AIMP (Artem Izmaylov Media Player)


AIMP is a lightweight yet responsive audio player which supports various file formats. With an 18-band equalizer designed to enhance music files’ sound and an audio converter and mixer included as additional tools.

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It supports a wide range of audio formats

AIMP is a free and open source audio player capable of playing music files from a wide variety of formats. The software features several helpful tools that make it unique from similar applications; among these is its audio converter and mixer as well as its advanced equalizer, playlist manager, audio converter plugin support directly and playlist management system. Furthermore, AIMP stands out as being one of the few programs capable of supporting modern WASAPI audio output without plugins being required.

AIMP supports many audio codecs, such as MP3, AAC, Dolby AC-3, Ogg Vorbis Opus Speex Apple Lossless FLAC Audio CDs WavPack OptimFROG and Tom’s lossless Audio Kompressor (TAK). AIMP’s library management tools make it easy to view and sort music according to multiple criteria; additionally it enables editing tags and creating playlists – perfect for organizing playlists!

The user interface of this program can be customized to your tastes, with customizable skins to meet them. An 18-band equalizer gives you complete control over sound quality of music played back. Furthermore, internet radio and online streaming support make this an excellent option. Finally, its versatile features and convenient interface make this an excellent choice for anyone seeking high-quality listening pleasure.

Although AIMP is a lightweight program, it offers powerful features not often seen in other media players. Its audio processing is powered by BASS framework and supports many popular formats; additionally, AIMP’s intuitive design gives users great control of their musical listening experience while offering volume normalization and graphic waveform displays as useful functions.

AIMP stands out from other programs by providing an accurate count of the actual music files it has searched for, making it easier for you to assess how much of your collection it has covered. This feature is particularly beneficial when importing large folders of audio files. Furthermore, AIMP lets you customize its hotkeys according to your individual needs; and is compatible with Winamp add-ons which extend and enhance its functionalities and improve performance.

It has a volume normalization feature

AIMP’s Volume Normalization feature makes it possible to balance music regardless of its individual decibel levels and prevents abrupt volume shifts between tracks, something other audio players typically struggle with. Furthermore, this feature is particularly helpful when dealing with video files where volume adjustment must be constantly managed.

AIMP is a robust and flexible audio player, supporting numerous file formats and codecs. Its simple yet clean user interface is user-friendly, while 32-bit processing of sound data ensures top quality results. AIMP comes equipped with 18-band graphics equalizer as well as advanced features to add depth to your music collection – plus there’s even an extensive plugin library so that its capabilities can be extended even further!

With AIMP, you can easily create playlists and listen to songs from any folder or device. Thanks to its small footprint, AIMP is even capable of managing music files on smaller computers. All main functions can be easily controlled via global hotkeys; additionally, AIMP may be minimized or sent directly to tray for your convenience; moreover, its user interface can also be customized through various skins available for it.

AIMP stands out from other music players with its extensive music support as well as three additional tools that enable you to record any audio on your PC, convert between formats and edit tags for audio files. Furthermore, its distinctive design – which recalls a blend between Linux and Mac apps – makes it stand out.

Owing to its vast number of useful features, but also suffering from several annoying bugs, Foobar2000 remains the gold standard in music collection software – as its software displays music as soon as its files have been scanned and added to its queue rather than waiting until all have been processed before displaying on the main screen.

AIMP was released as free software by Artem Izmaylov on August 8, 2006. Initially based on the BASS audio engine, version 3 added support for ReplayGain and revamped its music library interface. AIMP offers many features including anticlipping dithering, customizable hotkeys/shortcuts and user-defined presets for all controls – an information bar containing song names every time a track starts playing; rating songs; tagging etc.

It has an audio converter

AIMP (Artem Izmaylov Media Player) is a lightweight yet free audio player for Windows PC created by Russian developer Artem Izmaylov. The program boasts various functions such as playlist management, tag editor and audio converter as well as support for multiple audio formats and skins to personalize its look and feel. Furthermore, AIMP also has built-in sound recording and internet radio features for additional entertainment options.

The audio converter feature allows users to quickly convert supported video and audio files between formats with options for renaming, output paths, encoding speed and more. Utilizing modern WASAPI audio output technology – eliminating third-party plugins while maintaining unaltered sound output – users can open this audio converter within AIMP itself or right-click supported files in Windows Explorer to launch it.

Other features include an on-board editor of tags, WMA, MP3, and OGG file support, the ability to play songs in different modes such as speed, tempo, pitch, flanger echo reverse playback; change song properties directly copy tracks to clipboard; integrate lyrics; change properties directly; etc. Furthermore its unique interface resembles something between Linux and Mac tools!

Contrary to other music players, AIMP allows you to fully customize its user interface and themes. Furthermore, local and global hotkeys allow for customization. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and consumes minimal system resources; plus you can maximize or restore windows, send them straight to tray, or switch over to mini player mode – providing more freedom than other solutions!

Though AIMP is an excellent choice for listening to music, you may encounter difficulties when using Apple Music songs on it due to DRM protection; therefore, only authorized devices and media players are capable of listening to these songs. But don’t despair: ViWizard DRM Audio Converter has you covered by helping remove DRM protection so you can play Apple Music songs on AIMP!

It has an audio mixer

AIMP is a lightweight audio program, available free of charge, that plays various music files. Additionally, it’s an efficient music organizer, enabling you to easily create playlists and edit MP3 tags. Very user-friendly, AIMP offers advanced playback controls like cross-fading, screen gestures, 29-band equalization as well as support for numerous audio formats in multiple languages.

AIMP provides more than an audio mixer – its feature that easily converts music tracks between formats can save both time and effort by eliminating manual editing of files; saving money through less storage space needed; as well as helping create smart playlists based on specific criteria.

This tool is an essential asset to anyone seeking to enhance their listening experience. It helps you find a suitable balance among songs while eliminating background noises, while its audio normalization feature ensures all songs have similar volumes so there’s no need to constantly adjust your volume settings – you can even enjoy listening to your favorite tune while doing other activities!

Artem Izmaylov created AIMP (originally known as AIMP Classic) as a popular free software audio player for Windows, originally based on BASS audio library but replaced in version 3 with its own audio engine. Furthermore, AIMP also added support for ReplayGain as well as revamping music library interface.

AIMP stands out from its peers with its focus on playlists, making it more of an audio organiser than just another music player. Furthermore, AIMP supports numerous file formats and can convert them to others as needed; additionally it boasts an extensive visualisation collection. In fact, you can even share track files via any communication channels like WhatsApp or Telegram!

Though AIMP offers much, there are a few drawbacks as well. Primarily, AIMP takes longer than Foobar2000 to collect your music collection and its skins resemble vintage hi-fi stereo equipment more closely than others.

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