Algodoo Review


Algodoo is an educational physics-based sandbox and educational program. It works similarly to an interactive games workshop and can be used for learning, experimenting and of course playing!

Children can experiment and design their own scenarios to demonstrate principles of physics such as friction, gravity, light and magnetism. Tutorials provide plenty of support.

Easy to use

Algodoo is an interactive drawing tool powered by physics simulations designed for both entertainment and educational use. Users can build objects that come to life using simple drawing tools – click-and-drag, tilting, shaking or using color traces, graphs or forces can bring this digital canvas to life! Algodoo’s simple user interface makes learning accessible for children of all ages – even those under 3.

Algodoo makes creating a physics model simple, enabling students to see what happens when different factors change – for instance, replacing a string with solid bar can show how its energy changes as the pendulum swings back and forth. Furthermore, students can experiment with gravity, friction, restitution, springs etc – perfect for showing how different objects respond when subject to gravity by plotting graphs of results in Algodoo.

Thyme is Algodoo’s proprietary scripting language used to control the behavior of objects within Algodoo. Accessing its console (accessed using Windows’ or Mac’s Tilde key) enables Thyme code editing so as to create complex animations and interactions such as: onClick – Triggers when an object is clicked upon; onCollide – Triggers when one object collides with another; and onLaserHit – Triggers when hit by laser beam.

Algodoo offers realistic physics simulation, with an expansive library of objects you can add to scenes – rigid bodies, fluids, chains, gears, gravity contacts friction restitution springs. Furthermore, its simulator feature is an invaluable way to test new ideas or show the influence of certain forces on an object.

Algodoo provides more than just its built-in simulator – there is also a lesson browser with hundreds of virtual experiments created by other teachers and students worldwide, which can be searched and filtered according to subject area or age group to help find lessons suitable for specific classes. Furthermore, Algodoo allows importation of other lessons created from other programs into itself for easy reference.

Easy to learn

Algodoo is an intuitive physics simulation program with simple controls designed for kids of all ages to use easily and enjoy. With tools to create captivating objects, environments and situations quickly and simply. This program can also serve as an educational resource. Algodoo can be found online here or downloaded onto an iPad here for use offline!

Algodoo offers young minds an accessible entryway into three-dimensional physics puzzle games thanks to its two dimensional world, easy navigation, extensive tutorials and active community support. Furthermore, Algodoo is free for use while teaching about different aspects of physics.

Algodoo allows you to easily create custom scenes using its user-friendly drawing tool and interact with them through its click-and-drag mechanism. Furthermore, gravity settings can be applied for natural motions while collision detection algorithms will ensure your creations don’t collide with any objects nearby. Your work can even be saved to your personal account so others may enjoy viewing it!

To get started with Algodoo, just open the “Float and Sink” lesson tutorials and follow their instructions. Each of these will take about 15-20 minutes and can be revisited later if necessary.

After mastering the basics, you can advance to more complex lessons. These will introduce concepts like mass, density and buoyancy while helping you understand fundamental laws such as conservation of energy and linear momentum. Furthermore, Algodoo helps make connections between various phenomena visualized within it and personal experiences.

Algodoo offers several pre-made palettes such as X-ray, optics and sunset to choose from for you to personalize the colors of the world and water according to your taste. Furthermore, experiment with different materials in order to see how they alter physics of objects such as slippery ice surfaces, heavy gold coins or rubber balls – creating objects like these!

Algodoo users have created over 30,000 breathtaking, captivating, and fun scenes to be discovered through Lessons icon on the main menu. Lessons are organized into categories to make finding what you’re searching easier while providing step-by-step tutorials to help develop specific skills.

Easy to share

Algodoo (formerly Phun) is a free physics sandbox created by Swedish company Algoryx Simulation AB that serves as both an engineering tool and teaching aid, offering users hours of playfully inventing.

Algodoo was designed with play and simplicity in mind, offering easy-to-use tools, an intuitive interface and an impressive collection of objects such as motors, springs, lasers and water to allow users to test out ideas quickly or create amazing machines. Plus, its unique sketch tool lets users draw quickly.

Once you understand Algodoo, your creations can be shared with the world via sharing on the internet or downloading projects from other users. If you need any help using its features, Algodoo provides many tutorials that show exactly what to do.

Users can submit their creations to Algobox’s repository of over 200,000 user-made scenes, offering endless inspiration from these breathtaking creations or challenging their friends to recreate them. Users can browse this library of work for inspiration or challenge friends to recreate scenes such as marble races, algothons or camps; with lessons covering topics like Newton’s laws of motion, energy conservation, collisions, rotation torque torque torque torque angular momentum fluids as well.

Easy to create

Algodoo makes creating complex physical concepts easy through its user-friendly tools, making complex scenes for demonstration easily. Beginners will appreciate its user-friendliness while more experienced users can use its sophisticated construction options to craft intricate Rube Goldberg machines or test ideas before embarking on actual builds and projects. Algodoo models can serve as valuable brainstorming or testing platforms – or serve as cheap preparatory work before undertaking actual builds and projects.

This program has been meticulously created, as evidenced by its user-friendly interface that makes experimenting easy. Imagine an interactive physics workshop that you can spend hours innovating, discovering and learning with while having loads of fun doing so!

Use our intuitive drawing tools to add objects like gears, motors, lasers, springs ropes and even water into the scene with just a few clicks – whether gears, motors lasers lasers springs ropes and water. Play around with crazy ideas by testing wacky ideas then building amazing machines or games from them! Perhaps use the software even design prototypes of future inventions!

Algodoo’s simulation methods are built upon cutting edge technology and have been put to use by Algoryx in complex engineering simulations, movie visual effects productions and virtual reality simulators! Plus, Algodoo comes in an approachable package accessible for everyone!

Algodoo offers built-in tutorials which step by step introduce all its tools and main functions, while “Algobox”, an online library of Algodoo creations can serve as inspiration for your creations.

Marble races are one of the more iconic scenes created by Algodoo, in which marbles race each other across a series of obstacles such as an obstacle course or Rube Goldberg machine.

Algodoo includes Thyme, an easy and accessible programming language designed to enable you to modify the behavior of objects and elements within a scene. Thyme can be accessed from both the console (by pressing the tilde key on Windows/Mac) and through any object’s script menu; additionally you can switch out its default language for another option from a list.

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