AllPlayer Review


AllPlayer stands out from similar programs by offering many unique features that set it apart, such as its minimalist user interface, hardware acceleration and support for many formats.

This program supports DivX, XviD and MP3 files as well as various mobile phone movie types, webcam and DV camera clips can also be uploaded directly for loading into this software. Furthermore, preview images directly from webcam or DV cameras is supported as is parental control.


Subtitles and captions are essential components of accessibility for media content that is designed for people with disabilities, helping ensure they can enjoy it as intended. Their design can make or break an experience for some viewers; therefore they should be designed with accessibility in mind, to make them more easily understood by people with visual and hearing impairments as well as easy for all viewers to navigate and customize to suit individual preferences.

AllPlayer stands out from other video players by offering multiple playback controls and a distinct subtitles option, which automatically searches and downloads subtitles for movies as well as providing a self-learning intelligent subtitle reading system. In addition, users can control how long subtitles remain visible so they can read them at their own pace.

AllPlayer also boasts support for multiple audio and video formats, such as MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE and OGG; DVD and CD playback is supported; it streams online radio; plays torrent/rar files; adjusts audio/video settings to enhance quality; records files onto your computer for later storage and supports various keyboard shortcuts.

AllPlayer comes equipped with an AV Doctor that can repair corrupted media files, stream content from external sources and play it back with stereo or surround sound, configure audio output settings and take screenshots – it even serves as a web browser, supporting Flash and HTML5 video.

AllPlayer is an ideal solution for those who wish to access various forms of media files – videos, photos and music alike. It boasts a user-friendly interface and works with all major codecs; even downloading missing codecs when files cannot be opened properly; plus its live update function automatically detects and downloads newer codecs as they become available; furthermore its remote control function and built-in speech synthesizer make this program worth every penny!

Audio and video effects

ALLPlayer not only supports almost all media file formats, it also comes equipped with a range of video and audio effects that you can use to customize your experience. These include brightness, contrast, saturation levels as well as various equalizer presets to tailor audio according to your tastes.

Subtitle support is another key advantage of this program, offering users a choice of languages for subtitle file search online and auto download – perfect for watching your favorite films with subtitles even if their original versions do not. Furthermore, text-to-speech functionality makes the program accessible for those with impaired vision or hearing.

The program features an attractive, user-friendly UI and labeled features. Furthermore, special attention has been paid to details like hiding buttons while watching a movie so that users can focus on what is playing on-screen. You can create playlists and manage subtitles through this application as well.

AllPlayer offers many useful features and capabilities for media player users. If you are having difficulty opening media files, ALLPlayer provides access to codec downloads as needed and features such as LiveUpdate that detect and install new codecs automatically – these make ALLPlayer an attractive choice among those seeking an efficient media player with advanced features.

The AllPlayer team is committed to offering a superior user experience. As such, they release updates regularly and respond swiftly to user feedback, answering any queries that you might have about the program. In addition, they provide a free trial version with various add-ons designed to enhance your experience – or purchase the program outright at one time with just one payment; any refund requests are handled within 60 days after purchase; just read and adhere to its terms and conditions!


AllPlayer stands out from other media players by having an integrated streaming feature that allows users to stream videos directly from popular online platforms without using an additional application or browser. This makes AllPlayer particularly ideal for viewers looking to enjoy movies or television series without downloading them beforehand.

AllPlayer also boasts an advanced subtitles feature that automatically searches and downloads subtitles that match what’s being watched, making this ideal for foreign movie viewers or those with hearing impairments. Furthermore, AllPlayer synchronizes these downloads so they appear part of the video clip itself.

Hardware acceleration is also included in this program, which utilizes the computing power of compatible devices to enhance playback performance, helping reduce lags and ensure smooth video playback. Furthermore, this feature detects whether or not there is a graphics card installed and automatically selects settings for optimal performance.

AllPlayer stands out from other media players by its variety of extra features that go beyond basic media player functionality, including broken media file playback, parental controls and its intelligent subtitle reading system IQ Text that adjusts font size and position according to user preferences. Furthermore, AllPlayer supports various media files formats including DivX/XviD QuickTime MOV MPEG WMV AVCHD MKV Flash movie files – making it an excellent choice.

AllPlayer features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and straightforward for both novice and expert users alike. Keyboard shortcuts give more flexibility and control, and its built-in EQ feature helps optimize sound quality of music and videos.

AllPlayer is a robust multimedia player designed to meet the needs of most users. Its wide format support, intelligent subtitle integration, and streaming capabilities make it an attractive option when looking for an all-purpose media player. And with its user-friendly interface and advanced features, AllPlayer could well become a new standard among media players.

Parental control

Parental control apps enable parents to keep an eye on what their children are up to online and limit how long they spend using certain apps or programs, or block access after a specific amount of time has elapsed. It is an excellent way of making sure that children do not come into contact with content that could potentially be inappropriate, including accessing inappropriate websites and video.

AllPlayer stands out from other media players by including features not available elsewhere, such as its search box and free internet radio streaming capabilities. AllPlayer also supports multiple audio and video file formats including MP3, AU, OGG, RA, MKV, WAV FLAC DivX RMVB AAC as well as playing DVDs & CDs as well as converting between different video file types with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes finding video easy!

Blacknut provides account-level parental controls as an add-on feature, enabling parents to set restrictions on chat participation, Robux spending and access experiences for younger users who might access games containing explicit or offensive material. These restrictions can be locked with PIN codes for added protection from change by two-factor authentication – making this feature particularly relevant.

An effective parental control app is key for providing digital devices with safe user experiences, especially those used by children. A parental control app can assist parents in protecting their kids from engaging in inappropriate behaviors like talking to strangers, adding new friends or sharing personal data without parental approval, as well as help them prevent scams online and protect the privacy of their child.

Parental control software development can be challenging, but with the right team onboard it can be accomplished efficiently. When searching for an app development company to develop it, do your research and select one with experience and an existing clientele base; this will ensure a high-quality, cost-effective end product. In addition to keeping in mind parents from all geographical areas while designing your app – this will facilitate its launch across markets quickly and smoothly.

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