Advanced TIFF Editor

Advanced TIFF Editor

Contrasting with free image editors that dominate app stores, this TIFF editor and converter provides access to multiple graphic formats as well as boasts an efficient OCR system.

Viewing, editing, printing, drawing and converting are often complex processes requiring various programs. Advanced TIFF Editor strives to make these processes simpler by automating these tasks for you.


Viewing TIFF files using this program provides excellent support for scrolling (using cursor control keys and scrollbars), zooming (+/- keys or menu functions), antialiasing, rotation (90 and 180 degrees), antialiasing and rotation of images. A user may also choose any rectangular area from an image for printing using the Print dialog box.

This program supports TIFF and FAX formats, as well as opening and viewing various graphic files such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP PCX ICO TGA files. Furthermore, this software performs inter-format conversions between various versions of TIFF as well as providing advanced features for working with scanned documents such as deskewing fixing scanner issues adding remarks annotations multipage files arranged into multipage documents etc.

To manage scanned documents efficiently, the program offers several tools, including an OCR text recognition system and color converter, along with tools for scanning and importing Wang or Kodak imaging annotations. Furthermore, it automatically adjusts DPI of loaded/scanned images, and can manage large volumes of fax images with various horizontal and vertical DPI resolutions.

Insert an image directly from Windows Explorer by using the “Pages – Append All Pages from Clipboard File(s)” context menu item or command on the program’s main toolbar. Adding multiple files simultaneously may also help solve scanner issues or process large volumes of images more efficiently.

The program allows you to send images viewed on screen directly to any printer supported by your operating system, with sizes, areas, and positions easily customizable via a comfortable printer dialog. Multiple TIFF files may also be merged together for easier use as one large TIFF document; split or merge existing TIFFs, cut out white space (particularly helpful when working with black-and-white images), rotate, flip, or invert TIFF files are among other capabilities offered by this software program.


Advanced TIFF Editor provides users with more than just viewing TIFF files; it provides image processing functions for editing them as well, including cropping or resizing black edges, correcting color balance, deskewing and noise removal tools, text recognition features and the capability of adding annotations.

This program supports loading and saving multipage TIFF, TIF, PDF, EPS, PS, AI, DCX and GIF files. Users can print their image to any printer supported by their operating system while size and position can be adjusted using an intuitive printer dialog. Furthermore, the program even sends faxes by printing directly to Windows NT Fax driver.

Advanced TIFF Editor is designed to edit multiple images at the same time in batch mode, using various commands and parameters such as page count and output folder location. Users can also set desired quality levels for final result.

Along with these features, Advanced TIFF Editor provides various viewing and printing options to meet user needs. Zooming can be achieved using cursor control keys, scrollbars or menu functions; antialiasing supported for rotation between 90deg and 180deg; flipping pages is possible as well. Invert pages also supported. Furthermore, thumbnails from all loaded documents can be saved and displayed conveniently for easy review in thumbnail view mode.

Advanced TIFF Editor can be downloaded directly from its developer’s website in multiple languages and is offered for a 30-day free trial version, while individual licenses cost $49. It runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 operating systems. Graphic-Region Development has long been recognized for their experience providing image manipulation software for Windows platforms. Established in 1997, they specialize in creating software for graphics and multimedia purposes. Products offered by this company are utilized across various industries and have earned them an exceptional reputation. With an emphasis on image manipulation and conversion, the company strives to enhance customers’ workflow while increasing productivity through an array of automated and time-saving image processing functions.


Advanced TIFF Editor is designed to meet virtually all customer demands from an ideal TIFF editing tool. As well as its basic functions (viewing, printing, annotating and converting), Advanced TIFF Editor also allows for image retouching, adding text comments, cropping or deskewing images, drawing custom graphics as well as splitting/combining documents as well as performing gamma correction, noise removal and applying various effects.

This software features an effective document processing function, supporting various PostScript formats including PDF, EPS and AI. Furthermore, it features various additional tools designed to work with multi-page TIFF files – for instance clone tool that copies content of one part of an image to apply elsewhere or erase unwanted ones, “Inside” selection mode mode with export/import annotation objects into an XML file, export/import annotation objects into another format and even introduces a brand new annotation format!

Advanced TIFF Editor is designed to work with TWAIN scanners and WIA scanners as well as capture images directly from a screen. It can split TIFF files into single-page TIFF files, merge them together, change page order or delete blank pages as well as password-protect them if necessary. Furthermore, multi-page TIF files as well as various graphic and text formats are supported.

Viewing functions include grid and panoramic image viewings, scrolling (using cursor control keys, scrollbars or menufunctions), zooming (+/- keys, mousewheel or menuoperations), antialiasing and automatic printer detection & adjustment as well as page number display during printing. Furthermore, Advanced TIFF Editor features automatic printer detection & view adjustment so its pages print with precision every time!

This utility can replace the standard Windows Picture and Fax viewer, as it supports all kinds of multipage TIF and TIFF images such as JPEG (RGB, GrayScale, YCbCr, YCbCrK), PNG, BMP, GIF DIB RLE TGA TIF files Portable Bitmap PBM PostScript files EPS PS AI DCX as well as embedded OCR text recognition to process faxes/TIFF files with ease. Additionally this program has embedded OCR text recognition which enables fax/TIFF file recognition/processing capabilities for each TIF file type as well. In addition it recognizes and processes faxes/TIFF files with OCR text recognition to process both types of images. Additionally this utility recognizes and processes faxes/TIFF files with OCR text recognition abilities for recognition/processing using embedded OCR text recognition technology as well as recognize and processing TIFF files with OCR text recognition capabilities for processing TIFF files with embedded OCR text recognition capability for processing TIFF files that support RLE files EPS PS AI DCX PostScript files EPS PS AI DCX support as well as PostScript files EPS PS AI DCX support! EPS PS AI DCX files as well as recognized/process faxes/TIFF files with embedded OCR text recognition with embedded OCR text recognition features embedded within.

It’s evident that this tool offers more features than the typical TIFF viewer and represents a tremendous value given its cost. Furthermore, it works faster and does more than many overpriced similar products on the market.


TIFF Editor is a multipage FAX, TIF, PDF, EPS, PS AI DCX viewer/editor/converter that offers complete solutions for viewing, editing, printing saving converting and merging TIFF pages.

Advanced TIFF Editor provides several image manipulation features that greatly facilitate your work with scanned documents, including document arrangement (deskewing), removal of fax punch holes, image clearing (removing noise and isolated pixels), document skew correction and others. The program supports 24-bit grayscale BW CMYK RGB and YUV color depth formats and colors depths as well as printer dialog customization of size and position settings directly within its user-friendly print dialog.

This program uses OCR technology to automatically recognize text in images files containing text and convert them into editable documents, detecting edges of text as well as font size and color; additionally it detects overlapped texts on a page so as to adjust their positioning on it.

If you need to fax a document, printing directly onto a TIFF or PDF printer supported by your operating system allows for convenient adjustment of size and position of attachments before being sent directly into Able Fax Tif View software for easy fax transmission.

Batch mode makes it possible to combine multiple TIF files into a multipage document and save it as a single TIFF file, plus rotate, flip, extract or delete pages from an existing TIF file; change its compression mode; and more.

Graphic-Region Development reports that its program works faster, does more and performs better than many overpriced similar products. Unlike competing solutions, it can process large and multi-page TIFF documents and images without slowing down your PC. In addition to standard TIFF editing features, such as image cropping tool compatible with all available selection methods (rectangle, circle, poligon, lasso and magic wand), as well as international keyboard layout support and reading and writing of ANSI TIFF tags as well as its interface being translated into various languages.

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