AdwCleaner Review – What is AdwCleaner and How Does it Work?


AdwCleaner is a free program that removes adware, toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and browser Hijackers from a computer’s system. Additionally, this tool detects preinstalled software which may cause slowdowns on devices.

AdwCleaner can detect these programs and delete them from your system to increase performance, making a positive difference for both yourself and others.


If your computer has started acting erratically or you’ve noticed ads popping up suddenly, adware may be to blame. Adware is software designed to generate revenue by inserting advertisements onto your computer – usually packaged into freeware downloads online bundled together into programs you install without fully understanding their installation process; without being vigilant during setup you could end up installing multiple unwanted programs which slow down performance and inhibit browsing experience.

AdwCleaner is an application created specifically to remove these types of programs from your computer. The program performs a thorough scan that checks directories and drives for any adware, browser toolbars, potentially unwanted programs and browser hijackers; its user-friendly interface also makes running full system scans simple for users; plus its constant updates ensure it stays abreast with emerging adware threats – making AdwCleaner an ideal way to clean your machine!

Adware may be annoying, but it also poses a security risk. Some adware programs track your online activity and display tailored advertisements based on it – this poses privacy risks if your computer or phone are connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

Although warnings exist, users might not realize they’ve been compromised until they begin experiencing issues with their computer, including slow performance, changes to default home pages/search engines/NSFW web content display etc. In severe cases, adware can even steal personal data leading to identity theft; so for this reason it is imperative to utilize a strong antivirus program and keep AdwCleaner handy as protection against these dangerous applications.


Toolbars are groups of buttons found at the top of an application window that control software functions. They’re typically placed above menu bars and allow users to display only those commands they frequently need – either single labeled icons, split buttons (that display many commands simultaneously), or full menu bars that catalog every command available to them. Toolbars work best when they present only frequently-used commands that produce immediate effects without additional input such as menu commands do.

To create the most efficient toolbar possible, it is best to place frequently used commands at the forefront, using group dividers only when absolutely necessary to maintain stable command groups. Also try not to include destructive commands within the toolbar by grouping or showing an overflow chevron when full.

Toolbars must have an adaptive scalable interface to conform with the size of the operating system’s screen, as these bars tend to be larger than their menu bar or controls and uncontrolled expansion may result from their presence without proper dimensions being met.

Toolbars may also have negative repercussions for browsers and other software programs. They may cause browsers to change search-scopes or start pages, as well as popup windows interrupting sessions of online banking or e-commerce sites, potentially costing a user money or personal information. It can also be difficult for infected computers to be rid of toolbars and all their related malware; while certain companies provide uninstallers that purportedly do this job effectively – sometimes leaving behind remnants or changing online passwords or information.

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)

PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) are software programs that, left unchecked, can clog computer performance and expose users to ads. PUPs differ from malware in that their main purpose is not theft of personal information or vulnerability exploiting; rather PUPs collect browsing habits data which they share with third parties for profit – potentially leading to cyber fraud and malware infection.

PUP software is often installed alongside the programs that you actually want to install, because some freeware authors make a lot of money by bundling additional programs – often ads, toolbars or browser hijackers – during installation.

PUPs differ from malware in that the latter infiltrates your computer without your consent, while these non-malicious programs waste system resources, generate pop-up ads and spam e-mails, slow down your computer, making it hard to work on programs you love.

AdwCleaner detects and deletes these malicious programs to increase computer performance and browsing experience, from Windows XP through 10 (64 and 32 bits). You can download this application directly from its official website as well as popular download sites such as BleepingComputer, CNET or FileHippo.

AdwCleaner version 8.0 was recently released with many exciting new features, such as faster scans and detections, improved quarantine management, language support and user-friendly design features like backups which enable you to restore any files if required during its cleaning process. It offers faster scanning speeds as well as better detections than previous versions, including faster scans. Furthermore, AdwCleaner provides backups before cleaning starts which make for simple use by beginners as well.

Browser Hijackers

Browser hijackers are potentially unwanted programs that infiltrate computers and forcefully modify browser settings without your knowledge or consent. Their primary goal is to display annoying advertisements, although they could also alter your homepage, add toolbars or direct you to malicious websites. They are distributed through fake updates, freeware installers/downloaders or other means.

Some browser hijackers can be dangerous because they use spyware-like software on your computer to collect personal information by installing programs designed to steal logins and passwords, credit card details and any other sensitive data entered through web browsers. Others are even more intrusive and may cause your PC to slow down or crash altogether.

Antivirus software may detect these programs, but in extreme cases they cannot completely delete them from your PC. To regain control, reformat and restore files from backup may be the only effective solution to get control back.

These programs can generate revenue for their creators by creating annoying advertisements that pop-up in your browser or desktop PC, redirect you to various websites and steal personal information from you. AdwCleaner is capable of effectively eliminating many such programs from your system.

AdwCleaner is an invaluable tool for eliminating adware, PUPs and other forms of malware from your computer. Although not offering real-time protection against such threats, AdwCleaner works in tandem with your antivirus software for maximum protection against these threats. Freely available through Malwarebytes website & updated regularly – as well as providing malware removal capabilities it also detects & removes browser extensions/toolbars causing issues on your browsers!

Installation Issues

Adware is a form of malware that can cause your computer to run slower or become unresponsive, while also showing ads in your browser, which can be annoying and distracting. Malwarebytes AdwCleaner can detect and delete adware, toolbars, and hijackers installed on Windows devices to ensure they remain clean.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner stands out from other security programs by not requiring installation; you can run it directly from a USB memory stick or directly after downloading it. With its straightforward user interface and minimal hard disk footprint, Malwarebytes AdwCleaner is free to use; though be aware of counterfeit versions that claim to be AdwCleaner but don’t actually work as advertised.

Many programs that advertise as free come bundled with additional installers that install toolbars, homepage hijackers and other potentially unwanted software. Unfortunately, many users may miss these installers during installation process as the author of these programs can make money by bundling these unwanted components with their download.

Once AdwCleaner has been downloaded, simply double-click its executable file. When asked whether or not to allow changes on your computer, click Yes. When finished scanning your PC, results can be seen in the Dashboard tab; files moved into Quarantine can also be restored via this method if they have been flagged as false positives by other antivirus programs.

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