Advanced IP Scanner Review

Advanced IP Scanner is a free program that can be used to scan wired and wireless devices. In addition, it allows remote access to shared folders via Telnet, SSH and HTTP connections.

This tool can identify online and offline remote computers with their MAC addresses, enabling users to remotely control them using Radmin or RDP.

It Detects Wi-Fi Routers

Advanced IP Scanner, a Java-based free program, utilizes ping sweeps to quickly identify devices in a network. It creates a list of these devices including their IP/MAC addresses, statuses, manufacturer details, open ports as well as manufacturer.

The program features an intuitive user interface that makes customizing it to meet individual user needs simple and straightforward. Users can configure it to display only wired or wireless devices or select specific columns. Furthermore, it can scan for shared folders and FTP servers; detect MAC addresses; establish Telnet connections as well as detect shared folders and FTP servers.

Advanced IP Scanner is an invaluable resource that enables network administrators to effectively monitor Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. Fully integrated with Radmin, a remote control program, it ensures all devices can be located quickly and connected remotely – it even detects ransomware variants according to reports by Kaspersky! With this tool at their disposal it becomes much simpler for them to identify and remove these threats from machines affected by malware infections.

It Detects Shared Folders

Advanced IP Scanner is an intuitive program designed to quickly locate devices connected to your LAN. By scanning it and listing wired and wireless devices such as PCs and network hardware, Advanced IP Scanner displays information on each one’s operating system, manufacturer, IP/MAC address as well as shared folder access capabilities. Furthermore, Radmin supports remote control features.

This program boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed for experienced and novice users alike, is free to download, supports 8 languages, is portable and does not create additional folders or files on your computer.

Additionally, the program can save lists of identified devices as CSV or HTML files for easy export to a spreadsheet for further analysis. Furthermore, its additional features allow file transfer, text chat, voice chat with other network users as well as remote machine connections using Telnet, Ping and SSH protocols.

It Detects Wireless Devices

Advanced IP Scanner is a free program that enables you to detect both wired and wireless devices within your network, retrieving information directly from running hardware and displaying results live. Furthermore, Advanced IP Scanner gives complete visibility across your entire network with agentless scanning and credential-free device recognition – ideal for both experienced users as well as beginners alike! Plus its intuitive user interface makes using Advanced IP Scanner an enjoyable experience.

Radmin software is available free and integrated into this free program, providing access to shared folders and controlling computers remotely. Furthermore, you can identify RDP and FTP servers on your network as well as identify RDP and FTP server ports on Windows computers. Furthermore, this tool detects MAC addresses which is useful for tracking wireless devices on networks.

As IT landscape continues to shift, administrators find it increasingly challenging to keep up with new technology and BYOD policies. This tool assists IT admins by helping reduce work and complexity for them – its user-friendly interface is ideal for tracking assets such as cloud inventory, network mapping and capacity monitoring as well as performing Ping, Tracert and SSH commands on networks.

It Detects FTP

Advanced IP Scanner is an invaluable asset to system network administrators, helping you keep tabs on all devices connected to their local area network (LAN). The software displays all shared folders on the network and enables remote access, plus RDP/Radmin control of network computers – features which make Advanced IP Scanner an effective way of troubleshooting and solving network issues.

Lightweight design and an intuitive user interface make it simple and intuitive for anyone to use, without needing an advanced computer to run it. Within seconds it can detect devices on your LAN and provide tools such as pinging and traceroute; additionally it scans ports to identify open ones which may pose security threats.

Customize the scanning options by specifying IP addresses or network ports of interest, then save results of network scans in HTML or CSV files. A helpful feature of Favorite List allows you to easily add devices that you regularly scan – this helps save time by eliminating unnecessary scans.

It Detects Mac Addresses

Advanced IP Scanner features an intuitive user interface and can quickly scan networks for devices within minutes. It includes numerous features designed to assist network administrators, such as favorites section allowing you to add specific machines for regular scanning or whitelist feature that only displays devices you choose to scan. In addition, it supports eight languages and can be downloaded on Windows devices; other similar options are Wireless Network Scanner, Bopup Scanner and Angry IP Scanner.

Advanced IP Scanner stands out from competing programs with its straightforward user interface and clear “scan” button, and features such as checking device status, MAC address and manufacturer. Furthermore, this scanner lets you remotely control PCs through RDP and Radmin; although its data collection capabilities may be less extensive than others. However, network administrators still find Advanced IP Scanner useful as it collects less data than some of its rivals; alternatively Nmap or Zenmap may offer deeper scanning capabilities by notifying you about open ports, logged-in users or even ping response times compared with Advanced IP Scanner alone.

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