AirDroid Review – Is AirDroid Safe to Use?


AirDroid is safe to use, but always log out after using it on both phone and PC to protect yourself from unauthorised access to the information stored on either. Leaving an account open gives anyone else access to your device as well as all its stored content.

Reimagine your business with an integrated MDM platform that increases productivity while safeguarding device security.

Remote Control

AirDroid is an Android remote access and administration software solution, allowing for file transmission, camera access, SMS management, SMS filtering, SMS filter management, SMS management of SMSs sent between smartphones, file management of internal/external SD cards on device storage space as if they were files stored on desktop PC, file transmission between them wirelessly without using USB cables and more. Available both PCs and mobile devices and available to manage both internal and external SD card storage space like files on a desktop computer.

With its real-time screen sharing feature, this app enables IT admins to monitor an Android device’s screen in real-time and instruct its users on what steps to take. Furthermore, screenshots and screen markup features enable IT admins to highlight key areas on a device’s screen during support sessions; additionally it features black screen mode to restrict unauthorised data access during maintenance tasks thus protecting privacy and security.

File management features of this app allow you to browse your entire folder structure, download and upload any files from your computer, check call logs of both incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, check call history logs of both phone lines you own as well as call logs stored by their provider if using over mobile data connection; note, however, that as this application uses mobile data connections for communication with servers you should set your data limit accordingly if using over your mobile network provider to avoid incurring extra charges from them.

AirDroid stands out among other remote control apps with its ability to scan your device’s storage, allowing you to easily locate and copy media files; and its remote playback of audio and video on its Web desktop browser without the need for third-party plugins – perfect for users seeking a lightweight remote control app!

AirDroid provides many useful features in its free version; while its premium version provides access to superior remote control and screen mirroring features. You also gain access to more advanced features like file transfers and notifications & SMS – perfect for large enterprises seeking to streamline mobile device management processes.

Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is one of the key benefits of AirDroid, a free app available for both Android and iOS devices. It enables users to remotely access any part of their device’s functionality such as apps, documents, music, videos etc. From this feature alone users can play games on larger screens while using mobile phones as interactive whiteboards for online teaching or training sessions – just among many other uses!

However, screen mirroring presents its own set of challenges. Both devices must be on the same network and be capable of connecting wirelessly; updated operating system software may cause compatibility issues; physical obstructions could interfere with Wi-Fi signals – therefore keeping devices close together may help preserve Wi-Fi signal strength.

Though AirDroid may have its limitations, it remains the best way to connect your mobile phone with a computer. Simply download and install AirDroid onto both devices; once complete, open both apps on each phone and select “Cast Screen” in AirDroid to share your screen with both. Plus, using its keyboard and mouse features you can remotely control both computers simultaneously!

AirDroid not only offers screen sharing and controlling functionality, but it also offers security features to prevent unauthorised use. Users can select either PIN, password or biometric authentication to protect their devices while screen casting; additionally they can disable display lock on their phone so other people cannot see private information stored therein.

TeamViewer, Google Home and Mirroring360 are some of the more well-known screen mirroring apps on the market, supporting Windows and Mac computers as well as Android, iOS and TVs simultaneously. Some even support up to five devices at a time! While these applications do support multiple connections at once, they’re heavier than AirDroid; in some cases even needing cables in order to work.

iMyFone MirrorTo is an easy, accessible screen mirroring solution that lets you use Android devices on PCs and Macs using WiFi or wired connections, compatible with major browsers, streaming media such as YouTube or Twitch directly onto a large screen, plus its user-friendly interface make for smooth operations.

File Transfer

AirDroid provides a safe and easy solution for transferring files between devices – it’s quick, safe, and no cables necessary! Simply download it for free but upgrade if desired for additional benefits such as file transfers or app installs without cables required! It allows access to nearly all functions on devices from one central place such as files transferred between them – file transfers, app installs, sending SMS texts messages placing phone calls without cable restrictions!

AirDroid is an ideal solution for people with multiple devices as it enables you to transfer files between Android and iOS phones as well as Windows/Mac PCs wirelessly over Wi-Fi connection, without limiting file sizes or formats. Furthermore, users can connect external USB devices directly without the need for an extra driver app or driver update.

AirDroid makes sharing large files easy with friends and family. This feature is especially handy if you need to send large video or picture files. AirDroid utilizes high-speed data transfer protocol to ensure your file will reach its recipient with optimal quality, plus its Nearby feature enables sharing files without exceeding your mobile data allowance.

AirDroid, with a cumulative 4.3 user rating on Google Play, is making the lives of smartphone users far simpler. Allowing them to control their phones and tablets remotely through desktop access makes life more efficient while creating more productive work environments – be it home or shared office environments.

AirDroid stands out as an invaluable file transfer service with features that include screen mirroring and remote monitoring, making it a valuable alternative to USB drives – an indispensable app for modern mobile users!

Parental Control

AirDroid’s parental control features have recently received much praise. You can easily monitor calls made to or received from your children as well as view their screens; there’s even an inbuilt GPS that lets you monitor their locations over time; plus there’s Instant Lock which stops kids using their phones when they should be doing something else!

Parents will appreciate that they can set schedules and limits for screen time and which apps their children are allowed to use, helping prevent overuse of specific applications. In addition, this app keeps tabs on data usage on children’s devices.

Setting geofences and receiving alerts when they are crossed is another essential feature, according to Mobile App Daily. This feature enables parents to set digital boundaries for their kids that can help protect them from dangerous situations or content online that could potentially be harmful.

Though many apps provide similar tracking features, what sets this one apart is its clear and intuitive user experience. The app features an attractive yet straightforward design with user-friendly navigation making it simple for any parent to use it on smartphones with Android operating systems; plus it’s easily configured on any device you wish to monitor.

One of the most useful features is Sync’s ability to sync notifications and messages on your kid’s device with those of your own, meaning if their device receives an incoming call or message, yours will also get notification – this way you can ensure that they do not become vulnerable to digital threats like cyberbullying or online fraud.

Real-time location tracking can be especially helpful when your children are with friends, as you need to keep tabs on where they are at all times. Furthermore, the app records historical locations so you can review and compare where your kids have been to gain a deeper insight into their behaviors and habits.

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