AllPlayer – A Review of a Free Media Player

AllPlayer is an extremely feature-packed video player, offering much more than many of its popular counterparts online. It is capable of supporting all popular media formats as well as DVD movies from discs or specified URLs and clips from certain URLs.

This program comes equipped with a speech synthesizer that can read subtitles for you if you have trouble comprehending foreign films, and also supports subtitles for videos and radio FM stations online.


AllPlayer is a powerful video player for your computer that enables you to watch nearly all media formats while automatically downloading subtitles for them. In addition, AllPlayer plays CDs and DVDs, YouTube videos, preview images from web cameras or TV tuners and has parental protection options built-in.

This lightweight and fast player offers an exceptionally user-friendly interface, and is capable of being used as wallpaper on your screen. Compatible with most platforms and operating systems – Android and iOS devices included – as well as low-end computers without overloading them, it also supports rare file formats not supported by other programs.

Another feature of this software is that it connects with an online database to download correct subtitles for a movie, or automatically adjust their speed. Furthermore, it plays damaged AVI files while downloading missing codecs if applicable; additionally, its built-in function enables control over audio/video settings on device; finally it will also automatically shut off after playing an item on demand.

AllPlayer provides many useful features beyond these main ones, including:

Dubbing is the process of watching movies with subtitles read aloud by a speech synthesizer with human voices, supporting two monitors or TVs and offering the option to switch automatically between them.

This software is free to download across a range of platforms and is easy to install; installation takes only minutes! Furthermore, its memory footprint is low so as not to interfere with other programs or slow them down. Available in 14 languages with updates made frequently – as well as supporting various formats and operating systems (including mobile versions on both Android and iOS devices that work over Wi-Fi and cellular networks ). Also customizable via skins and other customization features available with its application.


Finding a media player with all of the features you require can be challenging, but free programs like AllPlayer provide multiple solutions that deliver all these benefits and more. AllPlayer allows users to play most audio and video formats without needing additional codecs installed; also allows easy download and streaming from popular websites like YouTube directly!

This program features an extremely user-friendly interface and is compatible with most video formats, including AVI, MP4, and MKV. In addition, MP3, AAC, WMA and OGG audio files can also be played back through it. In addition to that it also contains built-in codecs for playing 4K and ULTRA HD video files as well as built-in support for streaming online radio stations or videos from the web and saving them to their library for easy access.

One of the stand-out features of this media player is its intelligent subtitles feature, which searches automatically for matching subtitles in your desired language and displays them for as long as necessary for you to read them onscreen. This is particularly handy for movie enthusiasts from international countries but can also help play movies that require missing or incorrect subtitles.

AllPlayer stands out among video players by its ability to open incomplete or unfinished video files, making it ideal for people downloading videos from the Internet or peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Furthermore, AllPlayer can handle files that were corrupted during download – making it a highly useful program for video enthusiasts.

AllPlayer provides an accessible, clean interface compatible with most Windows operating systems. It includes a search function for easily finding files and an equalizer built in to help enhance the quality of media files, playlist support and the option of creating new ones easily, skins for customization purposes as well as customer support via phone, email and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The AllPlayer website also provides customer service options.

Subtitles support

AllPlayer provides excellent subtitle support. Not only does it display them, but also includes an integrated speech synthesizer app which reads them out loud for you (dubbing). This can be helpful when watching foreign films or simply don’t want to read subtitles yourself; additionally it comes equipped with an intelligent subtitle system which ensures they remain on screen longer so that viewers can actually read them (as opposed to just seeing letters flying by).

This program features several additional features. It supports all known media formats – RAR files and torrents alike – with its integrated LiveUpdate function automatically downloading missing codecs; repair damaged AVI files automatically when movies downloaded through P2P networks are opened; play back various DVD movie formats or video clips from specified URLs directly, support various audio output devices (SPDIF included); as well as various audio output devices like SPDIF.

AllPlayer stands out as an impressive media player because of its ability to handle an assortment of movie files of varying sizes and types, regardless of size and format. For instance, it can play back a DivX file that contains multiple subtitle streams supporting various languages as well as TS files split up into several parts.

Create playlists and load media into them easily, from tracks and video clips to soundtracks and soundtracks. Furthermore, this tool supports image adjustments, full screen mode video playback on multiple monitors, as well as keyboard shortcuts configuration.

Overall, the software is an all-inclusive multimedia player designed for Windows users that features many useful functions. Compatible with multiple audio and video formats, its functions also include autosearch and download for subtitles; assistive technology to assist deaf viewers; online radio stations for listening; parental controls; recording directly onto local hard drives – the list goes on!

Downloading missing codecs

If a video file gives an error code of 0xc00d5212 when playing it with Windows Media Player or Movies & TV app on Windows 10/11, there may be some possible workarounds you can try. These won’t necessarily solve your issue but should help until a newer version of Windows or third-party program with support for that specific codec is available.

As an example, ALLPlayer is capable of handling most media formats and offers an integrated LiveUpdate function, so if any problems arise when opening movie files you always have the latest codecs. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an audio speech synthesizer application to allow watching subtitled films by simply reading their text to your computer (dubbing).

Movie autostart enables you to store your preferred settings for a particular type of video and start watching it automatically whenever it is opened; skin editor allows for creating customized looks; recording movies to CD means taking your favorites with you wherever you go; ALLPlayer supports multiple monitors and TVs and can even show movies as desktop backgrounds! These are only two important functions offered by this software!

ALLContainer, an innovative film editor that makes creating professional-looking videos easy for any PC user, makes creating holiday movies or short home-movies in minutes without spending hours learning professional software like Final Cut Pro. Furthermore, ALLContainer allows users to add 3D menus similar to DVD movies – something not found elsewhere! In terms of price and download limitations however this software remains free; during its installation you may be asked to install additional programs which may cost extra.

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