows and Linux operating systems, offering various network management features for users including accessing FTP servers, creating Telnet connections and initiating SSH or RDP sessions, remote power off devices as well as scanning IP addresses of incoming connections. Furthermore, this program serves as a comprehensive solution for IT infrastructures with full compatibility between Radmin (another Famatech remote support software) and Radmin.

Detects Wi-Fi routers

This free program detects all devices connected to either wired or wireless local networks, making it possible for you to remotely access shared folders and switch computers off remotely. With an easy user interface and elegant design, this tool makes an ideal addition for home or office use; installing it only requires a few clicks while also running portable versions can easily travel with you wherever life may lead you.

Advanced IP Scanner’s latest edition boasts an improved ARP-based scanning method for improved and more complete results. Its intuitive, straightforward user interface minimizes confusion and human error – ideal for beginners and small-scale operations alike.

Scanning machines within seconds on any wired or wireless local network, providing detailed information about each one – MAC address, operating system version, IPv4/IPv6 address ranges, hostname, service status etc. It can even identify Wi-Fi routers and inform whether or not they are secure.

Alongside IP addresses, this program displays the status of router ports and switches. This feature can help troubleshoot network issues while improving performance; additionally it can identify transient devices in your local network that might require further investigation or may have security risks that must be managed responsibly to avoid wasting resources on unnecessary devices.

Users can create and save Favorites lists to quickly load at startup, as well as execute built-in custom actions like remote shutdown and Wake-On-LAN. The program supports various languages and boasts an easy, user-friendly interface which makes working with it a pleasure for both experienced network administrators as well as newcomers alike. Plus, download it free with no time or feature restrictions attached!

Detects shared folders

Since appliances such as fridges and slow cookers are increasingly connected to the internet, network administrators must remain aware of what data exists within their networks to prevent any unauthorized users from accessing it. There are many tools available for network scanning; some more sophisticated than others but all providing you with an in-depth picture of what exists on your network.

Advanced IP Scanner, a free tool designed to scan and detect shared folders, is one of the most widely-used. Lightweight and intuitive to use, it quickly scans entire networks within seconds while showing all devices connected to computers that don’t appear via NetBIOS names – an invaluable asset for network administrators.

The latest version of this tool offers several advancements, including a scanning method based on ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) as well as creating lists of favorite devices and performing built-in remote actions like Remote Shutdown or Wake-On-Lan. Furthermore, its user interface was completely revamped to make using it even simpler.

Advanced IP Scanner’s latest release boasts several useful new features for IT professionals. For instance, it now supports the ability to detect hidden shares and display their contents; also scanning for RDP/Radmin servers across your LAN; simultaneously scanning multiple computers; exporting results as HTML/CSV/JSON documents are just some of these benefits.

Detects wireless devices

Advanced IP Scanner is a network scanning program that enables users to locate Wi-Fi routers, shared folders, FTP servers, and other network devices with ease. Suitable for both casual home users and network professionals alike, its simple yet functional design enables it to quickly scan networks in seconds while helping identify devices added or removed from networks over time. When combined with Radmin remote administration it also makes taking care of more complex tasks easier than ever!

This freeware allows you to monitor both wired and wireless networks, including IP addresses and MAC addresses, DHCP configurations for devices connected both wired and wirelessly, downtime reduction, performance enhancement, device remote control capabilities and device performance analysis. It even lets you remotely manage devices.

The program features several other useful features to assist with network monitoring, such as custom naming for devices on the network and filtering out or hiding device details based on MAC address filtering; you can customize layout and information views; in addition, it shows cumulative network change histories.

Advanced IP Scanner has made many improvements in its latest release. For instance, it now supports more IP address types and scan ports on both TCP and UDP protocols, provides a new user interface (UI), prints list of connected devices directly and is fully compatible with Windows 10/11 operating systems – download it here from official website!

Detects FTP

As opposed to most scanners which only detect MAC addresses and OSs, Advanced IP Scanner also detects FTP connections for devices on your network and shared folders, allowing remote access. Furthermore, you can run commands directly on devices and transfer files between computers using this powerful tool.

This program boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling users to scan a single adapter or multiple adapters quickly with just a few clicks. Furthermore, its Favorites list feature allows you to save adapters that will be loaded at startup to reduce scanning time and improve performance. A straightforward Results table lists any detected hardware along with its name, manufacturer, IP and MAC address as well as HTTP, HTTPS and FTP ports when available as well as shared folders – double clicking any will open its respective resource in your default browser; additionally the program can save complete scan results as a text file, CSV or XML to facilitate future comparisons or archived data management purposes.

Advanced IP Scanner stands out from its peers by being compatible with all types of operating systems, providing detailed information about each device in less than a minute and up to 100 devices detected on an average LAN scan. Furthermore, its multi-threaded scanning technology delivers fast and accurate results while its NetBIOS support, website servers, DHCP clients and FTP services information is readily available as well.

Angry IP Scanner is available free and has no restrictions or limits regarding the number of IP addresses scanned, or computers it scans. Available as both a Windows installer and portable executable that includes Java Runtime Environment compatibility; compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms including the most up-to-date release (Windows 11).

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