Advanced TIFF Editor

Advanced TIFF Editor

Advanced TIFF Editor is an easy and versatile solution for viewing, editing and converting FAX TIF PDF EPS PS AI DCX files with large multipage support. Furthermore, this program also comes equipped with features to assist you when working with Wang or Kodak imaging annotations.

This program allows for easy page extraction, movement, insertion and deletion; rotating, flipping and inverting images; deskewing erase and drawing pages.


Advanced Tiff Editor is a multipage TIFF (TIF), PDF, EPS, AI and DCX viewer, editor and pages manager that also offers text recognition (OCR), virtual TIFF printer functionality and imaging annotation features.

This software is ideal for working with large TIFF files. You can quickly navigate through multi-page documents and view each page individually; zoom in/out; pan and rotate images; add text, draw/erase objects on images; clone them out from different places on an image and remove unwanted areas altogether from an image. Furthermore, TWAIN scanners/cameras support allows you to capture new images directly.

There are many features of this program that make it an invaluable asset for working with scanned documents, such as deskewing (to correct images that have become skewed during transmission or scanning), clearing (Remove Noise and Isolated Pixels); text mode – for adding any text format directly onto an image with options to select font size, color and position; thumbnail creation/resizing as needed and virtual TIFF printing with support for printing any file directly.

This software features a built-in image compression engine and supports various popular formats, such as JPEG, PNG, TGA, BMP PCX and DIB images. Furthermore, its Print function can output them onto standard TIFF/TIF printers with their settings preserved for future printing needs.

Searching TEXT and MEMO objects for text strings can be invaluable when looking for images or text in certain areas of a document, such as legal headers or footers. Furthermore, this program allows you to save annotations automatically into separate XML files for greater compatibility with applications that support this annotative format.


Advanced TIFF Editor is a TIFF file viewer, editor and converter capable of supporting multipage documents. With FAX TIF (TIF), PDF DCX AI EPS PS and BMP editors and pages managers on board. In addition, advanced features for viewing editing printing saving and converting are also provided for.

This program provides the ideal solution for working with scanned documents, business papers and large multipage images. It provides numerous printing options: current display area printing, page range printing, index page index and inverse print; it also allows saving of printing parameters for future use.

Annotation tools include the clone (copy content from one image into another) tool; eraser tools (for erasing punch holes, noise or isolated pixels); text mode with font size and color settings as well as image deskewing to correct for images skewed during transmission or scanning; 24 bit color conversion to gray scale or black and white and scaling/cropping capabilities that support various filters applied directly onto them are also provided.

Addition of support for native Windows 7 and 8 gestures (tiling, dragging on the toolbar). New feature to resize circular or polygon selection by dragging grips. New options to modify default annotation format INTERNAL.

This program offers full support for opening password protected PDF files. Furthermore, it contains several options for using scanners with TWAIN and WIA drivers installed.

New features: Export TIFF/PDF document counter to CSV file and change default folder for image files.

Advanced Tiff Editor is compatible with most popular TIFF and PDF file formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TGA, PBM BMP PCX PostScript PS files. Furthermore, this program has the capacity to convert between different image file formats (TIFF/JPEG/GIF/PNG etc) as well as adding watermarks or signatures while performing OCR; plus it features various image filters effects processing modes allowing batch processing multiple files simultaneously; all this makes Advanced Tiff Editor an indispensable tool for users of scanned documents/business paper/large images with support for various TIFF compression types (Packbits/LZW/CCITT G3& G4 compression formats). All these features make Advanced Tiff Editor an essential tool for users of scanned documents/business paper/large images supported by these features such as Packbits LZW CCITTT G3& G4 compression types as well. It supports various TIFF compression types including Packbits LZW CCITT G3& G4.


Advanced TIFF Editor is an all-in-one solution for viewing, editing, printing, drawing and converting TIFF (TIF) and PDF documents. It can create multipage TIFF files; act as virtual TIFF printer to print images directly from within the program or to any Windows compatible printer; as well as support all popular graphic file formats including JPEG, PNG GIF BMP.

This software features an impressive range of automatic image processing tools for cleaning up scanned documents: removing empty borders around images; adjusting vertical or horizontal DPI resolution, changing color depths and saving thumbnails; as well as rotating or flipping images, cropping or deskewing them, adding text comments or drawing custom graphics – and performing gamma correction! Additionally, the program offers retouching tools such as rotating/flipping; rotating/flipping; cropping or deskewing images as well as rotating or flipping; rotating/flipping images as well as rotating/flipping; rotating/flipping; rotating or flipping images, as well as rotating/flipping or rotating/flipping or rotating/flipping or flipping/flipping or deskewing images, changing DPI resolution or color depth settings when changing DPI resolution or changing color depth settings while adding text comments drawing custom graphics when splitting or merging documents or performing gamma correction.

Another feature that proves invaluable when preparing documents for electronic distribution, fax or emailing, is its ability to convert FAX and TIFF documents to JPEG or PDF digital image formats – this saves significant time and disk space when creating electronic versions for electronic distribution or electronic fax.

Overall, this software boasts numerous useful functions that make it one of the best TIFF and PDF viewers on the market. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface provides a comfortable viewing experience.

Professional and amateur users alike will appreciate this powerful tool. It is particularly beneficial when working with multiple TIFF or PDF documents. One unique feature allows users to add or edit identifying tags within documents as well as watermark or encrypt images – an invaluable feature!

Software licenses for individual and corporate users can be purchased online, with single user licenses costing $1200 and site/corporate licenses going for $4000 respectively. When purchased for business use, these company versions allow installation on an unlimited number of computers in an office/location and make sharing images and documents across a business easier – perfect for companies wanting to share and distribute images and documents across their offices! This program should be on every serious TIFF/PDF user’s wishlist!

Batch processing

Advanced TIFF Editor aims to offer users a complete solution for viewing, editing, printing, saving and converting TIFF and PDF documents. It includes image processing tools such as cropping/resizing black edges; an automatic color detection feature; deskewing capability and other retouching tools.

As well as TIFF files, the application supports other graphic file types including PNG, BMP and JPEG with RGB colors (RGB/grayscale/YCbCr/CMYK), PostScript PS WBMP DICOM PCX WBMP support a range of color depths from one bit (black and white) up to 24 bits (16.7 million colors).

The application includes an integrated virtual TIFF printer for printing documents directly from its interface or from any program that supports printing in TIFF format. Its virtual printer can be placed anywhere on a computer’s window screen and can print images, pages or groups of pages in any order.

Another handy feature is the option to modify compression for TIFF files or any other format – be it when creating new ones or changing existing ones – when either creating new files or editing existing ones. Users have access to different compression methods available, including lossless compression.

Notable features of the application include its OCR engine that can recognize text in most languages – Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cherokee, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French and German as well as Greek, Hindi, Indonesian Italian Hungarian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Russian Slovak Slovenian Swedish Turkish are just a few. Furthermore it automatically finds grey pages within PDF files and converts them to black-and-white to reduce file size and speed processing time.

The latest version of the program brings several user-friendly enhancements, including modern Windows style file open dialogs and sound notification when batch processes complete – as well as counting files and pages within TIFF and PDF files to generate a CSV report quickly – the File | TIFF PDF Counter command now helps quickly calculate this information; furthermore, multiple TIFF/PDF documents can be combined into one multipage document in batch mode mode for convenient processing.

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