AIMP Review


AIMP (Artem Izmaylov Media Player) is an advanced, freeware audio player offering many features. This player supports multiple codecs as well as tools to convert and edit metadata, plus includes LastFM scrobbling capabilities as well as playlist management features.

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It’s free

AIMP is a free multimedia audio player that delivers crystal-clear playback. Thanks to its unique reproduction technology and minimal resource requirements, AIMP makes an excellent choice for both casual listeners and audiophiles alike. AIMP features playlist management, tag editing, an equalizer built right in, internet radio stream catching capabilities as well as supporting multiple file formats with user-created plugins for extra customization.

AIMP offers a good alternative to other popular music players, yet has its own set of unique issues. Notably, classical music cannot be played back without gaps; furthermore, AIMP’s collection process can be very slow which may prove frustrating at times.

AIMP 5.0 features an MP3 encoder to boost performance on low-powered computers, and other fixes related to playing files via context menu in Windows Explorer as well as minor bugs. For more details, see AIMP release notes.

AIMP supports various advanced audio codecs, including HE-AAC, LAME, OGG, WAV and AIFF. Furthermore, AIMP features streaming media over the internet as well as CD ripping functionality. With its intuitive design and wide variety of plugins to choose from, AIMP makes the ideal program to get you listening!

Users with large libraries will find this program extremely helpful as it automatically rescans folders for new files and updates its database; duplicates can even be detected and renamed automatically! In addition, smart playlists that correspond with specific moods or feature lyrics of songs can also be created easily.

AIMP stands out by its ability to store up to 60 seconds of internet radio streams in RAM for uninterruptible playback across unreliable connections, offering unrivaled playback over unreliable connections. Furthermore, AIMP features various sound effects including reverb, flanger chorus delay pitch speed as well as its equalizer for balance tempo volume setting adjustment. In addition, DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI audio interfaces as well as 32-bit audio processing are supported as are 32-bit processing tools. Finally its community is vibrant; boasting musicians music publishers as well as industry professionals alike!

It’s easy to use

AIMP is a full-featured music player for Windows and Android that supports an extensive selection of audio codecs. With features to edit metadata, convert files, install user-made skins, smart playlists automatically curate songs to suit your mood, an alarm clock function and audio converter capabilities it is also compatible with various Android devices.

At first glance, AIMP may appear complicated; however its unique design makes it simple. Starting off with a straightforward window displaying your library and currently playing track with various options to control playback; AIMP then features an easy multilingual user interface and plug-ins to provide extra functionality; furthermore it can even manage streaming radio services, recording them to local files for later listening!

AIMP’s latest update fixes several bugs and introduces several new features, including caching up to 250 MB of music into RAM to continue playing even when internet connection is unreliable; automatically renaming audio files according to rules (e.g. %artist% -%album% or count BPM); as well as handling multiple formats including MP3, AAC, OGG WAV FLAC files for conversion purposes.

As music players go, AIMP stands out. Capable of playing virtually all audio formats and equipped with an equalizer that enables you to customize the sound to your preference, it can also manage various effects like reverb, flanger chorus pitch speed and echo as well as CD ripping functionality and support for various playlist formats.

AIMP is an ideal option for users who require extensive control over their music. It stands out from other music programs with its distinctive look, while offering impressive features. AIMP may serve as an ideal replacement to Winamp or simply be suitable as an open-source music player with great audio quality.

It’s versatile

AIMP (Artem Izmaylov Media Player) is a lightweight audio player created to meet the needs of average users. This highly responsive and feature-packed application uses minimal resources while offering extensive music codec support, including MP3, FLAC, OGG AAC and Windows Media Audio formats. Furthermore it includes an audio converter, tag editor and other useful features.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple and effortless to organize and manage your music library. Simply add tracks to playlists or create smart ones automatically playing your favorites; customize layout and display of album art; view lyrics while listening; customize volume controls; view notification bar with playlist information and progress; customize album cover art layout if needed, or display album art directly – everything from one program!

With AIMP, you can experience crystal-clear audio output thanks to its innovative reproduction technology. Requiring minimal resources, it offers customizable features such as global and local hotkeys, multiple languages, plug-ins, audio conversion in most formats, sound recording and an impressive equalizer – making this freeware multimedia player truly comprehensive! Plus you can even convert CDs into MP3 files!

Although AIMP may not be the most advanced music player, its features should meet even the highest audiophile expectations. Its 18-band equalizer offers customizable presets while supporting various audio effects like flanger, chorus and reverb – you can even use this program to stream online radio stations!

AIMP offers many useful features for keeping track of music files, including downloading and storing their metadata. This can be especially helpful if you own an extensive music collection and want to stay organized with it all. However, AIMP may take hours to scan through and add all your tracks if your library is large enough.

AIMP is a versatile and functional media player designed for music enthusiasts. Its intuitive user interface makes it enjoyable to use, and its features are comparable to Winamp. Furthermore, AIMP supports both Windows and Android platforms – an attractive feature when considering devices of both kinds simultaneously.

It’s fast

AIMP stands out with its distinct appearance and can feel different to programs you might be used to, yet it is easy to pick up and start using straight away. Its basic playback options can be learned quickly while its audio converter supports many formats. Plus, there are keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys that let you control AIMP without lifting your fingers off the keys!

AIMP’s music player is lightweight and doesn’t consume too much memory, enabling you to run it alongside other programs without experiencing lag or slowdowns compared to programs that use more RAM, potentially slowing down or crashing the computer. Furthermore, AIMP allows WAV files natively whereas most other music players require plugins for this feature; additionally it supports WASAPI audio output which offers cleaner sound output than Windows mixer.

This makes it an excellent option for users looking to listen to high-quality music on their computers, play podcasts and media, and stream online music services.

AIMP provides all the features you would expect from a free music player, including support for over 20 audio formats and customizable functionality. In addition, AIMP comes equipped with features like an audio converter, playlist manager, equalizer and equalizer as well as skins and plugins – it even works on Windows 10.

This program also features an online radio player, which lets you listen to streaming radio stations from around the world. This is especially useful if you don’t have access to traditional radio stations but still want to hear some of your favorite songs! Furthermore, it is possible to set the program to sleep or turn off at specific times of day or night.

This program includes a plugin that enables you to alter the playback speed of music files, choose presets that best meet your tastes and customize them according to your own needs, as well as analyze their quality via its spectrogram feature.

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