Advanced SystemCare Review

Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one PC optimizer, designed to clean out junk files, boost speed, scan for threats and enhance performance on any PC. In addition, Advanced SystemCare includes features designed to protect sensitive personal information like passwords and browsing histories from being misused by unauthorized people.

This app utilizes its Action Center and bottom section of the application to promote third-party software downloads; users may opt-out via settings.


This application features several features aimed at speeding up computer performance, such as a disk check that analyzes hard drive performance for errors; registry defrag, which organizes Windows registry to improve performance; smart RAM cleaner for freeing up memory and increasing system performance, plus internet booster that prioritizes resources towards important tasks while optimizing bandwidth to boost web browsing speeds faster.

The software features an attractive, modern interface with tabs on the left side of the screen to organize its core functions. Most of its tools and features offer quick overviews or mouse-hover explanations and some can even allow for further options and information. While navigating is necessary to get familiar with its layout, once done so it becomes intuitively simple to use.

As an added feature, this program offers additional security options to protect against online threats and phishing attacks. However, some of its more advanced security features such as antivirus and real-time protection require subscription fees; additionally, a privacy sweep encrypts data to maintain security as well as digital fingerprint scanners that block unauthorized access to personal files.

This program also comes equipped with a software updater, which automatically updates your PC’s programs. Our test machine’s updater found only eight pieces of software to update. Furthermore, other utility tools included are: Disk Manager for viewing and managing hard drive contents; Registry Explorer to explore and edit Windows Registry keys; File Manager to move, copy, rename or delete files and move/copy/rename them back easily and restore backup and restore functionality should a disaster arise; file shredder; process killer; empty folder detector etc.


Advanced SystemCare is an excellent program to clean and optimize your PC, offering easy use with its user-friendly interface and wide array of features. However, some may consider other alternatives due to some drawbacks like unintentionally installing tools without consent and weak phishing protection; additionally it contains many advertisements which could become annoying over time. If interested in giving it a try before making up your mind fully there’s also a free trial version online available!

IObit Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one tool for cleaning, optimizing and speeding up your computer. It detects and deletes junk files, defragments disks and cleans registry entries to boost computer speed while helping improve performance by detecting system errors & fixing them; plus it offers privacy functions like digital footprint removal & cookie clearing!

Advanced SystemCare offers both free and Pro versions that provide basic features, with the latter offering additional ones such as privacy scanning, browser anti-tracking, faster system recovery times, detection and removal of spyware viruses and malware as well as being compatible with earlier Windows versions such as 10.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 15 PRO version can be obtained at an attractive price, designed to make your PC run like new by improving both its performance and security. It removes bloatware and unnecessary programs, protects against virus threats, boosts gaming performance, provides real-time information regarding RAM usage as well as CPU and hard drive usage and features an advanced performance monitor providing real-time information regarding RAM, CPU and hard drive usage.

Advanced SystemCare is an invaluable tool for protecting your personal information from being stolen by hackers. It can protect against online threats and block unauthorize access by uninstalling malicious applications, inspecting file attachments, analyzing them for virus/malware infection and blocking intruders through its firewall. Furthermore, Advanced SystemCare also can delete digital footprints traces including saved passwords on 200+ programs/browsers for added peace of mind.


IObit’s Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one PC optimization solution with many useful features, such as disk cleanup, registry repair, malware protection and software updater. Known for its fast performance and clean user interface design – making the program effortless for newcomers without slowing down PCs or creating issues – users have praised IObit for its excellent customer support service and have often given positive reviews online.

The program’s primary strength lies in its ability to detect and remove malware, but it should not be seen as a comprehensive security solution. While its antivirus (AV) and PUP scanners do an effective job at finding and cleaning up files that contain malicious code, they do not prevent future malicious activities on your device.

Also included are various tools designed to enhance both performance and security on your PC. The disk cleaner can remove temporary files that slow down performance while privacy cleanup protects sensitive personal information from hackers. Furthermore, Turbo boost tool can stop background processes that slow down PC performance while software updater can notify when updates for specific programs need to be downloaded or installed.

Advanced SystemCare stands out as being among the safest software packages to download and use, without any adware or spyware to worry about – although occasionally display in-app ads; additionally it requires internet connectivity in order to work.

Those uncomfortable with in-app advertisements can opt to disable them; alternatively, the free version offers all of the same features but without some premium functionality.

Advanced SystemCare remains an effective choice for those seeking to optimize their computers, with both its free and Pro versions providing effective malware removal, speed improvement, and security protection. Unfortunately, its installation process can be somewhat challenging and Malwarebytes may detect it as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). If Advanced SystemCare doesn’t meet your expectations you could always try another optimization tool such as CCleaner or Glary Utilities instead.


IObit Advanced SystemCare can help PC users optimize, clean and speed up their systems with its comprehensive suite of security and quality-of-life features, such as its resource monitor for monitoring CPU, RAM and disk usage. Turbo Boost feature also works to stop background processes that slow down your device. Also included is an updater which alerts users if their device needs updates that could improve its performance as well as an easy feedback page for quick feedback loops.

This tool features an attractive, modern interface. Unlike most antivirus programs, the tool doesn’t bog down your computer when scanning; plus it allows for convenient pausing of scans if required to save time.

IObit has built a great reputation for creating modern-looking programs with excellent functionality, used by millions worldwide – it is safe for Windows or Mac computers.

Note that Advanced SystemCare should not be seen as a replacement for malware scanners or offering complete anti-virus protection; rather it’s designed to improve computer stability and avoid errors from occurring; making it an invaluable asset if working from home during pandemic outbreaks.

IObit has a 24/7 support team on hand for any inquiries that arise, offering free diagnostics through an exclusive phone line as well as advanced technical support to paid customers. They also offer an extensive online user manual and user forums which make life simpler for everyone involved.

The IObit Advanced SystemCare software offers a comprehensive solution for cleaning, optimizing, and protecting your PC. With its user-friendly design, advanced functionality and reliable performance it has quickly become one of the go-to choices among PC users. Its many features allow users to clean junk files, repair broken shortcuts, defragment disks, optimize internet speeds and address various performance issues on their system.

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