Advanced Onion Router

Now it’s possible to access the Internet without leaving a trace with Advanced Onion Router’s portable client for this anonymizing network, featuring upgraded features to protect your online privacy and enhance online browsing security.

Software like this uses volunteer nodes to route and encrypt your data layer by layer, so sophisticated cybercriminals cannot quickly pinpoint its destination.


The Onion Router network, commonly referred to as Tor, is an open-source system that makes anonymous web browsing possible for anyone. Tor works by routing TCP connections you make through volunteer-operated servers called nodes so as to make it near-impossible for anyone else to track your browsing habits or other Internet activity.

Advanced Onion Router is a portable client for the OR network that offers various levels of customization. You can create lists of favorite and banned routers, configure OR network options (including circuit priorities), activate plugins and hotkeys to enhance its functionality and even activate plugins that further extend its reach.

Sandboxing is an invaluable feature of this tool that allows you to set up a safe environment for programs to operate in, protecting your privacy by hiding sensitive information like browser headers or operating system data from other users. Furthermore, this can even allow you to change regional settings so your real IP address won’t show and only its fake counterpart is shown instead.

As Tor encrypts and distributes your data through multiple network nodes, its speeds can be slower than traditional browsers; making web page browsing and downloads more challenging for those used to the faster speeds offered by traditional browsers. Furthermore, some ISPs and websites block traffic from Tor; to overcome this hurdle you could set up your application as a Tor relay and help speed up OR network by providing bandwidth.


Tor is a decentralized network of servers designed to hide your location and online activity from prying eyes, bypass censorship, protect privacy, alter computer regional settings and alter browser headers without being traced, alter computer regional settings as needed and operate from read only media such that no personal information will be stored on it. A portable client for Tor is now available as a free download – see here!

Advanced Onion Router can run on Windows 7 and later versions, offering both 32-bit and 64-bit downloads for easier use. It’s even compatible with earlier versions such as Windows XP! Designed to protect users against cyberthreats such as spyware, phishing attacks, snoopers or anyone wanting to observe browsing habits, the Advanced Onion Router can even be run in a sandbox for additional layer of security.

Advanced Onion Router can extend beyond simply using Tor browser to enable other programs and plugins to use its proxy, bypass firewalls, and website censorship; as well as hide an individual’s IP address. While using Tor can be risky, activists and journalists often rely on it as an anonymous means of communicating or protecting sensitive information from public exposure. NordVPN offers services which combine onion routing with VPN – meaning your internet traffic will pass through Tor before reaching its final destination preventing prying eyes from spying on online activities before reaching its ultimate destination – making your activity harder to be monitored by prying eyes looking in on.


Advanced Onion Router was created by hexhub to be a versatile alternative to Vidalia, Tor, and Privoxy for OR clients. As a portable client it offers access to the OR network while boasting numerous security-enhancing features to add further protection for online activities. Unified Filter Language Paths and Filtered Header Filtering. Support of both HTTP and HTTPS proxy protocols on a Socks4/Socks5 port with Header Filtering that generates fake identity-dependent headers when identity changes (proxy chains also supported), NTLM Proxies, NTLM Proxy Servers are some of the many features. AOR provides an accessible user interface that makes Tor’s options and actions more easily available, private identity isolation capabilities, local banlist for prohibited addresses and an intuitive process interceptor that allows redirecting programs that don’t support proxy proxies to connect directly to AOR while giving them false information about local systems.

This program’s primary advantage lies in its ability to force all applications and extensions to use its OR proxy regardless of any configurations they may have set in other software tools, this unique capability being offered only by a few similar tools. Furthermore, there are plugins, hotkeys and multi-language support which enhance its overall usability for an improved user experience.

Furthermore, you can set the length and priorities for up to ten proxies, as well as create separate browsing profiles by clearing identities cookies and creating new ones that obscure your connection from websites. Unfortunately, however, you may experience some slower browsing speed as extra layers of encryption must be cleared away before data can reach its intended destination.


Tor (or onion) network uses a series of volunteer-run servers worldwide to conceal the identities of its users, protecting their communications via multiple layers of encryption and routing, concealing destination and source from potential eavesdroppers. It has been utilized by activists, journalists, and whistleblowers worldwide to promote democracy and free internet use; bypass censorship; expose corrupt public figures; investigate crimes.

Data sent between sender and recipient never travels directly; rather, it passes through multiple intermediate nodes ensuring privacy and security while protecting communications from snoopers on public Wi-Fi networks. Unfortunately, however, the hop between nodes may slow browsing speeds.

Tor’s Proof-of-Work defense system enables users to demonstrate their legitimacy without jeopardizing anonymity by performing computational work on a server. The amount of computational work completed reflects its correlation to cryptographic puzzle complexity and makes it harder for attackers to access Tor. In addition, Tor comes equipped with an inbuilt rate limiter that automatically blocks attack traffic by blocking IP addresses.

Advanced Onion Router is a portable Tor client designed as an improved alternative to Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundle. Its features include support for encrypted SSL connections, Socks4 and Socks5 ports, corporate NTLM proxies, banning of routers and addresses, plugin support, hotkeys, multilingual support, circuit length can be set between one up to ten proxy chains with priorities set separately per chain, separate browsing profiles supported through clearing cookies of identities as well as more.

The dark web is an obscure portion of the internet not indexed by search engines and contains sites dedicated to illegal activities, drugs and disturbing images or videos. Journalists and whistleblowers sometimes visit this part of the internet anonymously in order to report news stories or investigative stories.


At a time when mass data collection and processing have become more commonplace, users are searching for ways to protect their online privacy. One method involves using software which routes their Internet traffic through Tor’s anonymizing network in order to keep their identity hidden from outside observers.

Tor is an anonymous network that uses encryption and multiple relay nodes to route data around the globe, protecting users against third parties attempting to monitor their web browsing activity, instant messaging conversations and other online activities. Tor also protects against network surveillance by government agencies or malicious hackers.

Tor is designed to shield its users from online surveillance; however, its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. Researchers at Columbia University have developed techniques that de-anonymize Tor users through analysis of router information – specifically Cisco routing protocols called NetFlow that monitor traffic entering and leaving an interface.

Advanced Onion Router is a portable client of Tor that serves as an enhanced alternative to Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundle. Its key features are HTTP/HTTPS proxy support, local banlists for banned addresses and an easy process interceptor which redirects connections from various programs to redirect connections in another direction. Furthermore, its simplified user interface makes accessing its features and actions simpler – including its circuit display which shows where data travels through Tor network.

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