AdwCleaner Review

AdwCleaner is an easy-to-use application designed to remove adware, PUPs, toolbars and browser hijackers from your computer. It is free and regularly updated in order to detect new threats.

Run it alongside a comprehensive antivirus program for enhanced protection from malware. As it’s portable and doesn’t require installation, this tool offers maximum flexibility.


The world’s most widely used adware cleaner detects and deletes unwanted programs to ensure an enjoyable browsing experience. This system actively targets adware, spyware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), browser hijackers and any other unwanted hitchhikers – providing home users and technicians alike with optimal online experiences without disruption from adware and junkware.

Easy and no installation are two hallmarks of simplicity in software products, while Light on System Resources and Regular Updates make for optimal system protection. Although not intended as a replacement for full antimalware programs, we strongly advise using it alongside one for maximum protection.

Once you launch the app, it will immediately begin scanning for adware and potential security threats on your computer. When complete, a list of items with details about their status and functionality will appear before you. There are buttons at the bottom of your screen where you can click to perform various actions – including uninstalling individual threats from your system.

Choose to run either a full scan of your entire computer, or just the registry and files associated with adware and junkware. While a full scan can take some time, selecting individual items to keep or delete before running the cleaning feature can significantly shorten it.

Once the scanning process has concluded, you will be asked to restart your computer to complete the removal process. When rebooted, you will be able to view a log of all programs removed, with “Clear” providing an automated way of uninstalling them from your system.

AdwCleaner can also be used to identify and uninstall programs installed against user wishes. Such software could come packaged with other downloads or as extensions to various apps; toolbars might appear on your web browser, and even change your homepage or search engine, making it harder for you to locate information online.


If you need real time antivirus protection on your PC, Malwarebytes might be the way to go. As an antimalware program it can quickly identify ransomware, scammer popups and many other threats on your system; pricing starts from $40 annually per device or $80 for five.

AdwCleaner is an effective solution to remove ads and potentially unwanted programs such as browser extensions, toolbars and hijackers from computers without installing or editing registry data. It’s a great alternative to traditional antivirus software as its user-friendly nature does not require installation or registry changes – yet still allows a comprehensive scan that detects more programs such as browser extensions, toolbars and hijackers than ever before!

Once you begin scanning, the program will present you with a list of files and folders it has identified, from which you can select those to delete from your system. However, before this process can begin it is recommended that all other applications be closed down and your PC rebooted in order to activate this function.

AdwCleaner stands out from similar programs by not making noise during its removal process and by not taking up much memory or space; making it an excellent choice for people seeking an effective yet simple method to clean their computers – especially useful if sharing computer resources where one cannot always know what other users have installed or updated on them. In addition, its secondary layer of protection might give additional peace of mind if your main antivirus solution falls short in protecting you adequately.


AdwCleaner is a free tool that can effectively eliminate adware, PUPs, browser hijackers and more from Windows devices. Designed to supplement antivirus software by targeting PUPs that may go undetected by traditional solutions. Furthermore, AdwCleaner does not rely on databases or updates, making it a reliable way of maintaining an efficient computer without slowing it down – plus, its portability means it can travel with you easily – simply run it anywhere!

Malwarebytes offers an adware cleaner program which can be downloaded directly from their website and installed. Once installed, follow the prompts onscreen to scan and remove threats. Afterward, a list of programs found will be shown; to delete one simply use the Remove button; for anything questionable use the False Positive Report button instead to submit a report directly to malware removal specialists.

Once adware has been successfully removed, a notification stating “Restart the computer to complete its removal process” will appear. After rebooting and reviewing the log report that launches automatically. While going through the removal process, your desktop icons may temporarily vanish – this is completely normal as many adware programs embed themselves within desktop shortcuts.

This software offers many advantages, such as its fast scan-and-clean process and ability to remove multiple items at once. Furthermore, no installation is required and most versions of Windows are supported; plus it’s free! Plus frequent updates mean real-time protection should still be employed alongside this solution.

Adware removal software also serves to clean up files, folders and registry entries added by other programs as well as uninstall any adware that has been downloaded via the internet. It works on computers running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS versions as well as iPads and iPods.

AdwCleaner is an effective and simple solution for eliminating adware from Windows computers, and other types of malware, including viruses, trojans, worms and spyware. Installing AdwCleaner requires no database updates or upgrades – making it the ideal choice for users needing an easy solution to uninstall unwanted programs from their systems.


Classic antivirus programs are great at identifying and eliminating viruses, but they may miss malware programs that infiltrate PCs through other means. That is why AdwCleaner can be useful as it removes such threats before they infiltrate – plus it’s completely free to download! You can use it alongside other anti-malware solutions to provide comprehensive computer protection from adware, PUPs and other potential dangers.

Adware can be very irritating and cause issues with your browser; to minimize risk and stay protected against it, make sure that both your operating system and software updates are kept current, install a firewall for extra protection and read online reviews of products and services before purchasing them – this can help ensure you find an honest company offering high-quality goods or services.

AdwCleaner boasts several key features, such as its user-friendly interface, regular updates, and portable package that runs directly off a USB drive. The program scans for any potential threats while automatically updating when new releases arrive; additionally it can delete files associated with adware from your system and prevent it from coming back once removed; additionally it resets browser homepages, search engine settings, and more to their original default values – perfect for running from USB drives!

AdwCleaner scans your system for potential threats and displays a list of items and their locations on your computer, before providing the option for removal using “Clean.” When completed, reboot your PC to ensure all items have been deleted successfully before consulting its report for confirmation that all processes completed successfully.

While this program can be extremely helpful, it does have its limitations. It may be too aggressive in removing certain software which could result in other programs being deleted by mistake. Still, this tool remains an invaluable asset to have handy to remove adware, PUPs, browser hijackers and other unwanted applications from time to time.

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